….of ‘gong’ & song…


…”Keep calm and chime on: Handbell ringers gather for a-pealing symposium”…”Hillary Clinton makes her case: ‘America is once again at a moment of reckoning'”…

Seems Vancouver’s convention centre will be resounding with participants quipping–‘that rings a bell‘ as Vancouver hosts the 17th International Handbell Symposium this weekend.

As the much anticipated USA political conventions have wrapped up, it’s official now that the final stretch of the campaign ‘gong show’ is about to begin!

God bless America!!!

Cheers to the sunset on July, sunrise on August that sings–Fine Friday & long weekend for all!


…of ‘proactive’…


…”Emotional Obama passes baton of hope to Clinton”…”One hour of activity needed to offset harmful effects of sitting at a desk, study finds”…”Five ways to perk up your porch”…

All in a day’s headlines that seem to sing hooray for being proactive!

It is a most mortifying reflection for one to consider what one has done, compared to what one might have done. ~adapt. Samuel Johnson, in Boswell’s Life of Johnson, 1770

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. ~T.S. Eliot

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up. ~J.M. Power

Between the great things we cannot do and the small things we will not do, the danger is that we shall do nothing. ~Adolphe Monod

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. ~Japanese Proverb

Cheers to a proactive & visionary kinda Thursday!

…of ‘National Sleepy Head Day’…


Bet you didn’t know it, but today, July 27th in Finland is ‘National Sleepy Head Day’!!!

Tradition dictates that the last person to wake up in the household is thrown into a lake or water as they are considered the laziest in the family!

All in great fun, the ‘tradition’ has been extended to and carried out on those who have contributed significantly to their community, so in fact, most mayors in the country have
experienced the ritual at least once, among others!

Cheers to a rousing, beyond disillusioned kinda Wonderful Wednesday that sings–no rude awakenings!


…of unity, flight & voice…


…”Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders make plea for party unity”…”‘Look no fuel’: Solar plane completes round-the-world flight”…”Marni Nixon: My Fair Lady & West Side Story ‘ghost singer’ dies, aged 85″…

Apparently the Democratic National Convention has got underway with a rocky start.

Behind the scenes shenanigans and a ‘house divided’ seemed all too evident as the day one goings on saw interrupted speeches, incessant heckling and common courtesies abandoned causing much awkwardness.

And so it goes in politics in America!…..

Imagine that! The first plane powered by solar energy to tour the globe after 23 days in the air!

Imagine a career of being the behind the scenes voice in a plethora of ‘best picture’ movie classics!

Cheers to “ghostess with the mostest” who described her dubbing career as “just a part of the working singer’s job in Hollywood.”

What ever’s ‘the score’ for a summer Terrific Tuesday for you—may collegiality see you united in all things, may your spirit soar, and may ‘your voice’ captivate & be heard!

Tuesday Terrific sings—Hallelujah!!!

…of democrats, Canadian biz, & lemonade…

dcbBoy (6-8) selling lemonade from sidewalk stand

…”What to expect of the Democratic National Convention”…”Five Things to Watch This Week in Canadian Business”…”That cup of lemonade is how much?”…

Indeed Philadelphia ‘philly’ quips it’s a horse race with a long loooooooong stretch to November!

Have we, the rest of the world, tired of it all yet?!…

God Bless America!

Well, well, well, look what tops the list!…

1. USA politics
2. Real estate
3. The bottom line
4. It’s the economy
5. Blackberry

Apparently it’s all about the possible renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement & agreement or not with the Transpacific Partnership deal, taxes on vacant houses in the British Columbia real estate market, some key public company earnings reports, GDP reports and how wildfires in Ft. McMurray, Alberta curbed crude production and dimmed growth prospects for the rest of the year.

And lastly, Blackberry holds a function that will supposedly change the way “people and organizations think about mobile security and privacy.”

All in a day’s entrepreneurship tales of the day, seem to see some folks sneering at the $3 dixie cup of lemonade!!


Inflation? Marketing costs? Minimum (living) wage?

Seems we can all squirm in our folding chairs at the beach! Life indeed is a life-long learning process for all!!

Cheers to a fine summer Monday resplendent with refreshing moments!!

Retro Aluminum Woven Folding Patio Outdoor Furniture  Gremlina pertaining to Folding Patio Lounge Chairs

….of Vancouver summer…


…”Vancouver fireworks festival begins this weekend”…”Nudists call for fewer clothed visitors at Vancouver’s Wreck Beach”…”Crafts from Canadian makers to keep kids artfully occupied this summer”…

Summer is in full swing in Vancouver & the annual ‘Celebration of Light‘ will take to the barge off English Bay on Saturday night. The first of three nights of exploding brilliance that’s a delight for tourists and visitors alike!

‘Naturists’, apparently, is the proper ‘buzzword’….

Cheers to love (of nature) ‘bares’ all things!….

There are always those moments in summer when young antsy kids are stuck inside because of the rain!

What better thing to do than quick and easy crafts!

Origami? Yarn ends weaving? Screen printing?…

So many possibilities, limited only by one’s ingenuity & creativity!!

Cheers to a sensational summer Friday & weekend that sings—shine! explore! originate!


…of ‘calm & trade’, ‘roll out’ & fair share…


…”Could Brexit benefit Canada? Keep calm and trade on”…”After some bumps and crashes, Vancouver rolls out bike-share system”…

Between the UK and their ‘Brexit’ situation & the United States and their election, Canada is looking like a much more stable and safe place to be, according to some of the politico pundits. “To be successful, Canada can play a constructive role in helping Britain and the EU through what will undoubtedly be a difficult transition. Ultimately, this is Canada’s time. Let’s keep calm and trade on,” they say.

Apparently it’s been 7 years since the city of Vancouver started working on a bike-share program.

Yesterday’s roll out of 260 bikes and 29 stations has put a plan in motion with a ‘soft launch’.

Plans include ramping things up to 1,500 bikes available at 150 ‘docks’ throughout the city.

Interesting to note that Vancouver joins 70 cities in North America offering similar programs.

Cheers to a thrilling Thursday that sees you thriving & singing to all—join the chorus that resounds–fair share!


…of Republican/Democrat, milk & attitude/gratitude…


…”The GOP’s real theme: you might not like Trump but trust us, you’ll hate Hillary more”…”We could soon be paying more for ice cream, yogurt, cheese & butter”…”How to have an attitude of gratitude”…

So says one headline that lambastes the opponent for Benghazi, for emails & even for secret service protection.

As the Republican national convention cranks it up for Thursday’s main event speech and the Democrats ready themselves for their next week’s unconventional convention performances in Philadelphia it seems like all out political ‘war’ in all its nastiness is about to begin!

God Bless America!

Since the Canadian Dairy Association raised the price of milk on June 15th by 2.56%, the dilemma for small business owners across our land is whether or not to pass that increase on to their customers/consumers.

It’s a dance that can affect the demand for products & the food service industry which in these uncertain economic times, needs to be a carefully choreographed one!

I can hear Grandma now,….tighten the girdle lest the milk curdle!…

And one wonders if we need to have newspaper articles about practicing gratitude.
Need it be an attitude that is cultivated?
Can or should it not, especially for we who are blessed to live in Canada, be an attitude that is our ‘default’, our everyday ‘gps’ for days of living life to the fullest with thanks be?!

So be it!

Cheers to a willingly wonderful wild & wacky Wednesday that sings–much appreciated!!


…of heatwave, social justice & doodles…


…”20 Ways to Make the Most of the Heatwave”…”Theresa May vows to make success of Brexit as cabinet meets for first time”…”The best of our readers’ margin doodles”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”play ping pong, fry an egg outdoors or just have a nap”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”her government will ‘make Brexit work for all Britain’ but that social justice will be at the heart of administration”…



Cheers to a Terrific Tuesday that sings—fine ‘doodle-ings’ of summer!

….of wisdom & a sensational summer week…



…”BREXIT: UK economy must endure ‘short sharp shock’ after vote”…”Does it matter what the new Prime Minister wears?”…”After the Nice attack: If he’s a nobody, who do we blame?”…

All in the day’s headlines as the new Uk Prime Minister Theresa May will make her first foreign trip as Prime Minister this week to Berlin on Wednesday and Brussels & Paris, thereafter.

Cheers to a wise and wonderful Monday & a sensational summer week!