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…of ‘rain & shine’…

December 14th!

‘Tis the season of whether & weather!

Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge.

I overheard a lengthy conversation the other day, debating the merits of ‘all weather‘ or ‘all season‘ tires!

I must admit that prior to catching glimpses of this learned discourse between two roadsters, without having given it alot of thought, I had pretty much considered the two types of tires the same thing!

During the course of a typical day, we’re faced with a myriad of decisions…..

…whether this or that in the allocation of resources…

…whether that or this in the best use of our time…

…whether yes or no, always a more difficult decide in our human nature to be agreeable rather than disagreeable amidst societal pressures & expectations to be cooperative, supportive, eager & on board.

Be it ‘rain or shine‘ in the ‘season’ that’s your TODAY, be smart in it, way the options carefully & well, and in it all, through the ‘winds & rain, sleet & snow’, ‘sun & light’, ‘weathering the season’ will be alright!

Fine Friday cheers!


…of Brussels & sprouts…

Vancouver fog.

As I’m about to write today, the radio airwaves are expounding about the ‘Nightmare before Christmas‘ that is still propelling the UK/EU situation onto further uncertainties.

So off to Brussels, once again goes, PM Theresa May with a renewed confidence that something new will sprout in gaining reassurances from her EU counterparts.

What ‘will be, will be‘ sings—we’ll see!

Times are difficult.

Issues are big.

Public servants have demands put on them that are enormous.

Political and media pressures they endure must be daunting beyond belief for most of us I would think.

And so it goes.

In it all, we need to keep perspective & hang on to our lightheartedness & keep our sense of humour!

In the ‘scrabble game‘ that’s your thrilling thriving Thursday, less than two weeks before Christmas may your spirit soar!

…of carol & Christmas…

Concerted‘ efforts around the world these days bless us all with spectacular choral music, both traditional classics & new works too!

Have you attended any seasonal concerts?!…

The marathon of seasonal concerts in Vancouver is in full swing!

Sing! Sing! Sing!

Cheers to a seasonally tuneful Wednesday!

…of mountains & valleys…

Life’s ups & downs!

We can stand tall in them, be crushed, and rise up again!

Life can be like that!

Have you ever stood on a mountain top & contemplated all that is & thought about all that can be?…

Cheerleaders or motivation speakers all profess that we need to dream big! shoot for the stars! know no limits!

Wherever you find yourself today, may there be PEACE in the valleys & JOY on the mountaintops & a SONG of comfort & HOPE in your heart!

…of ‘deck the halls’ & ‘falalalala’…

Well, well, well, ‘tis the season to be jolly, the ol’e familiar carol sings, while the universe unfolds with increasing uncertainties for the UK parliament, the government of France, Canada-China diplomacy, the ongoing fiascos in the US of A, & beyond & around the globe!

What are we to make of it all?…

Is it unique to our times & place or has it always been this way?…

Is it about turmoil & big egos that are just an ongoing part of life?…

Do we all need to channel our inner humility & conscientiously be more compassionate & thoughtful about what’s just and right with one another?…

Cheers to a thrivingly tuneful Monday that sings—

“still, still, still”

“snow, snow, snow”


…of flight & delight…

December 7th – International Civil Aviation Day!

“A day to recognize the importance of international air travel to the social & economic development of the world!”

Have you recently taken a flight or will you soon take flight?…

‘Tis the season for busy, busy times at the world’s major airports!

In fact our own YVR Internationsl Airport will soon celebrate its 25 millionth passenger apparently!

TGIF” they say in some circles.

It’s Friday & December’s first weekend!

Christmas parties & functions abound!

Will there be festivity & delight for you?

The weather outside might be frightful (cold) but whatever you’re up to this fine weekend, cheers to may it be delightful!

…of fare & well…

For a time yesterday, the world was captivated by the farewell state funeral for George H.W. Bush, former President of the United States.

A glimpse of a nation in political turmoil taking time out to honour a dedicated servant to his country & public life.

I could not help but think while watching how holding up ideals truly can frame humanity to fare well for the future!

If this Advent is truly to be a season of peace, hope, joy, love & a catalyst to holding onto those ideals each & every day, then let’s try our best to–

“return now to where we have been given responsibility.
Remember peace and love.
Have courage.
Hold on to what is good.
Return no one evil for evil.
Strengthen those who fail.
Support the weak, and honour all life.”

May it be so this Advent season & always.

Fare thee well!

…of cookies & crumble…

How about that! It’s National Cookie Day in the USA!

Chocolate chip?…..a more seasonal ginger or shortbread?…

Do you have a favourite?…

‘Tis the season of indulgences!

Have a cookie with your coffee/tea today!

One doesn’t have to look very far into the media to see & read about much in our world that seems to be in a ‘crumble‘.

Political unrest…

Proposed brexit from the EU…

Dismantling institutions…

Fracturing real estate deals…

The list can go on & on…

What might each one of us do, even in our own small ways, for a world that can rise up rather than be in a seemingly constant, ‘knock down’, dismantle, crumble mode?!?!…

Cheers to a fine day that sings—while we contemplate this, indulge!

Rise up!

…of December Mondays & ADVENTure…

Vancouver splendour.

The Advent wreaths have been lit around the world once again as the season of hope, peace, joy & love is underway anew!

Will there be ADVENTure for you in the Advent season?!…

An interesting metaphor for Advent came to me yesterday, in thinking of the apocalyptic like cloud in the foretelling of the Christmas story & how it can represent confusion, uncertainty, angst, & that which can be troubling in our lives.

Those of us who have lived long enough to know many advent seasons & come to understand them more deeply, in their coming & going can take comfort in knowing that the light of Christmas ALWAYS comes!

Another writer, once put it as “when the sun comes after rain,” and we all know, it ALWAYS does!

So, whatever ‘darkness‘ may be upon you as this 2018 Advent season gets underway, may you find YOUR song in the light, & let it sing & sing & sing!