….of unwind, tablets & greying…

….”Brexit: talks will not be quick or painless says EU chief negotiator”…”Science: exercise pill could deliver benefits of exercise in tablet form”…”The Greying of Canada”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“unwinding 45 years or so of a relationship cannot be unwound in 15 or 16 months.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“drugs could transform lives of those who are unable to exercise because of obesity or serious physical disability, mouse study suggests”

SOMETHING ABOUT“for the first time in history there are as many seniors as youths, a phenomenon that will affect everything from cost of benefits to age of retirement.”

Cheers to your first 2017 May Wednesday!

May it see you not too wound up!

May you exercise your discretion wisely!

May your young-at-heart attitudes & sunny disposition sing—nothing to dye for!

May the twinkle-in-your-eye as you contemplate life’s dare I?, might I?, indulgences quip/sing—

Mother, May I?….




…of wind, pint, & computer…


…”Scotland completely powered by wind turbines for a day”…”Pricey pints blamed as 21 British pubs a week close”…”Your next computer should be a laptop-tablet hybrid. Really.”…

In an interesting tale, it seems “high winds in Scotland on Sunday were sufficient to boost renewable energy output to provide all Scotland’s energy needs for the day.”

It seems in the UK a pint of bitter or ale has risen by 1.21 British pounds since 2000.
Pubs are closing down at a high rate because “a pint at the bar is becoming an unaffordable luxury according to a survey by the campaign for Real Ale.”

Intriguing that “82% of Briton put the rapid rate of pub closures down to the fact that beer bought in supermarkets to drink at home is significantly cheaper than the average 2.99 British pounds charged for a pint of draft at most establishments.”

How many use a desktop computer any longer?
Is it declining as a way of the future for the office market?
Will it eventually disappear?

Yes indeed say they technology pundits as the hybrid tablet-laptop improves with advances in technology.

Cheers to a fine Thursday that sings—as the wind blows, new ways, new ideas, that’s the way life goes!