…of nature, tulips & room with a view…

“All nature sings & ’round me rings the music of the spheres!”

…”We solve the great Canada 150 tulip caper: Why so-called ‘limited edition’ red-and-white bulbs bloomed orange”…”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the miscoloured tulips are indeed of different varieties that were accidentally packaged alongside Canada 150 tulips.There was a small percentage (around 1% of bulbs sold) that was packed incorrectly in the Netherlands.”

SOMETHING ABOUT.”a zero star hotel rated room with a view in Gonten, Switzerland!”

Cheers to a wide-eyed Wednesday that smiles—SENSATIONAL !!!





…of ‘wine museums’ & nature…


…”Will France’s new wine museum be an amusement park for adults?”…

It seems France has opened the “Disneyland of wine”, the new Cite du Vin, in Bordeaux.

“The museum — which claims to be the first of its kind — said it wants to show how wine has shaped and enriched our world. Its director said wine has changed landscapes and influenced cultures for more than 8,000 years.”

Doesn’t this just sing—salut!??!

As May‘s now rolled into June & July is fast approaching, ’tis the season of blossoms & blooms & fragrant gardens & yards!

The ‘feast’ with nature for another season has begun!

Strawberries are in season in Vancouver. The wild raspberries & blackberries in Stanley Park are in abundance! A bumper crop some would say!

Whatever’s on your agenda for a terrific Tuesday, take some time to ‘smell the roses‘ !!!

Cheers to a fine day!