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…of saunter & quick, hasty hurry…

It seems almost like yesterday, but a whole year has passed since World Sauntering Day is upon us once again!

A day to ‘remind people to slow down and enjoy life as opposed to rushing through it.’

Do you need to be reminded in your rushing about?….

A picture’s worth a 1,000 words!

Saunter on!

It’s been said we can be too quick to conclude or rush to judgement…

Too hasty to to take action without a well thought out plan…

Too in a hurry for all that instant gratification that our media increasingly promotes…

Me thinks we can all see ourselves at some point in these scenarios!

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday where you take some time to reflect on these things & just do something a little different with the pulse of your day!

Take time for a treat snack…

Turtles maybe?!….

Hurry-NEVER fine Tuesday!


…of Waterloo…

The Duke of Wellington regimental flag 1815, is associated with several battalions of the Grenadier Guards that are honoured annually in the UK on this Waterloo Day, commemorating the battle of Waterloo.

Have you ever visited Waterloo Station on London UK’s famous tube transit system?!….

Or graced the campus of Ontario’s University of Waterloo, where competitive spirits battle for a place to study engineering among many other disciplines?!….

Most certainly, you’ve had the experience of a ‘loo‘. That bastion of necessity, the toilet, that Brits refer to in a slang sort of jargon.

Pull the chain, might be something less familiar if you don’t see a handle on it.

A topic far too, un-sanitized for a Monday read, perhaps.

May your summery June Monday be flushed with excitement.…your cup overfloweth always with wonderful…& your bowl be ever full of adventure & intrigue!

Fine day all!

Water water water sings—hydrate!

…of wind & plaid…

Breaking, breaking…it’s Global Wind Day!

No nothing to be aghast about, just a day to ‘celebrate wind energy and learn about its power and possibilities to change the world!’

Did you know that Vancouver’s beloved Grouse Mountain skiing & hiking resort has a wind turbine that powers a significant portion of its operations?…including the ski lifts & access to the mountaim gondola!

Power to the people!

Apparently, this Friday before Father’s Day, it’s so Plaid-for-Dad Day, a Friday to wear plaid to raise prostate cancer awareness.

Will you wear your favourite tartan or just settle for a tart ‘n’ tea?….

Cheers to powering up for a fine festive Friday & weekend!

Fueled & ready to go!

Weekend wonder full!

…of red flags…

It’s apparently Flag Day in the USA.

A good opportunity maybe on a Thursday morning for each one of us to take warning about complacencies with certain things that seem to be eroding worldwide spirits of cooperation & accord.

Are we going to let our planet drift into a new world of disorder?….

Dismantling rather than building up?…

Self-interest prevailing over common good?…

Are there not more benefits than disadvantages & costs for the long run, in taking united stands & the union of like minds in holding up a democracry where all can enjoy a sharing spirit of prosperity & well being?….

Is it egos that are getting in the way, or is that too simplistic to think so?…

Cheers to a thriving Thursday that serenades—cautiously optimistic being attentive to the fog horns, in tune with the harmonies that present & confident in all that can be, a fine symphony!

You in your small corner‘, just what might you orchestrate?….

…of June bugs & summer…

It’s that time of year again….graduations, proms, summer jobs, and vacation planning & voyaging for many!

Do you have the ‘June bug’ for travel?…

What might be a favourite destination?…


Aberdeen, Scotland.

Beautiful British Columbia.

A June bug.

Summer is the season to sizzle. To recharge. To relax. To revitalize.

To simply be or bee.

Cheers to a be-autiful Wednesday that sings—nothing bugs me!

…of sum it & sunshine…

What did it all add up to?….the question of the day.

Suitably vague, seems the equation of the moment, as we all just watch, wait, listen in the days ahead.

A distraction rather than an addition or substraction one might say.

Time will tell.

Historic. Optimism. Encouraging.

Let’s hope so….

Many popular songs over the years sing of hopes for the future & sunshine!

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!”

“You are the sunshine of my life!”

You likely can think of others!…

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday that in much of what you need to do resounds—-SUNSHINE!!!!

…of bias & bulldogs…

Apparently educate & sensitize will be the order of the day for a few hours at closed Canadian Starbucks stores today, in order to enlighten on racial bias, a phenomenon that sadly is far too pervasive, yet sometimes unconsciously unintended.

May pathways to change have each & everyone of us being more mindful in our day to day interactions.

Open minds & hearts!

Seems we can’t read, see or hear much in the media these days without the bulldogs of our world getting lots of attention with their relentless bullying actions.

Enough said.

May diplomacy & reason prevail from somewhere in the fragile sling that’s the Singapore summit tomorrow.

May YOUR off-leash mindful marvellous Monday quip/sing—no obedience training required!

Goodness! Gracious! Genial!

…of “G6 +1”, nations & sea…

Charlevoix Day 1 aujourd’hui & as I begin to write about this the radio waves expound about USA protectionism and the odd man out in summit attendees.

It will be interesting to see how the “Trumpets” sound in all this today!

By early reports, Britain’s Theresa May has scrubbed her one-on-one meet with ‘Mr. America’.

Diplomacy at its worst, strained at best & yet America continues to allow it & endure it.

A puzzle to me indeed.

Speaking about nations, it seems ‘FordNation‘ took Ontario by storm last night with a significant majority in the legislature announced a mere 30 minutes after the polls closed.

That’s the shortest election night results I think I’ve ever watched. Didn’t even stay tuned for the acceptance and concession speeches.

All good wishes to Ontarians & to those who let their names stand for public service!

Tofino, BC.

What better photo of the Pacific coyld celebrate today’s World Oceans Day from a Canadian perspective?!….

Do you have a love of the sea & like me, for seafoods too?

Cheers to un jour fantastique dishing up a festive Friday that sings—fine platter!!!

..of ballots & Dewey decimals…

Well after much hullabaloo, it’s finally Election Day in Ontario, as Japanese PM Abe visits the White House & French President Macron commiserates with PM Trudeau in Ottawa.

It should be an interesting ride in politics over the next few days as Canada’s largest province settles down with a new premier & as G7 leaders gather in Charlevoix, Quebec for an expect the unexpected kind of summit on world affairs.

Let there be light!

A Throwback Thursday kind of photo.

Perhaps a whole generation or two now is unfamiliar with the card catalog and the Dewey decimal system.

Would that include you?….

Some might quip–specifics about this system are classified imformation!

Have you ever visited Canada’s Paiamentary Library?…

A sight to behold & a rare area of peace & calm amidst the fracas that can be the House of Commons, Senate, & committee rooms.

Days are numbered for visiting Ottawa’s Centre Block on Parliament Hill as sometime after July 1st apparently, it will be closed for an extended period for long planned extensive and much needed renovations and maintenance.

May there be thrills in your Thursday that have you casting a ballot that sings YES to all that is good!

Aplenty kind of day!

…of run, fun, done…

June 6th-Global Running Day!

Imagine a day set aside to celebrate humankind’s propensity for donning sneakers & getting outdoors for a fine run!

I can hear Band On The Run, playing on headphones everywhere setting a tone & momentum!

Nothing quite smiles all nature sings like a run along Vancouver’s beloved seawalls.

And summer fun!

Cheers to an on-the-move kinda wild & wacky Wednesday that sings–run, fun, done—quite the marathon!