…of summer, loonie, & submarines…


…”Metro Vancouver will be spared a scorching summer, forecasters say”…”Canadian dollar enters ‘dangerous waters’ as analysts warn of turbulent month ahead”…”China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific”…

Predictions of typically normal rainfall for June, July, & August and temperatures in the 20-23C range are expected to be the ‘norm’ for Vancouverites, while other parts of the province are expected to “bake in higher temperatures than normal this summer.”

Apparently, after last Friday’s six-week low for our loonie, it’s now entering its “weakest trading periods of the year.”

How do you react to loonie ups & downs?!?! Will you let it affect your summer travel plans?…

It seems, at the risk of stoking the arms race, China’s decision to send nuclear-armed submarines into the Pacific comes only as a result of the expansion of US military defence in the region, they say.

Buzz words like ‘hypersonic glide missiles’ and US Prompt Global Strike Programme, should give us all pause as to what could go so wrong in our wonderful world.

Wake up world! Peace! Prosperity! Compassion! Common sense! Humanity hungers for ‘enough is enough’!

Cheers to a Thursday that sings–THRIVING & echoes again and again and again PEACE !!!


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