…of road signs, new words & sunset on August…


…”Government task force set up to tackle ‘ghastly blight’ of road signs”…”Wine o’clock becomes a word in new Oxford dictionary’s latest update”…

something about “The aesthetics of roads have been neglected, and I do welcome any initiative to make things look better. But there’s no doubt users want clarity – and it is a problem when they get obscured and difficult to read. Some signage is safety or directions, some is advisory and some is advertising, and that clearly has be controlled. But it’s not a straightforward field to get the balance right.”

“Only in UK?” one might quip. “Pity”.

May #TGIF and tea be your intersection!


Yes, the appropriate time of day to start drinking wine is officially known as ‘wine o’clock’.

Interesting to note that ‘Brexit’ and ‘Grexit’ made the list too!

Cheers to the Union of European & British that sings–time for libations!


As the sun sets on August Fridays and weekends, cheers to a sensational summer time that soon sings sunrise on September!!!

…of ‘Mother Summer’…


Mother Summer I

My mother, who hates thunder storms,
Holds up each summer day and shakes
It out suspiciously, lest swarms
Of grape-dark clouds are lurking there;
But when the August weather breaks
And rains begin, and brittle frost
Sharpens the bird-abandoned air,
Her worried summer look is lost,

And I her son, though summer-born
And summer-loving, none the less
Am easier when the leaves are gone
Too often summer days appear
Emblems of perfect happiness
I can’t confront: I must await
A time less bold, less rich, less clear:
An autumn more appropriate.
-Philip Larkin


Cheers to a fine August Thursday!

…of ‘La Tomatina’, ‘Thomas’, & ‘tiramisu’…


As today’s google doodle reminds us of the annual ‘La Tomatina’ tomato throwing festival near Valencia Spain, it’s interesting to note that this year’s celebration is the 70th!

The city council follows a short list of instructions for the safety of the participants and the festival:

The tomatoes have to be squashed before throwing to avoid injuries.
No other projectiles except tomatoes are allowed.
Participants have to make way for trucks and lorries.
After the second shot indicative of ending the tomato hurl, no tomatoes should be thrown.

It seems like quite the free-for-all!

One might suggest obeying the few rules, lest one ends up in the soup!

Now, how to segue from tomatoes to Thomas might whisper having doubts.

Interesting the number of variations on the name Thomas.

Thom Tom ToMa Tomislav Tomica Tommie Tomas Tommaso Tomo Tangmu Tuomasi Tomasu

Life can be full of little indulgences!! Will you find some in your August Wednesday??

Cheers to a ‘tiramisu’ kinda day!!!


…of bumps, tomatoes, & Big Ben…


…”Why a 4.5 centimetre-high bump in Vancouver stopped many commuters from going to work”…”The tomato sandwich, the quickest but most delicious August lunch”…”Clockwatchers ticked off as Big Ben’s chimes run six minutes fast”…

Something about a ‘metal plate speed bump’ allowing workers access to do maintenance on expansion joints, caused traffic snarls and delays extreme. Enough to scream, stay home apparently!

Something about fresh french style bread and basil mayo & season’s peak ripe juicy tomatoes smiles–you betcha!

Something about the clock being believed to be out of time for about two weeks as reported by a local radio station!

Interesting to note that in these days of digital, Big Ben is a mechanical clock. Not digital. Not electronic. “It takes a lot of love and care” say those who climb the 344 stairs of Westminster’s Elizabethan Tower three times a week to wind the clock.

Apparently, weather, atmospheric pressure and just being 156 years old can affect the timing.

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday of unexpected recollections that smiles–that rings a bell !!


…of hi, hey, hello & ‘happy googling’…


…”Hi…hey…hello..Dear reader, how do you start an email?”…”Giant panda gives birth to twins at Washington National Zoo”…”What is your cat thinking when it looks at you?”…

All in a day’s headlines on a day when the google doodle celebrates ‘the father of modern surfing’ !!

Cheers to a marvellous August Monday filled with your own personal style that sings–fine salutations!!

Surf’s up!

Happy googling!

…of ‘August 21’…


August 21st

It will be on this day in 2017 that the next total solar eclipse visible from Canada will happen!

It was also on this day in 1862 that Billy Barker discovered gold running through the creeks of the Quesnel river. The find sparked a massive Gold Rush into the Cariboo region of British Columbia and the town of Barkerville grew up around a developed mine.

The 18th Convention of the Teochew International Federation continues today at Vancouver’s convention centre.


Apparently, there are over 200 Teochew associations around the world who have brought more than 3,000 delegates to our city!

“Teochew is located in the east of Guangdong Province, China, bordering the South China Sea.

There are over 50,000,000 people of Teochew descent around the world, over 40% of which reside in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Australia and North America, totaling over 400 Teochew communities.

Teochew culture is distinctive, known for their world-renowned Kongfu Tea, cuisine, embroideries and woodcarvings.

Teochew people are well known for their charitable work, dedication to preserving their culture and their solidarity.”

Cheers to a ‘good old summertime’ kinda Friday and weekend !!!


…of ‘World Mosquito Day’…


Apparently, in 1897, it was discovered that mosquitoes are the culprits that transmit malaria between humans.

Shortly thereafter, it was declared by the ‘discoverer’, one Dr. Ronald Ross, that August 20 shall be known as World Mosquito Day in the future.

Interestingly enough, since the early 1930’s, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has held parties and exhibitions annually to celebrate Mosquito Day!

One might quip, are you itching for an invitation??!!!…

Vancouver & British Columbia’s extraordinarily dry and hot summer has seen Vancouverites experiencing more pesky mosquitoes than normal in and around Lower Mainland parks.

I know I’ve experienced some days that shriek “where’s the calamine lotion?”, seeking some temporary relief from the propensity to scratch!


Whatever may be on your August 20th roster, may all things technology quip—mega bytes & may the ‘happy hour’ that’s your day sing—bites of delight!


…of ‘World Humanitarian Day’…


‘World Humanitarian Day’

Humanitarian def – a person actively engaged in human welfare and social reforms

Seek justice.

Love kindness.

Walk humbly.

Go to the world, go into all the earth!

Renew life’s worth!

Cheers to a fine August Wednesday that sings–what a wonderful world!


…of ‘An August Midnight’…


An August Midnight – Thomas Hardy


A shaded lamp and a waving blind,
And the beat of a clock from a distant floor:
On this scene enter–winged, horned, and spined –
A longlegs, a moth, and a dumbledore;
While ‘mid my page there idly stands
A sleepy fly, that rubs its hands.


Thus meet we five, in this still place,
At this point of time, at this point in space.
My guests parade my new-penned ink,
Or bang at the lamp-glass, whirl, and sink.
“God’s humblest, they!” I muse.
Yet why?
They know Earth-secrets that know not I.


Cheers to a fine August Tuesday!

…of Monday! Monday!…


…”Software upgrade grounds hundreds of flights over USA east coast”…”No cafe, no pub, no doctor: Life in LondonUK’s most isolated suburb”…”The exploitation of migrants has become our way of life”…

All in a day’s headlines that one might say shout–Monday, Mondaywake up and smell the coffee!

August 17th!

Today in Canada’s Yukon Territory it’s a Discovery Day holiday commemorating the anniversary of the finding of gold in 1896, the beginning of the Klondike Gold rush!


What will be YOUR Monday song??!!—‘Klondike Bar’ or ‘Chicken nuggets’ ?!?!


Cheers to a Monday Monday that sings tasteful & fine!!!