….of referendum, house prices & ‘brain freeze’…

Stanley Park sunflower.

….”A second Brexit referendum: It’s looking more likely by the day”…”Toronto home prices fall for third month in a row”…”Why we get brain freeze when eating ice cream and tips for avoiding it”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“The UK election changed everything and now deadlock in parliament looms.  The final deal may have to go back to the people.”

Seems reasonable to moi, that perhaps more serious consideration should be given to all the implications and whether or not just a 51% country wide direction to go a road less traveled and seemingly not well known about should be reconsidered.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“A 6% decline in house prices since June of this year with the trend seemingly continuing.”

As far as home affordability in Vancouver is concerned, disturbingly the upward trend in prices seems to be continuing unabated.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“The ice cream headache/brain freeze and when super cold ice cream hits the roof of your mouth, your body’s initial reaction is that the blood vessels there constrict.”

Apparently a quick subsiding of the pain/sensation can be achieved by putting your tongue against the roof of your mouth!

So there you have it!…..some of life’s profundities for the day!.

Make it a good Thursday!





…of ‘sex in a canoe’, & ‘sea pickles’ & ice cream…

…”You know that Canadian myth about having sex in a canoe?….” ‘Sea pickles’ Millions of mysterious sea creatures swamp US west coast”…”SUMMER screams—“we all scream for ice cream!” “….

SOMETHING ABOUT….“We love our canoes. But making love in a canoe is rare — and no, it’s not part of the citizenship test. First in a series about Canadian myths.”

Funny to see this article in another publication with the headline “Facts vs. Fantasy about Viagra-on-the-lake!”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“Huge and unexplained bloom has fishers racing to save their nets, and scientists hurrying to study the rare animal.”

Pyrosomes, they are called apparently.

Nothing quite like summer in Vancouver to sing in ‘Earnest’—–ICE CREAM!!!

Cheers to a thrilling Thursday of fine indulgences!


A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. ~James Dent

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

I am Summer, come to lure you away from your computer… come dance on my fresh grass, dig your toes into my beaches. ~Oriana Green







…of oil & gasp…



…”Celebrity blowhard and ‘breath of fresh air’: Understanding the appeal of Donald Trump”…”The oil crash could be the worst in more than 45 years-and that puts us in uncharted territory”…”Can this man create a more potent jalapeno?”…”Beet ice cream, red pepper sorbet: Yes vegetables are now the stars of your favourite frozen treat”…”Amazon stock surge makes CEO $ 7 billion richer in 45 minutes”…

Donald Trump…..let’s not even go there…yikes!

As for oil prices, something about demand rising, low stock prices & spending on new oil falling all doesn’t quite add up as the realities of OPEC and all time high oil supplies is the “spoiler.”

It seems someone’s on the hunt for a hotter jalapeno…

It seems vegetables & fruit have joined in the battle of the stars…

It seems it’s a jungle out there with all things–Amazon…

TGIF smiles—Gasp-Not & wherever you may be--take in some breathtaking fine scenery!!!

Have a fine Friday & great weekend!!


…of keeping your cool, road trips & refreshment…


…’The heat is on BC: so keep it cool!”…”Ready for your road trip?”…”Top Things for your ‘to do’ list on a hot sticky summer day”…

Frosty beverages, they say. Sunglasses and sunscreen, check. Temperatures soaring in the 30’s and 40’s C around the province!

June temperature records likely to be broken. Hydrate & holy hydrangeas!!!

‘Tis the season of ‘on the road again’ for many.
Low stress travel miles shout-check those tires’ pressure & your oil, tweak the a/c, & pack up that vehicle logically for smiles all the way as the ‘kids’ sing—‘are we there yet?!’

Fine Friday & weekend!

‘In the heat of the moment’ may you find refreshment & know always that a ‘zest for life’ bares all things!!


Don’t be cheeky!!—be cool!!

…of Agnes, flag & hug…


JANUARY 21st!…

Apparently today is the day for the feast of St. Agnes–“patron saint of chastity, gardeners & girls.”

Added to that, in our ‘je me souviens’ province of Quebec, it’s Flag day & the fleurdelise flies proudly.

And last but not least, in the United States, since January 21, 1986, today has been known as National Hug Day, “to encourage everyone to hug family, friends or a stranger, more often.”

And what are we to make of all this??!!!….

Cheers to hug-a-bowl of Haagen dazs !!


Wonderful Wednesday y’all !!


Apparently the traditional ice cream cone is “being frozen out in favour of the cup or tub of luxury ice-cream”…

Apparently the monocle is becoming the latest hipster fashion trend in “Manhattan, Berlin & Dublin”…

Apparently sustainable seafood is “catching on in Vancouver restaurants”…

“The Vancouver Aquarium established the Ocean Wise program in 2005 to denote fish and seafood caught with the most sustainable means possible and the program soon went Canada-wide.”

Cheers to “Ocean Wise” & open your eyes to watching for it on menus around town!–be environmentally friendly!…

Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today. – Mark Twain

Apparently three out of four people make up 75% of the world’s population. – USA Today

Apparently in the business world today, failure is not an option. – Naveen Jain

Apparently we love our own cellphones but hate everybody else’s. – Joe Briggs

Apparently the richest most meaningful stories are found in small places: made, carried,
crafted, told and retold by unimportant people. – Louise Brown

Apparently singing is a form of meditation…the only one that I have command over. – Brandi Carlile

Apparently “pad kid poured curd pulled cold” is the most difficult english tongue twister of all time according to MIT researchers.Cheers to a wonderful second Tuesday of March—apparently it will be a great day for you!!

…flip flops…

As “school’s out” & the dog days of “summer” officially kick off with Canada Day long weekend & forecasts of a Vancouver heatwave,  what better topic than “How to Eat Ice Cream!”…..

“Neopolitan block or high grade gelato?  Served in a tub or scooped on a cone? Topped with a raspberry sauce or sprinkles?” ….so reads an article in this morning’s news!…

“In fact, ice-cream has replicated itself in so many styles and flavours, aimed at so many different target markets, that it’s a dessert in dire need of a kind of informal regulation. Prepare for cone-troversy …”

Apparently the ice cream sandwich is out!!!…..”about as practical as eating ice-cream off a skewer–how did it ever catch on anyway?!”……

The Gherkin, London UK’s famed skyscraper recently saw a run that had runners running up 38 floors …”lactic acid, burning lungs, to stunning 360 degree views of London and funds raised for a childrens’ helpline….

                                                               yes, yes, the Gherkin & ice cream, pickles & ice cream!—–after a pregnant pause—- that shouts….. whether it’s barbecues & burgers, swimmng or sailing, sunning or sightseeing— may your long weekend be swell!!!

May your only indecision be your flip flops!….


An interesting google doodle this morning celebrates the work of filmmaker & animator Saul Bass.

Cheers to animated animators worldwide!…..

Four hockey games have just ended “where the Canucks got old before our eyes” accoriding to one of the sports pundits.  That sees the Canucks out of the Stanley Cup playoffs for this year and “foreshadows the end of an era and a shakeup for the team.”  Gone Canucks Gone.

According to a headline “there is only one thing more upsetting than dropping your ice cream cone, and that is discovering that you were charged (the equivalent of) $21.50 Cdn for your gelato at a Rome gelateria close to the city’s famed Spanish steps.  Indeed being a tourist in some places can get expensive!….

Whatever screams at you this day, another sunny Wednesday in Vancouver, “Gone Canucks Gone, “Ice cream, ice cream”, or mother memories of “supper’s ready!”….remember it can be best to remain calm when:

– you open a can of soup and the lid falls in;

-there’s a dog in the neighbourhood that barks at everything;

-you can never put anything back in a box the way it came;

-you slice your tongue licking an envelope;

-you find their was a kleenex in a pocket and all your laundry is covered in lint;

–you had a pen in your hand a second ago and now you can’t find it.

Cheers to a screamingly great day! If it all gets to be too much you could always just throw bananas at people screaming “FREE SLIPPERS”!!!

May your Wednesday be appealing!….