…of hot air balloons, ‘no name’ & ‘in-the-know’…

Hot dry summer days holler hydrate as today’s google doodle celebrates hip-hop!

…”The important lessons: How women’s underwear inspired two brothers to create the first hot-air balloon”…”It sort of feels like a cult: Americans discover the Orwellian beauty of No Name brand”…” ‘Hold my avocado’: Can you pick the real millennial catchphrases? – quiz”….

Sometimes the headlines of the day kinda sorta maybe perhaps quip—read no further!….

SOMETHING ABOUT that last one—‘hold my avocado’ apparently “is a quick way to denote the contemporary millennial experience: seeking luxury wellness, but potentially derailed by sociopolitical developments.”

And so it goes….


Cheers to a decidedly fine Friday & weekend that sings—in the know!