…”The tyranny of Daylight Saving Time: 9 solid reasons to hate the time change on Sunday”…”UK government can’t trigger Brexit without Parliament approval, High Court rules; Pound soars”…”Two creative uses for leftover Halloween candy”…

As Sunday approaches the ” fall back ” with our clocks and watches and timepieces, the pundits are saying—“1) it’s probably not saving any energy 2) it makes us less productive 3) it makes us putz around on the internet 4) it depresses us 5) it kills us 6) it maims us 7) it may be the one thing where Saskatchewan is right and 9) most of the world doesn’t do it”
Likely there’s some statistical accuracy to all that, but it seems we continue to do it for over a 100 years now!

Apparently, the UK government says they will now appeal their country’s High Court ruling, but perhaps it begs the question—-in all the complexities going forward for an exit, admitting that to leave may possibly be the biggest blunder for the nation, should or could they not re-consider & even ask the citizenry to participate in that reconsideration somehow?!….

Leftover Halloween candy?!?!?!…..excuse me, isn’t that something like, leftover wine??!!!!……(it just doesn’t happen! 😉 )

Something about ‘halloween baklava’ or ‘exploding chocolate bark‘…..


Cheers to a fine Thursday full of finesse that sings—thanks be for the time that is now!; the times, they are a changin’ !

May it be sweet!