…of headache, blue dogs & Tuesdays…

Stanley Park seawall & Vancouver Cityscape.

….”International headache conference in Vancouver next month”…”Blue dogs of Mumbai: Industrial waste blamed for colourful canines”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the migraine is more common than diabetes, knee osteroarthritis and asthma combined, and it’s one of more than 200 different types of headaches.”

Medical professionals will gather for the International Headache Congress September 7th-10th to discuss & learn about “New Horizons in Headache”.

With hopeful expectations, some might quip–doesn’t this just sing—“yes, tonight dear!”?

Doesn’t that second headline just barkscary thought!….ugh….

Tuesday thoughts:

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. ~Elbert Hubbard

Why always “not yet”? Do flowers in spring say “not yet”? ~Norman Douglas

I’m less interested in why we’re here. I’m wholly devoted to while we’re here. ~Erika Harris

I spend my days stringing and unstringing my instrument, while the song I came to sing remains unsung. ~adapt.Tagore

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday that smiles—what is YOUR song?!…..

Sing! Sing! Sing! it.







….of shadow, ‘de-lighted’ possibilities & lighthearted…

….”Into the shadow: Everything you need to know about today’s solar eclipse”….”As solar eclipse approaches, electricity grid braces for disruption”…”‘Twenty seconds of burning’: Why you really do need eclipse glasses”…

SOMETHING ABOUT… the sun being obscured completely for about three minutes & “the eclipse will last some three hours in North America, from its beginning on the west coast until its end in the east.”

Apparently, ‘except for the odd special occasion’, after today there will be no sounding of London’s beloved Big Ben for a number of years!


Whatever the ‘shadows’ of your August summer Monday might be, may there be lightheartedness & laughter in your day!

…of citizenship tests, solar eclipse & outrageous foods…

…”Proposed citizenship test guide will only mislead new Canadians”…”When is the solar eclipse? Everything you need to know about Aug 21″…

SOMETHING ABOUT….words & wording that “tend to make new Canadians, and indeed all Canadians, feel like interlopers in their own country”


Apparently in Canada, the total solar eclipse that will be seen more south in the United States will only be a partial one, covering approximately 90% of the sun and will begin in and around Victoria, BC at 9am PDT on Monday!

Take note! …will you enjoy your 2nd morning mug of java in the dark?!…

‘Tis soon to be the season of the CNE/PNE (Canadian National Exhibition(Toronto)/Pacific National Exhibition(Vancouver)), the local fairs that can produce some of the most outrageous & abundant foods for consumerism’s finest!…

Toronto’s CNE will be offering the ‘Southern Slang’“a thing of beauty – buttermilk chicken on a cinnamon sweet bun topped with house-made coleslaw and chocolate Srirach sauce.”

Or how about the ‘Canadian Bacon Pickle Ball’“a hot dog inside a pickle, wrapped in bacon and batter, all deep-fried.”

Whatever you’re setting your sights on for this fine August Friday & weekend ahead, may all your endeavours sing–passed the test! & may all your indulgences rejoice–spectacular!








…of season records, butlers & tourists…

…”Province says 2017 is BC’s worst wildfire season on record”…”12 things learned by working as a butler at the Plaza Hotel”…”I don’t mean to ruin your holiday, but Europe hates tourists–and with good reason”….

Apparently it’s been 1,026 fires destroying 8,950 square kilometres with the majority of activity in the province’s Cariboo region affecting 6,700 kilometres. Sadly, evacuation orders continue ongoing displacement for too many people as 142 fires currently remain burning.

SOMETHING ABOUT“1) one VIP list you don’t want to be on–the “SA”..those requiring special assistance (the complainers); 2) bath time can be awkward; 3) hotel guests are predictable; 4) except when they’re totally unpredictable 5) sex, drugs & come again?; 6) mind the pillowcases (guests bring their own; don’t let them disappear) 7) Christmastime, not so merry; 8) the customer is not always right; 9) the easiest way to get banned (zero tolerance of guests who mistreat staff); 10) afternoon tea leftovers don’t go to waste (they go to the staff canteen at 5:30pm); 11) a good tip can make it worthwhile; 12) when to call it a night”

One can only imagine ‘reading-between-the-lines’…..all in day’s work!

Say what????!!!!….

SOMETHING ABOUT“Travel opens our eyes to the world – but it also means closing them. We ignore the hordes of people like us, all of whom want authentic tapas and a photo for Instagram.”

The opinion piece continues “Ethically, we know there are issues with tourism, but we ignore them because we tell ourselves that seeing the world will make us appreciate it more. But what happens when locals feel completely taken over by tourists? There is no denying the innate imperialism of much tourism. We tread heavily through the homes of others as if we owned them. No wonder they wish we weren’t here.”

A wee interlude not meant to be ‘heavy’, that sings about us all being pilgrims on the journey of life and shares some sentiments about humanity!

—we are all travelers on the road of life!…grace! light! peace!

Love kindness, seek justice, walk humbly!

Cheers to a ‘meaning full’  fine thriving Thursday!






…of ‘butterflies’, Big Ben & McDonalds…

….”What do ‘butterflies in the stomach’ mean?”…”‘It can’t be right’: Theresa May chimes in about plan to silence Big Ben”…”McDonald’s Canada celebrates 50th anniversary today with 67-cent hamburgers”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“science revealing that your stomach is like a second brain.”

Me thinks they mean both excitement or stress, and we’ve all experienced them would be my gut reaction!

SOMETHING ABOUT…planned restoration work on the UK Parliament buildings including “extensive repairs to the whole of the clock tower as well as the dismantling and restoration of the clock, may silence the chimes for up to four years.. The 13.5-tonne bell will not be removed but it will be checked for cracks.”

A movement is afoot to keep the chimes chiming while at the same time respecting the safety of workers and their exposure to noise levels.

Some might quip—may the ‘gong show’ continue!

SOMETHING ABOUT“McDonald’s is throwing it back to 1967 with 67-cent hamburgers in honour of the Golden Arches’ golden anniversary.”

Interestingly enough, the first Canadian outlet was in Richmond, British Columbia and the nation now numbers 1,400 stores.

Apparently the 67-cent burgers “are only available in-store, while supplies last, with a limit of three per person.”

Now doesn’t that just smile–supersized & quip–would you like fries with that?!….

As the time ticks by on your wonderful Wednesday and some of the challenging questions of the day may seem unanswerable, know that summer sings’tis the season for a good grilling!






…of sunflowers, black ice cream, bow ties & relaxation…

Stanley Park Sunflowers.

…..”Black ice cream all the rage!”….

SOMETHING ABOUT…”charcoal and the health benefits, and mild flavour although the ‘look’ is intense.”

Some say “I could eat that out-of-the-carton!”  Ick.

Me thinks it might be best to just write something witty on the sidewalk with it!

Apparently, today is both #NationalBowTieDay in the USA & #NationalRelaxationDay

Doesn’t that just quip—will you tie one on?!!!

Indulge! Relax! Enjoy!

Cheers to a terrific summer Tuesday that sings–loosen up, unwind, take it easy!


…of ‘social media stars’, blueberries & fruitcake…

Coal Harbour-Vancouver Rowing Club                   Lost Lagoon-Stanley Park

Vancouver back to its blue sky shimmering & sparkling (after wildfires intensity) smoke-free self!

….”Social media stars come together for exclusive Vancouver party”….”All hail the BC blueberries!”…”Antarctica fruitcake is over 100 years old. It’s ‘almost’ edible”…

Now doesn’t that first headline just beg to ask the question—what makes for ‘a social media star’??

Apparently, it’s all about ‘followers’ and ‘influence’ and the ‘who’s who’ of social media are those who have at least 100,000 followers and some having over 2 million!

All well & good I suppose, but not sure I completely entirely understandably follow……

SOMETHING ABOUT….“how to spice up British Columbia’s favourite berry!”  

Apparently and interestingly enough, British Columbia produces 96% of Canada’s ‘high bush blueberries’ with 700 growers and approximately 27,000 acres of blueberry farms.

Blueberry pie! Blueberry jam! Even blueberry goat cheese sweet chili phyllo cups!

Simple blueberries with vanilla ice cream, one of my favourites!


The news tale goes–“In one of the most hostile regions to humankind, conservationists for the New Zealand-based Antarctic Heritage Trust have unearthed an ice-covered fruitcake they believe once belonged to British explorer Robert Falcon Scott. The age of the fruitcake: 106 years old. It was in “excellent condition,” and it smelled “almost” edible.”

Researchers continued to expound—“Fruitcake was a popular item in English society at the time, and it remains popular today. Living and working in Antarctica tends to lead to a craving for high-fat, high-sugar food, and fruitcake fits the bill nicely, not to mention going very well with a cup of tea.”

Now doesn’t that just quip/sing—spot on!

As a new work week commences….

As summer vacation time continues for some…

As August starts winding down into September…

In all that you do, may others singsuper star!

In all hurdles you encounter, may life leave you in a ‘jam’, never!

In the hustle & bustle of your days, may there always be time for tea! (you can pass on the fruitcake)






…of hot air balloons, ‘no name’ & ‘in-the-know’…

Hot dry summer days holler hydrate as today’s google doodle celebrates hip-hop!

…”The important lessons: How women’s underwear inspired two brothers to create the first hot-air balloon”…”It sort of feels like a cult: Americans discover the Orwellian beauty of No Name brand”…” ‘Hold my avocado’: Can you pick the real millennial catchphrases? – quiz”….

Sometimes the headlines of the day kinda sorta maybe perhaps quip—read no further!….

SOMETHING ABOUT that last one—‘hold my avocado’ apparently “is a quick way to denote the contemporary millennial experience: seeking luxury wellness, but potentially derailed by sociopolitical developments.”

And so it goes….


Cheers to a decidedly fine Friday & weekend that sings—in the know!





….of squirrels, u-turns, & ‘surgical robots’…

Alberta, Canadawhere rocky mountain spirits soar!

….”Squirrel starts fire spoiling 82,000 litres of milk”…”Is it legal to make a u-turn at an intersection in Ontario?”…”The fight over robots in the operating room”…

Well, well, headlines today that quip– ‘Skippy’ the squirrel could use a swat on his ‘derriere’.it may be legal, but is it safe?!….and….no! no!, no time for fighting, just get down to serious surgery with a professional vibe that has you all in stitches!

Whatever’s on the agenda for this the second August summer 2017 Thursday, make it an unspoiled adventure that sings it’s your turn & crescendos ‘success’ with robotic precision!

Fine Thursday!



…of ‘Handsome Her’, ‘expletives’ & trifecta…

…”New Melbourne, Australia cafe charges 18 percent ‘man tax’ and gives women seating priority”…”Shocking figures: US academics find ‘dramatic’ growth of swearing in books”…”Pork, peanuts & pesto: a healthful trifecta”…

Say what????, you say!…

Indeed, to raise awareness about and take a stand against the country’s significant gender wage gap, the Handsome Her eatery is doing just that.  No one is kicked out for refusing to pay & apparently many men have been paying the tax and throwing in a few extra dollars to support a good cause.  The proprietors indicate the tax collected will go to support an aboriginal women’s welfare charity.

According to recent research “textual analysis of more than 1 million books by scholars shows a startling proliferation of swearwords since the mid-1950s.”

The study goes on to say “American culture increasingly values individual self-expression and weaker social taboos, and these trends are manifested in the increasing use of swearwords.”

Hmmm…alrighty then is all I can say…I guess…kinda sorta maybe…hmmm…

SOMETHING ABOUT“grilled pork cutlets with cilantro peanut pesto. The herb sauce can be delicious drizzled on simply grilled fish, chicken and vegetables, eggs, potatoes or ripe summer tomatoes too.”

Sounds like great summer feasting to moi!

So much for a cornucopia of topics in the day’s headlines!

May your Wednesday be wickedly wonderful, void of ‘expletive deletives’ & sing–today wins the gold, silver, & bronze!