…of ‘pixel art’, post office, & ‘mystery’…


…”Sticky note art war comes to Vancouver’s Gastown”…”Record set for Canadian artist E.J. Hughes painting at Vancouver auction”…”How to hang art in your home like a seasoned gallery curator”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”it all starting in NYC with a post-it-note that said Hi”…

Apparently, “3M, the company that makes Post-it notes, has joined the fun, packing kits of differently coloured sticky notes along with a how-to guide called Pixel Art Tips.“…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”a 1949 painting of known as the Post Office of Courtenay, BC, sold for $ 1.593M.”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”light levels & fading in natural light; making a drawing on the wall; using a level; don’t hang it too high (stick to eye level); connect to times past; & create a story within a story–the mystery behind them.”

Cheers to a Fine Friday & weekend resplendent with ‘pick-me-ups’ and ‘deliveries’; with an eye for the artistic & overflowing with the intrigue and mystery!!!…

Novel ideas!


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