…of plummet, summit & drum it…


…”Loonie closes at lowest level in more than a decade”…

As the price of gold fell for its 10th consecutive day, the loonie continues to slide too.

Our Canadian economy is weakening along with commodity prices, consumer confidence, and amid speculation that interest rates are about to rise in the United States.

Uncertain times—throw in an election or two or three and behind-the-scenes European countries’ posturing and a roller-coaster ride may just be about to activate.

Vancouver’s prized convention centre, often home to ‘meeting-of-the-minds’ gatherings of folks from all over the world on topics conventional & unconventional, will go full circle today with the launch of the Circle Craft and Craft Council of BC annual Summer Craft Market. Check out Jack Poole Plaza today through Sunday to see the fine craftsmanship of artisans extraordinaire!

As the old saying goes–crafts & summer markets quip–great savings for those who flea (or should that be flee?…)

Tourists and locals alike, never skip a beat when it comes to finding a bargain or drumming up enthusiasm for a fine adventure amid the vast variety of landscape that is British Columbia!

Be it, in and around Vancouver, on the North Shore mountains or the Gulf Islands, or even venturing further into the Cariboo or the Okanagan & the Kootenays, there is much that can put a fine rhythm to a vacation or exploration day!

what will be the percussion in your today?!…

Wherever you may be & whatever’s your Thursday ‘song’— let the cadence swing!!!

…put a lilt in your kilt!

…a spring in your step!

…a flutter in your heart!


Thursdays are for thrilling!!!….Cheers to a fine day!


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