…of ‘Brexit Trump NATO’ & natto…


…”BREXIT: UK’s vision ‘intellectually impossible’, says Eurozone chief”…”Donald Trump: transition team in disarray after key adviser ‘purged'”…”Ex Nato leaders call for extraordinary meeting with Trump”…”NATTO: the fermented soy super-food”…

All in a day’s headlines that seem to suggest that the ‘plan’ to exit the EU for the UK is in fact, at best non-existent or folly; the presidential transition machinations at best, are fraught with controversy; the North Atlantic treaty legwork of many decades is at risk of a major dismantling if the way forward is not without caution.

So as Wednesday awakens to a new day, all eyes can turn to the germination & fermentation of that popular Japanese ‘super-food’ known as ‘natto’!!!!

Cheers to a picture perfect Wednesday that sings–A FINE REFLECTION on all that’s wild & wacky in our wonderful world!!!