…of ‘Uncle Fester’ & Putin/Trump…

Corpse flower, Bloedel Conservatory.

Visitors to Vancouver’s beloved Queen Elizabeth Park, can now see the rare corpse flower at the Bloedel Conservatory in bloom!

Opening hours have been extended to give folks an opportunity to both see it & smell the ‘deadly aroma‘ that has this rare bloom dubbed ‘Uncle Fester‘ from the old Adams Family freaky tv show.

Will you visit?….some might quip–time is of the essence!!!

Speaking of bad smells, it’s worth noting that today’s the big day for the much talked about Putin/Trump summit in Helsinki, Finland.

Seems there’s not much about either of these two men that doesnt kick up a stink among the diplomatic community!

One can only wonder what later day & tomorrow’s headlines will be!

Whatever’s on your agenda for a fine summery July Monday, may you breathe easy & awaken all your senses to the aromatic!

Fine Monday all!


…of 13th & Friday…

‘Ever so’ boisterous.

Friday the 13th!

Supermoon solar eclipse.

What is it about 13?….

Kids all become teenagers officially at 13, and we all know what a scary phase that is!

And Friday?….

Nothing ruins a Friday like realizing it’s only Wednesday.

Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.

Stanley Park totems.

London, UK today.

Cheers to a fine July Friday & weekend that sings—summer!

…of NATO & natto…

Of course we’re all hearing once again about tactics & gesticulations at the NATO summit that seem downright unpresidential as member states are told fair contributions—up yours!

May the importance of alliances never be doubted & may they grow stronger!

Have you ever experienced anything that can leave you with (as they say) either a good or bad taste in your mouth?

You know, those kinds of things that you can feel good or not so good about.

Life can be like that!

Fortunately there’s more that’s good than not so good, it most often seems in the big picture!

Speaking of NATO….have you ever had natto?….

A popular Japanese dish concocted from fermented soybeans!

An acquired taste, given too, both it’s essence & consistency!

If you enjoy roquefort or blue cheese, you’d likely say oh this is quite good!

A welcome addition to be stirrtled into pasta, if you can believe it!

May there be thriving thrills in your summer Thursday that quip/sing—in good taste!


…of 7/11 & convenience…

Apparently being 7/11 it’s a day for a free refreshment Slurpee at your convenience!

I never knew it. Did you?….

Convenience def’n: the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty

What is right os often forgotten by what is convenient.Bodie Thoene, Warsaw Requiem

The time will come when winter will ask you what were you doing all summer.Henry Clay

Cheers to a handy & dandy kinda day!


…of mission: impossible/accomplished & daylight…

By all reports, the remaining 4 boys & their coach are safely out of the entrapment they endured for too many days, as the world waited & watched.

May the remainder of rescuers be soon reported out safely too for a loud MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Many nstions & volunteers came together in a spirit of cooperation and urgency & were successful with so much!

Reports yesterday indicated that after two+ weeks in a dark cave, the lads have been recuperating & gaining strength while all wearing sunglasses as their eyes need time to adjust to the piercing brightness of daylight.

One can only imagine all the physical & psychological elements of recovery from such a traumatic event…

Here’s hoping all shall be well for everyone!

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition!William Arthur Ward

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday!

…of Nunavut & sun, land, wind, water…

In this year of Truth & Reconciliation for Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Canadians, take note that today is Nunavut Day!

My country is my Cathedral.

“Northern skies it’s dome”

Canada. Home.

Purple Saxifrage.

It’s been twenty years now that Nunavut has been recognized as a territory.

Formerly, as a result of colonization, it had formed part of what was known as the North West Territories.

Some Inuit wisdom—-

If you are going to walk on thin ice you might as well dance.

He that boasts of his own knowledge proclaims his ignorance.

Even the strongest eagle cannot soar higher than the stars.

Cheers to summer sun, land, wind & water that SINGS!!!

…of fowl, mural & Friday…

Of all things, in the USA today, it’s:

Will you cry fowl, wing it, or just gobble, gobble, gobble?

Will the corn in the chicken feed beckon Colonel Sanders?!

Summer satiation sings keep the beat with a drumstick!

Enough already!

It’s often been said, take heed, don’t be someone who can’t see the forest for the trees!

In other words, don’t miss the big picture!

Don’t sweat the small things!

Think outside the box!

All fine thoughts for a July Friday!

Cheers to a magical magnificent ‘mural‘ of a fine Friday & wonder full weekend!!!

…of highlights & wow factor…

Downtown Vancouver from North Shore of Burrard Inlet.

Woke up to a chuckle on the twitterverse this morn, where a tweeter had already tweeted: this is the highlight of my day!

What might you expect to be a fine summer Thursday highlight?….

-will there be fun & frolic?….a wee son with colic?….

-a high-powered meeting?….a fine exam result?….

-a winning match?….mastering a new task?….

Whatever it might be, cheers to some wow factor!

Cheers to a thrilling Thursday!

…of 4th of July & on what do we rely?…

A bit of a muse from the twitterverse for this 4th of July 2018!

Indeed all of us who call Canada home can do so with glowing & grateful hearts I believe!

As I write this, the radio airwaves are saying that the US Ambassador to Canada’s annual 4th of July garden party in Ottawa will see only about 25% of its traditional number of guests, down 3,000 to about 1,000, as a result of many many RSVP regrets, and folks making a statement with their feet & strained feelings about relying on the USA & its President for just about anything.

A sorry state of affairs for our country, the world, & our beloved neighbours to the south.

God bless America!

Cheers to a fine mid-week Wednesday that sings—SUMMER !!!

…of blue sky & dark caves…

A heroic rescue effort is underway in Thailand that has the world on edge that everything’s gonna be alright.

May it be so.

As the sun rises on summer July days:

-the annual Wimledon tennis competition gets seriously underway in the UK….

-the new Ontario provincial government sworn into power on Friday, begins their quest at governing…

-there’s a spirit in the air, that sings of hope & betterment & less derision about it all!

I’m gonna try to get through today without commenting on or mocking anything I see that’s truly ridiculous or provokes agitation.

Might you join me?…. Do you think we can do it?…

In the long run, we need to stand up for what is right! Relentlessly. Without hesitation.

But sometimes, enough is enough!

Summer break!

Just for today, may our song sing—blue skies smiling at me!

Terrific Tuesday cheers!