…of hot air balloons, ‘no name’ & ‘in-the-know’…

Hot dry summer days holler hydrate as today’s google doodle celebrates hip-hop!

…”The important lessons: How women’s underwear inspired two brothers to create the first hot-air balloon”…”It sort of feels like a cult: Americans discover the Orwellian beauty of No Name brand”…” ‘Hold my avocado’: Can you pick the real millennial catchphrases? – quiz”….

Sometimes the headlines of the day kinda sorta maybe perhaps quip—read no further!….

SOMETHING ABOUT that last one—‘hold my avocado’ apparently “is a quick way to denote the contemporary millennial experience: seeking luxury wellness, but potentially derailed by sociopolitical developments.”

And so it goes….


Cheers to a decidedly fine Friday & weekend that sings—in the know!







I have a brother, who when he was a young kid, used to go to bed every night with an atlas and read maps.  He was fascinated by them and could rhyme off countries and capitals and details about geography that would rival any encyclopedia geographica expert…..

What a different day and age it is now in the “golden age of data-driven mapping.”  Google maps and zooming in and out….street view, map view, a new way of adventuring and exploring—-f”inding your way home and perhaps finding your place in the world!”……

What do you have mapped out for your holiday Monday?!….

It’s Victoris day, and British Columbia’s capital city has been graced (some might say, amazingly..) with the Victoria Highland Games this weekend, attended by a member of the royal family HRH Prince Andrew.  As the pipes skirled and the drums beat, the dancers did their flings, the cabers tossed & the sheep were shorn, there was sunshine & revelry & a wee dram or two….

Cheers to “Will Ye No Come Back Again?!”…..

With map or not today, remember—-“you gotta be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there!”

Cheers to on the go and in the know!…..