…of heat, wildfires haze, & brooches…

…”Climate change: June 2017 was third hottest ever recorded globally”…”Tens of thousands of hectares scorched by BC wildfires”…”The Queen visits London UK’s Canada House today to honour Canada150″…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“June 2017 was beaten only by June in 2015 and 2016, leaving experts with little hope for limiting warming to 1.5C or even 2C”

Somewhat startling that “recent figures also cement estimations that warming is now at levels not seen for 115 years.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“air quality advisories now in affect for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley areas of BC”.

By all reports smoky haze extends all the way to Howe Sound…..

SOMETHING ABOUT….”Her Majesty met soon-to-be-outgoing Governor General David Johnston and was presented with the Sapphire Jubilee Snowflake brooch to mark the 65 years of her reign as Queen of Canada.”

Whatever’s heating up on your Wednesday agenda that might be unclear or perplexing, hesitate-NOT to clear-the-air & broach the subject!

Cheers to a decidedly wonderful summer Wednesday that without a doubt—dazzles!




…..of ‘hmmm’, heat, & fog…

…”Liquor policy review: Vancouver council allows grocery stores to sell booze”….”Hottest day of the year forecast for Britain this weekend”…

…..hmmm…..time will tell, some of the implications of all this!….

It seems on top of the ‘political heat’ that’s facing the nation, Britain will also experience its hottest forecast weather for the year with temperatures to soar into the 30s C in the south and south east.   Pollen levels expected to sing—nothing to sneeze at too! Temperatures expected to remain high throughout next week!

Vancouver early morning sunshine can sometimes be overshadowed by fog that seems to roll in out of nowhere!

The sky is that beautiful old parchment in which the sun and the moon keep their diary. ~Alfred Kreymborg

Though outwardly a gloomy shroud,
The inner half of every cloud
Is bright and shining:
I therefore turn my clouds about
And always wear them inside out
To show the lining.
~Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler

Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine. ~Buddha

Cheers to a Fine Friday & weekend that sings—SHINE!!!



…of heat…


‘In summer’s heat & mid-time of the day’ (1582-Christopher Marlowe)

In summer’s heat, and mid-time of the day,
To rest my limbs, upon a bed I lay,
One window shut the other open stood,
Which gave such light as twinkles in a wood,
Like twilight glimpse at setting of the sun
Or night being past, and yet not day begun.
Such light to shamefaced maidens must be shown,
Where they may sport, and seem to be unknown.
Then came Corinna in a long loose gown,
Her white neck hid with tresses hanging down:
Resembling fair Semiramis going to bed
Or Laïs of a thousand wooers sped.
I snatched her gown, being thin, the harm was small,
Yet strived she to be covered therewithal.
And striving thus as one that would be cast,
Betrayed herself, and yielded at the last.
Stark naked as she stood before mine eye,
Not one wen in her body could I spy.
What arms and shoulders did I touch and see,
How apt her breasts were to be pressed by me?
How smooth a belly, under her waist saw I?
How large a leg, and what a lusty thigh?
To leave the rest, all liked me passing well,
I clinged her naked body, down she fell,
Judge you the rest: being tired she bade me kiss.
Jove send me more such afternoons as this.

Cheers to a Fine Friday & weekend that’s heating up & sings for you & yours–SENSATIONAL SUMMER!


…of heat & June…


…”It’s hot in Metro Vancouver. Really hot.”…

By all reports, when Vancouver weather gets hot, the lineups for gelato get looooooong!

Forecasts for today, Monday, predict a return to more normal temperatures while the Okanagan area of the province will continue to sizzle in the seasonally early heatwave.

I walk without flinching through the burning cathedral of the summer. My bank of wild grass is majestic and full of music. It is a fire that solitude presses against my lips. ~Violette Leduc, Mad in Pursuit

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker

In June, as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day. No man can heed all of these anniversaries; no man can ignore all of them. ~Aldo Leopold

Cheers to a Monday marvellous that sings–June: SENSATIONAL !!!


…of ‘heat’, ‘buzz’, & ‘safe’…



…”Temperature records shattered in BC”…”Bees could make a big breakthrough in strawberry science”…”Chinese police to patrol Rome streets”…

Temperatures soared to a record 27.2C in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour yesterday as a record 24.7C was recorded at YVR.

Delta’s Burns Bog was BC’s record ‘hot spot’ with 31.1C.

A few cooler days in the forecast they say, but warmth to return again by the weekend!

It seems the latest buzz around the bumble-bee is “as they forage for nectar, they are helping to fight botrytis, a fungus that affects strawberries both in the field and in the kitchen.” Apparently, reducing crop yields and contributing to food waste.

Cheers to “a made-in-Canada innovation that could change the way many crops are managed around the world – and demonstrate that a little bee power can go a long way.”

Strangely and interestingly enough, it seems with the blessing of the Italian Interior Ministry, “Chinese police are joining Italian officers on the streets of Rome and Milan in an experiment aimed at helping tourists from China feel safe.”

Cheers to a safe & sound Tuesday that smiles—enjoying the buzz!!


…of heat, ‘dyb dyb dyb dob dob dob’ & school’s out!…


…”Vancouver: The Heat is On & It’s Going to Last”…”Greece orders banks closed on Monday for a week to avert financial collapse”…”Summertime: class dismissed”…

Yesterday the heat was on for marathoners while over 30 records for high temperatures were shattered around British Columbia.

Even Whistler saw the mercury soar to 35.6C shattering a 1950’s 33.2C!!

Some thunderstorms and scattered showers expected today but by later afternoon they say it will be back to clear sky & a continuing dance for the air conditioners!

Something about limiting ATM withdrawals to 60 euros per customer and closing all bank branches in Greece sounds like a horrendous move in the middle of tourist season and a precarious economy at best. One can only imagine what a fall out would mean!…

Here’s hoping for fiscal responsibility & that those fiscally responsible will find solutions with common goals and prosperity for all.

Much easier said than done, but definitely needing a “dyb dyb dyb, dob, dob, dob” spirit!

They always say that the ‘official start to summer’ is really when school is out & parents tied to kids’ schedules can book their vacation time off and hit the road or the skies for getaways hither and yon!

For many that circumstance began on Friday as campgrounds and airports, cottage country & cabin destinations saw traffic en route escalate.

Fine summer Monday & all that jazz!

Cheers to song in your day!

Summertime & the livin’ is easy,
Fish are jumpin’ & the cotton is high,
Oh your Daddy’s rich & your Ma is good lookin’,
So hush little baby tell don’t you cry.

One of these mornin’s, you gonna rise of singin’
Yes you spread your wings & you take to the sky,
But til that mornin’, there’s nothin’ can own you,
Yes, with daddy and mammy standin’ by.

Feelin’ indecisive??!!!—fetch your favourite flip flops!!!



….of summer heat, laugh & live!…

hotweatherDarbyshire in character.

“May was hottest since records began”…”Clowns help to improve the lives of dementia patients”…”Parenting–fearful?!, fearless?!”

Apparently, average land and ocean surface temperature for the month of May was the highest ever since records began in 1880. 2014 is shaping up to potentially be the hottest year yet!

Cheers to a hot hot summer!….

A new term to me, the “Elderflower” interestingly enough is a specially trained practitioner that uses clowning techniques to enhance the quality of life for folks with dementia.
“Character” clowns rather than “party” clowns, elderflowers always work in pairs and engage with people rather than performing at them.

Kudos & cheers to caregivers in all they do in so many ways!….

A study done says that children given a ball, no matter where they are in the world, will make their own fun!!

Negotiating with one another!
Unstructured playtime!
Away from electronic devices!

Do you let your kids roam? Do they get driven to school? Do you expect them to text you on there whereabouts?

What a changed world since my childhood when we were out the door in the morning to walk to school with friends the 30 minutes it took, home for meals, but quite generally out and about creating our own fun ’til the street lights came on, the signal to return to the nest.

Cheers to balance in it!….for kids & for parents too!

NOT-fear not, but perhaps fear-less!

This final Tuesday as summer is about to really kick in, look & see!, listen & laugh!

Let’s lighten up a bit & find in life lite–new joys in simply living!!

Whether or not…

Vancouverites, weather or not, generally continue with their plans……”rained out” not often the call.

I’m the first to admit that I prefer to be a fair weather camper, hiker, seawall walker or just about anything outdoors.

Meanwhile a major pro golf tournament at Vancouver’s Shaughnessy course links golfers and enthusiasts from around the world despite the rain and the cool temperatures.  Tee or tea?….the latter more heartwarming on a day like today is looking to be.   The golfers at Glen Abbey to the east in Oakville, Ontario, the next most often locale for this tournament, will golf in 37C  heat and humidity.  Talk about extremes…….heat wave envy!

The ups and downs of weather dependent businesses  are a downer for the ice cream shops, cycle rentals, and waterparks while in the grey and wet…. live theatre and movies, indoor playgrounds, and cozy coffee shops are enjoying the unusual upswing in summer business.

Yes it’s another wet west coast day……part of what keeps Vancouver so green and feeling fresh and vibrant….bike lanes await,  tee-off!,  study, work, play……carry on Vancouver!