….of unwind, tablets & greying…

….”Brexit: talks will not be quick or painless says EU chief negotiator”…”Science: exercise pill could deliver benefits of exercise in tablet form”…”The Greying of Canada”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“unwinding 45 years or so of a relationship cannot be unwound in 15 or 16 months.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“drugs could transform lives of those who are unable to exercise because of obesity or serious physical disability, mouse study suggests”

SOMETHING ABOUT“for the first time in history there are as many seniors as youths, a phenomenon that will affect everything from cost of benefits to age of retirement.”

Cheers to your first 2017 May Wednesday!

May it see you not too wound up!

May you exercise your discretion wisely!

May your young-at-heart attitudes & sunny disposition sing—nothing to dye for!

May the twinkle-in-your-eye as you contemplate life’s dare I?, might I?, indulgences quip/sing—

Mother, May I?….




…of ‘revolution’, ‘unaffordability’ & ‘procaffeinating’…


…”China marks 50 years since Cultural Revolution with silence”…”For millennials in Vancouver, the living ain’t easy”…”Procaffeinating”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”anything but silence, will damage Mao’s reputation” & “a decade long period of political upheaval & turmoil should go unremembered to maintain political stability now”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the typical millennial couple in Vancouver has no discretionary income and will rack up debt of $ 2,745 a year, study finds”…

How are we going to keep 24-35 year olds living and working in our city?!…”Unaffordability is emptying Vancouver of one of its most valuable assets — young people from the city who want to stay invested in it.”


Cheers to a mellow Monday of delayed implementation that sings–‘the daily grind’: grounds for loosening up, unwinding, easing into Tuesday!