…of Banting & best…


For Canadians especially, it’s interesting to note that Google’s honouring Dr. Frederick Banting, an Ontario physician and researcher known for his work with Dr. Charles Best in the discovery and use of insulin for the treatment of diabetes.

As the two are often dubbed ‘co-discoverers‘ one wonders why one is being honoured without the other?!….

Regardless, the cub scouts or former cub scouts among us, will know or remember that ¬†the response to ‘Akela’ must always be “dyb dyb dyb, dob dob dob, we’ll do our best“..


Stand tall and proud.

Go out on a limb.

Remember your roots.

Drink Plenty of water.

Be content with your natural beauty.

Enjoy the view.


Cheers to a ‘stand tall’dyb dyb dyb dob dob dob” kinda day that sings—sweet!









…”The tyranny of Daylight Saving Time: 9 solid reasons to hate the time change on Sunday”…”UK government can’t trigger Brexit without Parliament approval, High Court rules; Pound soars”…”Two creative uses for leftover Halloween candy”…

As Sunday approaches the ” fall back ” with our clocks and watches and timepieces, the pundits are saying—“1) it’s probably not saving any energy 2) it makes us less productive 3) it makes us putz around on the internet 4) it depresses us 5) it kills us 6) it maims us 7) it may be the one thing where Saskatchewan is right and 9) most of the world doesn’t do it”
Likely there’s some statistical accuracy to all that, but it seems we continue to do it for over a 100 years now!

Apparently, the UK government says they will now appeal their country’s High Court ruling, but perhaps it begs the question—-in all the complexities going forward for an exit, admitting that to leave may possibly be the biggest blunder for the nation, should or could they not re-consider & even ask the citizenry to participate in that reconsideration somehow?!….

Leftover Halloween candy?!?!?!…..excuse me, isn’t that something like, leftover wine??!!!!……(it just doesn’t happen! ūüėČ )

Something about ‘halloween baklava’ or ‘exploding chocolate bark‘…..


Cheers to a fine Thursday full of finesse that sings—thanks be for the time that is now!; the times, they are a changin’ !

May it be sweet!












..of vegetable soup, do’s & don’ts, & apples…

“Simple vegetable soup, a perfect fall dinner”….”Do’s and don’ts of minding your manners at work”….”Apple season has arrived with fresh snap”….

Sweet, tart, firm or crisp and crunchy, nothing says autumn like biting into the perfect red fruit!

Cheers to “the wakey wakey tang” the article goes on to say!¬†¬† Did you know it?:

“The familiar, top-selling commercial apples, represented by the B.C. Tree Fruits Association are Braeburn (sweet, tart, firm), Fuji (cross between Red Delicious and Ralls Janet), Golden Delicious (beloved classic, great salad apple), Granny Smith (this Granny’s tarty), Ambrosia (crisp, sweet, aromatic), Sunrise (sweet and tart), Honeycrisp (sweet as honey), McIntosh (who’s not familiar with this lunch box favourite?), Royal Gala (firm, crisp, cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red), Spartan (created in the Okanagan, snowy white flesh, crunchy and sweet), Jonagold (cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan, firm, crisp, crunchy, sweet), Red Delicious (hmm, I like my apples tarter), Nicola (sweet, crisp, outstanding shelf life), and Sunrise (a halfway balance of sweet and tart, another Okanagan creation).”

Whatever’s on your slate for a sunny autumn Wednesday, may all you do reflect optimally your core values & be appealing!…..

As the laptop said to the toffee bar…..


…brush ups…

Apparently the Hershey Company, makers of popular chocolate bars have come out with a new Canadian specific bar geared to Canadian tastes that go¬†“for a chessier flavour to their chocolate”…..”Canadians prefer a smoother and sweeter taste!”…..


One of North America’s largest dental conferences gets underway today at Vancouver’s acclaimed convention centre.¬† Cheers to three days of extra bright smiles in our fine city! Conference brochures indicate a social event option for tonight includes “Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Wine!”¬† Hopefully many will get to experience some of BC’s finest!!

Some might be aghast to know that immediately following this jaw dropping three days, a Methane Expo 2013 will take place in the same building!¬† …”promoting the recovery and use of methane through new projects and technologies”……..

Whatever you’re brushing up on for your Thursday, may your smiles be plentiful & the flavours sweet!



…crab apples…

Did you know that crab apples are members of the rose family and are native to North America and Asia?

“The tart mouth puckering fruit are smaller than regular apples and can be woody in texture. Often fragrant and full of flavour they are especially good for making¬† jelly and preserves” according to a recent foodie article.¬†

My grandmother used to peel and core, roll in butter and brown sugar and then bake them with a sprinkling of  a favourite brandy and serve alongside a dollop of vanilla ice cream.  

The souring economy is fodder for lots of complaining these days.¬† Much of what’s happening¬† could make anyone crabby.¬† As¬†an old¬†song says, we need to try to “accentuate the positive… eliminate the negative”.¬† Always easier said than done.

As pension trends¬†move from defined benefits to defined contributions and¬†companies scramble to stem the losses or increase¬†their bottom lines, it’s people and their lives that are most affected by uncertainty and circumstances.

Most of the people I know are intelligent and sincere.  They can be humourous and helpful and most of all they are generous in spirit and giving.   Likely anyone reading this shares many of these fine qualities too. 

Together, as people, we can see pluses over  minuses and solutions over problems. 

It’s a fact that in the¬†right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any flying bird alone.¬† Perhaps this is in part¬†where that saying ….birds of a feather flock together…comes from.

….just a few thoughts on a sour crab apple…..may you think, hear, see, and speak ¬†“sweet” today!