…of Nativity scenes & Light…

December 18th – Advent III Monday

As Christmas Eve approaches, around the world many scenes abound!

Does your household have any decor traditions, if Christmas is part of your family customs?…

Eric Whitacre’s beloved composition Lux Arumque sings of—


warm & heavy as pure gold,

and the angels sing softly to the new born baby.

May light fill your day & week ahead with continuing hope, peace & joy and may time with friends always smile & resound togetherness!


…of tea & concerted efforts…

December 15th – International Tea Day

Nothing quite like tea time sings– take time for you among the hustle & bustle of festive Christmas season.

Since 2005, tea producing countries have set aside today to promote fair trade and working conditions for workers.

 ‘Tis the season of festivity & choral concerts! 

Might you sing in or attend one this weekend?…

Those who wish to sing always find a song. – Proverb

As long as we live there Is never enough singing. – Martin Luther

 Life is a song. Love is the music. –Unknown

Cheers to a fine festive Friday and weekend that choruses for all–hope peace joy love!

…of monkeys & malls…

December 14th – World Monkey Day!

Amazingly, amidst the frenzy & song of December festive season, a swinging through the trees kinda day to celebrate awareness, love & care for monkeys!

Some might quip, well that makes sense, as this time of year most local malls can seem like a zoo!

Will you be monkeying around a mall today?…….

It’s give it a miss for moi!

Monkeys compared to humankind are superior in this: A monkey looks in a mirror and sees a monkey. –adapt. Malcolm de Chazal

 Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings. – Evan Esar

Cheers to a seriously thriving Thursday of rollicking, romping, cavorting, carrying on that quips/sings—“monkey see, monkey do


…of pictures perfect…

Grouse Mountain ski hills at night.

Toronto, wintry December day.

London, UK evening sky.

Big Ben, London UK, festive season facelift.

Out and about, anywhere this festive time, there are many things to see and do that sing ’tis the season!

Where will your Wednesday take you?…

Take time for tea?…

Be a good sport?….

Make a new friend?…

Rekindle a distant memory?…

Wherever the spirit of the day takes you, cheers to a wide eyed view that resounds—pictures perfect!

Skytrain, Vancouver.

…of plazas & peace…

Advent II Tuesday!

Apparently the Christmas tree in the new Vancouver Art Gallery plaza this year is bigger than the famous festive one in New York City’s Rockefeller plaza!

Have you seen it lit up in the evenings yet? 

Speaking of plazas, the Jack Poole plaza in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour area next to the renowned convention centre is home for the 2nd year to the Vancouver Christmas market.

A clear sunny day today should make it perfect for a visit with waterfront scenery not covered in fog! Sights! Smells! & Song!


It’s Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. – W.T. Ellis

May every Christmas path lead to peace. – Mary Pahro

Cheers to an unhurried tuneful Tuesday that sings—PEACE!!!

…of moon & mountains…

December 11th – International Mountain Day

Earth as photographed by crew of Apollo 17 last folks to have walked on the moon 45 years ago this month.

To those of us of a certain generation who remember it well I’ll say…can you believe it’s been forty five years since we saw a man last walking on the moon?!!!!!….

How time flies!! Puzzling to me why that hasn’t happened again since then….

This International Mountain Day, as designated by the United Nations, a day to promote mountain development,…by some reports there are areas of the North American continent that have had two feet of snow!

Do you know what is the highest mountain peak in British Columbia?

Thanks to the folks at Rocky Mountaineer train tours, northern BC’s highest peak, Mount Robson is pictured here!


Cheers to a second week of Advent ADVENTures that has you feeling ‘over the moon‘ & ‘on top of the world‘ !!!



…of December fog…

December 8th Friday!

Vancouver False Creek Aquabus in the fog.

We’ve all heard that expression “the blind leading the blind” & in Vancouver the last few days the persistent dense fog has certainly substantially reduced visibility for all.

Pedestrians & drivers especially, slow down, be more attentive & vigilant & in tune with all your senses!

Today will likely see Vancouver-Victoria harbour to harbour floatplane service cancelled.

Above the blanket of fog Vancouver’s Cypress Grouse & Mt. Seymour will likely be spectacular for skiers in the sunshine!

Cheers to a 1st rate Friday & second Advent weekend!

Will there be ’tis the season music in your seasonal festivity?!….

May your ‘melody’ be harmonized always with hope, peace, joy & love!

…of fog & festive…

December 7th!

Dark & early, a fog advisory starts the day in Vancouver.

Do you have a clear picture of where you’re going today? What needs to be accomplished on your daily agenda?

It’s supposed to be a season of busyness, festivity & delight but I can’t help but notice along the paths I’ve trod of late, there seems to an undertone attitude in much of it these days that laments “whatever”.

World events? Presidencies? Disillusionment? Complacency?

Each day’s a gift! 

That’s not to discount that life can be difficult & challenges can sometimes in it all, overwhelm.

Let’s all collectively take a few deep breaths, see clearly each other in one another & be there for our companions, contemporaries, compatriots, cohorts  etc. etc. along life’s way!

Whatever the ‘whatever’ of your thriving expectant Advent Thursday may you encounter a few thrills that have this season singing festive—indeed!!!

…of cold & crisp…

Advent Wednesdays

Cold, crisp Vancouver.

Log on Wednesday reveals morning fog on for Vancouverites today.  A preamble to what’s supposed to be a few consecutive days of sunny, cold & crisp.

How do you like your morning coffee?…crisp?!…

Have you had any festive season chocolate indulgences yet?…

For lovers of BC & Canadian wines, an important Supreme Court of Canada decision will be given today that will hopefully result in eliminating the legal barriers to shipping wine between provinces within Canada.  May laws catch up to economic realities & sing prosperity & free trade for all concerned!

Cold, crisp salut!

Cheers to a fine Advent Wednesday that SINGS!!!