…of ‘all over the board’…


…”Scrabble players can get their lolz as slang added to board game’s official dictionary”…”Fire disrupts Skytrain service”…”Exodus of millenials threatens Metro Vancouver economy”…”The Fish House in Stanley Park to close”…”BC ferry-naming contest invites spirit of scorn”…

All in a day’s headlines that one could quip are ‘all over the board’!

Texters, tweeters & scrabble players alike get the last LOL, as oddly enough LOLZ has made it into the board game’s official dictionary along with some 6,500 other ‘words’.

Oddly enough, I’ve seen and used ‘LOL’ frequently but have NEVER seen anyone use ‘LOLZ’ !!!…

Cheers to ‘LOL’ ….lots of laughs/lots of love (is her name Lola?! :) )

Whatever’s on the ‘board game’ that’s your life for this fine Friday & weekend:

– get your moves on!

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. ~Danny Kaye

I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches. ~Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: “I am with you kid. Let’s go.” ~Maya Angelou

‘Tis all a chequer board of nights and days,
Where destiny with men for pieces plays;
Hither and thither, and mates, and slays.
~Edward Fitzgerald, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám, 1859

Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use. ~Charles Schulz

Ever get the feeling that sometime early in life there was a briefing you missed? ~Robert Brault

Great Friday and weekend all !!!

And remember: SCRABBLE….it’s all fun & games until someone loses an i …

…of St. Helena & saintly…


I never knew it but today is St. Helena Day.

A day to celebrate the discovery in 1502 of the “second oldest remaining British Overseas Territory next to Bermuda.”

Where is St. Helena, you ask? A tropical island about 4,000 kms east of Rio de Janeiro in the south Atlantic ocean. 16 x 8 kms or 10 by 5 miles, population 4,500, it was named to
honour Saint Helena of Constantinople.

saintly – a descriptive of a person who has received an official honour from the Christian, especially the Roman Catholic Church for having lived in a good and holy way. The names of saints are sometimes used to name places and buildings.

Cheers to a fine day of wisdom, understanding, knowledge & fortitude that smiles all life’s goodness sings—YES!!!


…of overheating, blooms & measure up…


“Exploding smartphones: After two recent cases in Alberta, a look at why your electronics might catch fire”…”Chelsea Flower Show 2015: Still blooming marvellous since 1912″…”Today is World Metrology Day”…

Apparently there is a recurring rare world wide phenomenon where charging smartphones “occasionally turn into tiny Presto logs.”

A scary thought. Overheating and knock off charger cables have been sighted as some of the reasons. “Caveat emptor”—-beware & be aware & keep it all in perspective knowing these incidents are rare!


Alrighty then!…cheers to London UK traditions & five days of many visitors! Bloomin’ right!

Little known to most of us, I am sure, today is World Metrology Day!


That’s right– “World Metrology Day celebrates the signature by representatives of seventeen nations of the Metre Convention on 20 May 1875. The Convention set the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and in its industrial, commercial and societal application. The original aim of the Metre Convention – the worldwide uniformity of measurement – remains as important today as it was in 1875.”

Whatever it is you might be doing for a fine Wednesday in May, salut smiles take time to smell the roses, don’t overheat & may all you will be evaluated upon, measure up!

Wonderful Wednesday all !!!

…of middle-age, millenials & snowbirds…


Today’s google doodle—Barbapapa—now, that’s a new one to me!

Cheers to middle age (45) and children’s books bringing joy to families all over the world!

Family! Love! Kindness! Deep respect for the environment!


…”New rules allow largest ships to refuel in English Bay say researchers”…”Canadian snowbirds migrating back in increasing numbers with cash from US home sales”…”Canadian millenials drawn to vagabond culture through online communications”…

Just a few headlines of the day that in their own way provoke thought & word that say hey…

It seems for the moment that net investment into property in the USA by Canadians has declined by 50% while repatriation of that ‘king’ CASH has more than doubled in the last while. The question as to whether or not this will be sustained is an interesting one.

It seems online communities like ‘Squat the Planet’ are intriguing and attracting millenials to the ‘vagabond’ lifestyle. “Many young Canadians who are dropping out of the 9 to 5 life and hitting the road to work odd jobs, dumpster dive and sleep under the stars. But while vagabonds of generations past stayed connected through a secret code scratched on walls, today’s hobos are turning to iPhones, Tumblr and Facebook.”

Cheers to adventures in youth, for a time, anyway!…

Something about ‘risk analysis’ and operation ‘ship to ship’ for refueling is making the headlines, with concern after Vancouver’s recent oil spill in English Bay that was a wake up call to many about vulnerabilities.

Cheers to care and common sense!…

All in a post-holiday-weekend Tuesday one might say!…

Middle-aged? Millenial? Snowbird?….wherever you might fit in the ‘demographic of the day’, may your disposition be sunny & your days be ‘wrinkle’ free!!

Terrific Tuesday y’all!!…..something’s likely pressing!


…of Victoria Day…


Happy Victoria Day all !!!

…a wee FYI (from CityNews-2008)

Here are the 20 things you never knew about Queen Victoria or her holiday – or had long since forgotten.

1. Victoria Day is a Canadian tradition and doesn’t actually exist in most of England. But it is celebrated in parts of Scotland, especially Edinburgh, where it remains an official holiday.

2. While the holiday moves around a lot now (falling this year on May 19th), the original rules stated it be celebrated annually on May 24th, regardless of what day that was, unless it was a Sunday – and then the observance would be moved to the 25th.

That changed with an amendment to the Statutes of Canada in 1952, when the government declared Victoria Day would come on the Monday preceding the 25th of May. It’s been there ever since.

And those of us who appreciate our long weekends are glad they made the change or we’d all be working on Monday – and getting Sunday off.

3. Victoria Day is a legal Canadian stat, which means it’s also observed in Quebec. But the idea of honouring a British monarch doesn’t sit well with many in Le Belle Province, where it’s known it be another name. Up until three years ago, it was called Fête de Dollard after Adam Dollard des Ormeaux a French hero who helped lead a force in what is now Montreal against the Iroquois in 1660.

In 2003, it was renamed National Patriots Day in Quebec, ignoring the Queen reference altogether.

4. When Victoria was just a little girl, she was known by her nickname, Drina.

5. Despite being born in England, Victoria only spoke German up until the age of three.

6. She was the first member of the Royal Family known to suffer from hemophilia, a fact that had many questioning the circumstances of her parentage.

7. She married Prince Albert in 1840, although they’d known each other since she was 16. And it really was a family affair. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was her first cousin and his father was her mother’s brother!

8. Because she was Queen, she had to propose to Albert, and not vice versa.

9. She took over the throne in 1837, after the death of William IV. She was just 18 years old.

10. Despite the somewhat imposing figure she’s been portrayed as in history, the real Victoria didn’t completely measure up. She stood just 5 feet tall.

11. She was the subject of at least six serious assassination attempts.

In 1840, an 18-year-old named Edward Oxford took two shots at her carriage as she was riding in London. He was accused of high treason but found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Two years later, a man named John Francis fired a gun at her carriage, but missed. He was caught, convicted of treason, but avoided the death penalty and was shipped to a penal colony.

Less than two months later, a youngster named John William Bean fired ammo made out of tobacco and paper at the Queen.

And in 1849, it happened again when William Hamilton, who history books describe as an ‘angry Irishman’, fired a pistol at her carriage. He pled guilty and was also exiled to a penal colony.

They say if you stay around in politics long enough, you’re bound to make enemies. And Victoria was living proof of that. The Queen was set upon again in 1850, when ex-Army officer Robert Pate hit her with his cane. He pleaded insanity but the courts didn’t buy it, leaving him to the same fate as Hamilton.

Incredibly, in 1882, there was yet another attempt on her life, this time by Roderick Maclean, who also missed her with a bullet from a gun. He was found insane and sent to an asylum for life.

12. When you see pictures or actresses playing Victoria, she’s almost always wearing black. That’s because when her husband died in December 1861, she went into seclusion and a perpetual state of mourning and never wore any other colour.

It’s long been rumoured she later married her Scottish butler John Brown, but that’s never been proven. She didn’t get back into the public eye until the early 1870’s.

13. She became a grandma at 39 and a great grandmother twenty years later.

14. The mother of nine suffered one of the major drawbacks of such a long life, tragically outliving three of her own children.

15. She was the first Queen of Canada, sitting on the throne when this country was founded in 1867.

16. She liked to drink a concoction called Vin Mariani. One of its main ingredients? Cocaine.

17. It’s said it was Victoria who started the tradition of a bride wearing white. Before her wedding a woman would simply wear her best dress, no matter what colour it was.

18. She was named the 18th greatest Briton in a BBC poll conducted in 2002. Winston Churchill was number one. Victoria was beaten out by, among others, Princess Diana (#3), William Shakespeare (#5) and John Lennon (#8). She was followed on the list by Paul McCartney.

19. We all know that Victoria in B.C. is named after her, but so is the capital of Saskatchewan – Regina.

20. She was the only British monarch in modern music history to be honoured by name in the title of a rock and roll song. “Victoria”, by the Kinks, reached number 62 on the Billboard charts in 1970, although the record did understandably better on this side of the border.
Paul McCartney famously wrote his 23-second ditty “Her Majesty” tune for the Beatles’ Abbey Road LP, but it wasn’t put out as a single and it never mentioned the current Queen by name.

….of micro-lofts, berries & abundance…


…”Micro-lofts: are they here to stay?”…”An early start for strawberry blueberry lovers in BC”…”Spot prawn season opens in BC with a great haul”…

A proposed 30 storey condo tower at Vancouver’s Davie & Hornby Streets that will see 294 micro-loft units all under 398 square feet means that they must be rental units and not for sale under a Vancouver by-law.

Developers are taking the view that for now, a whole segment of potential real estate buyers are being kept away from home ownership.

Interesting to note that “Sam” pictured here who has lived in his 248 sq. ft. Gastown rental unit for two years at the Burns Block says he’s “more than comfortable.”

Cheers to less is more, changing demographics & young people yearning for vibrant lives in the city over the ‘burbs’!!

It’s off to an early start for strawberry and blueberry lovers it seems! June 1st & June 20th respectively, they’ll be ready for picking they say, two weeks earlier than normal!

Cheers to dig out your pails & baskets before the ‘pickins’ are slim!….

Strawberry shortcake! Blueberry pie! Enjoy the fruits of the season!

By all reports, the 1st day haul from Howe Sound of spot prawns was “terrific”.

That bodes well for the Chef Society of BC’s Spot Prawn Festival that takes place this weekend! False Creek FIsherman’s Wharf Sunday May 17th sings–enjoy the prawn boil!

Whatever’s up for your Friday and Victoria Day long weekend, cheers to an attitude of gratitude for all life’s abundances & in everything you see & do may you be smiling–we are so amused!!!



…of indeterminate, unconfirmed & undefined…

Less adversarial seating? … A meeting of the  European parliament in Strasbourg. Photograph: VincentA long time coming? Bicycles. Photograph: Rob Whitworth/Corbisheu

…”What would happen if Britain left the EU?”…”Gentrification NYC: What will happen when Harlem becomes white?”…”Could the bicycle have been invented earlier than it was?”…”Do parliaments with a semi-circular rather than face-to-face seating plan have better debates?”…

All in a day’s headline questions!

Hints of a 2017 referendum that could push the UK towards exit…

The ongoing narrative of racial tensions…

A spin on the mother of invention…

Let’s face it, it’s all about the seating plan!…

Indeed, we live in a world of known unknowns and unknown knowns, so much so, that the complexities of day-to-day life can seem frightfully unanswerable at times.

As Canadians gear up for ‘Victoria Day weekend’ (“Victoria Day” always the Monday preceding May 25th), honouring Queen Victoria’s birthday May 24th, the official start of “cottage/cabin season” has also been dubbed ‘May long weekend’ & ‘May two-four weekend’, hinting of the propensity ‘for hard working Canadians to consume cases of beer’ according to a government website–‘statutory holidays Canada’.

FYI did you know Prince Edward (1767-1820) after whom Canada’s Prince Edward Island (PEI) was named, was Queen Victoria’s father?!?!…

Cheers to a decidedly dandy day!!!


…of squeamish, green, & in store…


As the google doodle honours 127 years of a ‘pioneering seismologist’ showing the Earth split in two with its molten core shining, what better wake up call that sings ‘seize the day’—be stirred lest ye be shaken!


…”Proposal for huge ski resort above Squamish provokes controversy”…”Half of Vancouver trips being done by walking cycling, transit: Officials”…”Nordstrom set to hire 1,000 people for its new Vancouver store”…

It seems some folks are squeamish in Squamish about a company proposal by the owners of the Vancouver Canucks to develop a 23 lifts, 124 ski trails ski resort with construction to get the go ahead in 2-3 years.

Naysayers are concerned that over the 20-25 years it takes to complete, the area primarily used by hikers, climbers and back country enthusiasts, would change significantly, not to mention the environmental impacts on waterways, forests, wildlife and fisheries. No doubt competition for Whistler would be of some concern also!

Apparently in Vancouver’s quest to go green, recent statistics show that trips by car are declining in the city and the milestone that half the trips within the city are being done by walking, cycling or public transit, has been reached. It seems many issues of cyclist safety and ‘road rage’ remain to be addressed….

Meanwhile, as American realtor Nordstrom gets set to enter the Canadian market with its new store in the former Sears & Eaton’s location at the south end of Pacific Centre at Robson & Granville Streets, they say they are setting out on May 19th to hire 1,000 people throughout June with the planned store opening in September.

Cheers to lots to get tired, hired & fired up about!!!

Whatever’s on the agenda for a 1st rate 2nd Wednesday in May, salut to a no queasy, no green with envy, enthusiastic ‘carpe diem’ kinda day that sings—can’t wait to see what’s in-store for me!!!


…of turn, turn, turn…


As the skyline of Vancouver is ever-changing , a Tuesday in May’s UK headlines read:

…”Another Nepal earthquake: 7.3 tremor hits near Mt. Everest”…”Picasso painting breaks record for most expensive artwork sold at auction”…”Royal Navy photo competition captures imagery”…


Meanwhile some Canadian headlines read:

…”What I thought after two weeks with the Apple Watch”…”Lowe’s to buy 13 Target stores”…


One might quip—all in the timely highs & lows of a turn turn turn Tuesday!!!…

Cheers to a healing, laughing, peaceful day!!