…of robots, Mount Etna, Palestine & tea…


…”If robots are the future of work, where do humans fit in?”…”Explosions in the sky: why Mount Etna erupting is as pretty as a painting”…”The long road to Rawabi, Palestine’s first planned city”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”we need to rethink our view of jobs and leisure–and quickly, if we are to avoid becoming obsolete”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the gorgeous glow as Mount Etna erupts in Catania, Italy yesterday”…

Once again revealed, the astonishing & dangerous beauty of volcanoes, they say.

SOMETHING ABOUT…”a momentous trailblazer or colossal folly?…

Cheers to change at the grassroots and peace for the region! Deep peace for ALL people!

So go the headlines for a May 24th Tuesday!

Cheers to take time for tea & enjoy a fine day that sings—spot on!…

…of ‘Victoria Day’…


On June 20, 1837 the 18-year-old Queen Victoria was crowned as monarch of the United Kingdom and Ireland in London’s Westminster Abbey.

She was barely five feet tall.

She proposed to her husband, Prince Albert, and not vice versa.

She was raised by a single mother, and later became a single mother herself.

She was the first known carrier of hemophilia, an affliction that would become known as the “Royal disease.”

She had at least six serious assassination attempts made against her during her reign — most of which while she was riding in a carriage.

Victoria, British Columbia is named after her. She named British Columbia. Regina in Saskatchewan is named after her. Alberta is named after her daughter, Princess Louise Alberta, who is named after her husband Prince Albert. In Ontario, we have Ottawa, which was named by Queen Victoria. Prince Edward Island is named after her father, Prince Edward, the one who lived in Canada for a decade.

And so goes some perhaps little known facts about the namesake of today’s Canadian
holiday Monday!

Whatever’s on your agenda for a fine Monday of rest & relaxation, in all its levity, may those around you quip—“We are not amused!”

a1a2QIPCO British Champions Day

…of Victoria & ‘victor’…


As Canadians gear up for a long weekend with Monday’s ‘Victoria Day’ holiday, the British Columbia flag will fly high at the provincial capital’s Victoria legislature building on Vancouver Island.

Traditionally, across our land, from east to west coast, it’s this weekend that’s the ‘official’ beginning of ‘camping & cottage’ season!

The camping gear gets revitalized.

The cottage shutters come off.

Anticipation sings a song of weekend refreshment!

‘Victoria Day’ you say?…yes, in honour of Queen Victoria, who, until this year had been our longest reigning monarch.

Her long reign now surpassed by our own present day Queen Elizabeth II, the Her Majesty that keeps her ‘sonshine-in-waiting’ !! What think ye, ladies?!…

Spring Goes By

The winds that on the uplands softly lie,
Grow keener where the ice is lingering still
Where the first robin on the sheltered hill
Pipes blithely to the tune, “When Spring goes by!”
Hear him again, “Spring! Spring!” He seems to cry,
Haunting the fall of the flute-throated rill,
That keeps a gentle, constant, silver thrill,
While he is restless in his ecstasy.

Ah! the soft budding of the virginal woods,
Of the frail fruit trees by the vanishing lakes:
There’s the new moon where the clear sunset floods,
A trace of dew upon the rose leaf sky;
And hark! what rapture the glad robin wakes-
“When Spring goes by; Spring! Spring! When
Spring goes by.”

Duncan Campbell Scott, Canadian poet

May your Friday & weekend be full of adventure, steeped in rest & relaxation, & may gratitude be your song!

A ‘win-win’ for everyone!



…of fireworks, animals, & conventions…


…”Heads up-There will be a 10 minute private fireworks show near the Vancouver Convention Centre over Burrard Harbour beginning at 9:30 pm”…

So read a tweet from @CityofVancouver last night! “It may have been for a private party, but it sure was public — and gives Vancouverites the sense that summer, and the Honda Celebration of Light, is just around the corner.”


…”Candid camera: How photos shot covertly in the wild have transformed what we know about animals”…”Vancouver ranked Top North American City for International Meetings”…

It seems cameras with big memory cards and motion sensors in remote places are giving wildlife researchers alot more accessibility. “A picture is worth a thousand words and a thousand data points”, they say!

The tabloids or the reality tv shows could quip the same about humanity too perhaps! Yikes!

Kudos to our beloved Vancouver Convention Centre!
This week, acoording to both the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) & the prestigious Watkin’s Research Group’s Meeting & Convention Planners Survey, Vancouver gets the #1 rating in North America!

As you ‘survey’ the components of your agenda for today, remember that any day could contain spontaneous ‘fireworks’ & digital photography could have you ‘captured’ in the ‘unconventional’ for perpetuity!

Cheers to a Thursday that sings–THRIVING!!!


…of libations, beach chairs, & largesse…


…”Beer on the beach?: Vancouver park board serves up survey”…”Largest cruise ship on West Coast docks in Victoria for the first time”…

Fish & chips with a soft drink, they say, but how about some mexican food washed down with a chilled cold beer?!…

“The Vancouver park board is looking for feedback about what beachgoers would buy at concession stands — including beer and wine — and the May long weekend is the last opportunity to participate in the survey.”

Of note too….”beach chairs and umbrellas will be available for rent at English Bay this summer as part of a two-year pilot program approved Monday night by the park board.”

Apparently, it’s Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas, one of their Voyager class vessels that’s gracing Victoria’s Ogden Point docks today.

227 visits scheduled for this summer, carrying 533,000 passengers! Now that’s got to be good for Victoria’s tourist economy!…Apparently one can even enjoy an on board ice rink enroute to Alaska!

All in a day’s headlines for a west coast Wednesday!

As Vancouver’s towing rates jump 22%, monster homes stir emotions in nearby Port Moody, & folks ask “Vancouver real estate: how high can it go?”, cheers to a wild & wacky Wednesday that sings–WONDER: full !!!


…of ‘Trump’, ‘Dutch’ & hypertension…


…”Brace yourselves: Trump is going to win”…”Hudson’s Bay to open up to 20 new stores in the Netherlands”…”May 17th: World Hypertension Day”…

When a former Canadian ambassador (Derek Burney 1989-1993) makes such statements, Canadians notice!!!

With concerns about NAFTA & softwood lumber & border controls, he goes on to say:

“Conventional thinking about this election has been consistently wrong and unexpected developments may still lie ahead, but Canadians and their government may also have to start thinking the unthinkable – a Trump presidency that shatters the most foundational element of our foreign policy, the way we have managed relations with the United States over the past 60-odd years.”

Indeed an odd headline and the thought of Canada’s Hudson’s Bay in Holland is most definitely an unusual one!

Apparently it’s all part of a “European expansion” since Hudson’s Bay Company acquired Galeria Kaufhof, the largest department store chain in Belgium & Germany.

“Expansion into the Netherlands is a natural extension of our existing presence in Belgium as well as our planned entry into Luxembourg and will complete our presence in all of the Benelux countries,” according to the HBC chairman.

Will your next shopping spree quip–let’s go Dutch!?

Bet you didn’t know it either! Be it ‘trumped’ or ‘buy the way at the Bay’, it’s World Hypertension Day!!

Apparently this year’s theme is “Know Your Numbers”and various events will take place around the world to increase awareness!

Cheers to a Terrific Tuesday that quips–non-hyper, no tension!!!


…of ‘revolution’, ‘unaffordability’ & ‘procaffeinating’…


…”China marks 50 years since Cultural Revolution with silence”…”For millennials in Vancouver, the living ain’t easy”…”Procaffeinating”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”anything but silence, will damage Mao’s reputation” & “a decade long period of political upheaval & turmoil should go unremembered to maintain political stability now”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the typical millennial couple in Vancouver has no discretionary income and will rack up debt of $ 2,745 a year, study finds”…

How are we going to keep 24-35 year olds living and working in our city?!…”Unaffordability is emptying Vancouver of one of its most valuable assets — young people from the city who want to stay invested in it.”


Cheers to a mellow Monday of delayed implementation that sings–‘the daily grind’: grounds for loosening up, unwinding, easing into Tuesday!


…of ‘Brexit’, Brazil, & ‘truancy(?)’…


…”IMF: Brexit would bring stock market crash and plunging house prices”…”BRAZIL: Impeached Rousseff successor reveals all male cabinet”…”Should parents take their children out of school for holidays?”…

All in a day’s headlines!

Do you think the benefits of families spending time together far outweighs any missed school time?…

Without hesitation, my answer would be yes!

It’s Friday the 13th!


Are you superstitious?

Cheers to a Fine Friday & weekend of ‘due care & attention’ that smiles– ‘taste & see’ & sings–‘SUPERLICIOUS’ !!!


..of ‘say what?’, doggie vacays, & sneakers…


…”How to cook the perfect aloo gobi”…”What to consider when planning a holiday with a dog”…”From low-tops to high-end, how sneakers became more of a luxe lifestyle than a hobby”…

Say what???…‘aloo gobi’…”this Punjabi potato and cauliflower curry is now a prized dish across India and Pakistan.”
Potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onion, with dashes of cumin, tumeric &
coriander seeds & ‘voila’ sings–delicious!
Oh!…and a squeeze of lime juice!

SOMETHING ABOUT…camping, pet-friendly hotels, cottage rentals & a myriad of factors around travel make one wonder about leaving ‘Fido’ or ‘Putsula’ at home!


SOMETHING ABOUT…”people are lining up to buy shoes.”

“Buying shoes has made the leap of late from pastime to passion. Sites like Hypebeast and Sneaker News have made empires of a flourishing interest. Boutiques have made fortunes satisfying the surge in demand. “Sneakerheads,” to use the favoured self-mocking sobriquet, have made men’s footwear more than a market. It’s a phenomenon.”

Cheers to a phenomenally fine Thursday this 11th day of May, 132nd day of the year!


…of wildfires, entrepreneurs, & pizza…


…”Wildfires will always happen, but Canadians forgetting safety lessons they teach us”…”Here’s how you can start living the millennial dream of being your own boss”…”Slice of heaven: could this be the best pizza in the world?”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…“what we think is (an) extreme (fire event) today will be the new normal in 20 or 30 years.”

Caution. Knowledge. Due care and attention, folks!

SOMETHING ABOUT…”ditching the day job, and striking out on your own venture.”

“Being happy to take a pay cut for better work-life balance.”

Ultimately 66% of millennials surveyed want to work for themselves, apparently.

“Start with a side-hustle. Build a financial cushion. Seek out spousal/entrepreneurial support & mentoring.”

SOMETHING ABOUT…”a pizzeria in a village near Naples, where chef Franco Pepe tops his handmade dough with local artisanal ingredients.”

Pepe in Grani, Caiazzo, Campania.

The Pinsa conciata del ’500, topped with conciato romano cheese, fig preserve from the Cilento, basil, and lardo from Nero Casertano pigs; and Il Sole nel Piatto (sunshine on a plate) with buffalo mozzarella, tiny Piennolo del Vesuvio tomatoes, Cetara anchovies, basil, extra virgin olive oil and Caiazzo olives.”

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday that sings—delectable!!!


Delightful. Highly pleasing. Enjoyable.