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…of March break & splendour…

For British Columbians & Vancouverites with kids in school, it’s March break!

Two weeks of time with a break from routines!

Might that mean travels or excitement for you?…

Friends & colleagues of mine are off to Honolulu or California, Whistler & Banff, to name a few destinations for fine getaways!

Now doesn’t that just sing aloha!

Others I know are in the thick of “busy season” with tax time.

Do you have your personal income tax return done?

Deadlines for filing loom next month for both Canadians & residents of the US of A.

A taxing proposition for many even though personal taxation software makes it easier than many might think!

Whatever the splendids your spring March Monday might bring, through your thinking on them & discernment with those you hold dear—

May all your ‘calculations’ quip/sing—excellent deduction my dear Watson!

Magnificent day & week ahead!



…of parsley, sage, & ‘rosemary’s baby’…


Downtown Vancouver from a distance.

Herbivores & carnivores we are.

Sages, in our wisdom, we can all strive to be through our life’s experience & learning and our understandings of history.

No…..we cannot put time in a bottle.

(regardless of Prime Ministers who might quip–just ‘watch’ me!)

I woke up to a radio show expounding on an old movie, Rosemary’s Baby. A movie I’ve never seen but it sure seems to be about things unpleasant & nasty & downright evil.

Cheers to a culinary Friday & weekend of creative garnishes!

Know that ‘in this world of darkness’, too often being what we hear about & see….

GOOD will always prevail over evil;

LIGHT will always prevail over darkness;

Rush never & take your thyme!

But do make haste always, to be kind!

Great weekend all!

…of ides & calendars…

March 15th!

‘Tis the Ides of March!

Will this call for a Caesar salad for you today?….

In 44 BC, this day was met with the demise of Caesar & the Roman republic & the rule of the Roman empire by Brutus began apparently.

We live in a crazy world.

How many times in a day do we hear beware or come across something in our comings & goings that makes us be wary or cautious or skeptical?

Sometimes one might wonder how do we hack it all but that thought only reminds us we should be concerned & careful about our personal information in an online world.

Do you use a calendar app?

Is there an old fashioned calendar hanging on your kitchen wall or on your refrigerator?….

What makes for easiest date & time tracking & scheduling for you?….

I find it still surprisingly common for folks to say I’ll check my calendar at home and get back to you…..

I think the millenials of our world would just laugh at such a comment!

Cheers to an open hearted, open minded kinda Thursday that sings—let’s do that & make a date & time!

Fine day…sunrise to sunset!


…of steak & pi…

If one Google’s the significance of today, Wikipedia expounds on steak & pi.

British pubs will be quipping all day about their steak &/or pie being good with what ales ya!

Have you ever enjoyed steak & kidney or shepherd’s pie?….

As far as the math or physics of pi goes, I don’t know much more than its an important digit/decimal that goes on and on to infinity.

Cheers to an infinitely finer day than you could ask for or imagine and in all that you indulge may there be smiles & gratitude.

Wonder full Wednesday!


St. Lucia.


…of spring Tuesdays…

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday!


…of primrose & timely…

The clocks have sprung forward for Vancouverites into Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) & the day after Mother’s Day in the UK, has Vancouver singing about a sunny Monday with a forecasted high of 19C in some areas!

Doesn’t that just make your primrose bloom?!!!…

Tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day. William Shakespeare

How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on. Zall’s Second Law

Me thinks I see the wanton hours flee, And as they pass, turn back and laugh at me. George Villiers

Cheers to a fine March springlike Monday that sings— how timely!!!


…of music…

Many things have been said about music:


-washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life;

-is what feelings sound like;

-the poetry of the air;

-the cup which holds the wine of silence;

-the medicine of the mind;

-lyrical literature;

-the speech of angels!

Cheers to a fine Friday & weekend that SINGS!!!!


…of panorama & panache…

March 8th

Looking across Burrard Inlet from above UBC.

One of the first impressions of Vancouver I had many moons ago, when I moved here to live & work, was that the mountains are right there, so close to the city!

Later, I would learn the intricacies of Cypress, Grouse, & Seymour, known as the North Shore mountains, & all they have to offer for seasonal recreation.

Apparently it’s been a winter wonderland for skiing & snowboarding enthusiasts virtually all this winter season!

It was once said that “no bird call is the musical equal of a clarinet blown with panache.”

It seems we all have our own style or ways we go about doing things, some with varying degrees of confidence or lack thereof.

Can you think of others whom you admire how they do a certain this or that?….

Imitation cab be flattery, they say.

Skill & giftedness are both learned & blessed-with abilities that can be cultivated & nurtured with fine flare!

Let us talents & tongues employ, reaching out with a shout of joy!

This International Women’s Day, cheers to all (gals & guys too) for a thriving Thursday of big-picture thinking, inspiration, confidence & a uniquely yours style that’s blossoming with the promises of Spring!


…of rear view mirrors and here & now…


It’s been said that one can’t operate in hindsight.

It’s also been said that hindsight is the historian’s vice.

What are your thoughts about hindsight in your life? Are there benefits from looking back?….

I think there can be many.

At the same time, me thinks it’s important to focus on the here & now especially if dwelling on what’s been, may be holding one back.

A song on the radio “Rear view mirror” inspired this review/preview/new view this morn!

Cheers to a wise & wonderful Wednesday ahead! And remember: “obstacles or bumps in the road ahead may not appear at all or may be much smaller than anticipated.

Cheers to a superb here & now today!


…of dude & delight…

Apparently today March 6th is the Day of the Dude!

A guy thing I gather.

Particularly, according to UrbanDictionary, referring to stoners, surfers, skaters, or nattily dressed fastidious ones.

Will you wish a dude a delightful day?!…

If the world were a logical place, men would ride side-saddle. – Rita Mae Brown

A single man is an incomplete animal. He resembles the odd half of a pair of scissors. – Benjamin Franklin

Whatever’s up for your first Tuesday in March, may the day quip–

Pizza guy

Cable guy

Postal guy

and sing, in all things–

Fine delivery!

Victoria, BC harbourfront.