…of flare ups, rebound, & joy magnets…


…”After a brief reprieve, British Columbia’s wildfire season has flared up again”…”Canadian tourism gets a boost from sinking loonie”…

Lightning strikes to blame, they say, as conditions around the province and especially in the Okanagan, remain precarious.

Take care. Caution. Beware. Be aware. Be sensible.

They’re saying Canadian tourism is stronger because of the weaker dollar. It’s good news, they say, but only for a time, as it means Canada’s in recessionary mode and the favour
of discretionary spending will be only a temporary one.

Cheers to inbound, outbound & rebound!!!

Is it just me. or do we all have friends who when they enter a room, they just light it up!?!

You know…the type of person that just bubbles over with enthusiasm and a zest for life!

Several of my friends are a blessing like that and I love the it that their ‘persona’ has an element of contagion.
It’s always good to see them and puts a perspective on a day that’s energizing!

She’s a ‘joy magnet’ a colleague once said!

Can we all be joy magnets?…

What brings you joy & how can you give it to others?…


Cheers to a ‘magnetic’ kinda day!!!



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