…of ‘wildfire persistence’, ‘alarming frequency’ & ‘drive-ins’….

….”No end in sight for BC wildfires”…”Americans crossing into Canada carrying guns with ‘alarming frequency'”…”Even in their twilight, drive-ins offer more than just a movie”…

Concerning for so many, the BC wildfires continue throughout British Columbia one month after the province declared a state of emergency.  Smoke persists in permeating the skies in the the metro Vancouver area.

Apparently, “the duration of the disaster is weather-dependent and without rain, crews are doing their best to contain and direct the fire away from communities.”

Let there be respite!

Seemingly, these summer months, it’s proving a trying challenge for border guards to let otherwise law-abiding people know they can’t bring firearms into our country while on vacation.

Interestingly enough, “many don’t realize they can legally declare firearms and leave them behind as they enter the country. Many of the tourists are 60 and older, and from the South.”

Education the best weapon!

Stay safe folks!

When’s the last time you went to a drive-in movie?

Perhaps for many, it’s a never experienced phenomenon!

Apparently, “the drive-in movie industry is still alive and well in many parts of Canada.”

One enthusiastic operator expounds  “We have modern playgrounds, immaculate facilities, and great concession offerings. We welcome dogs, we play the national anthem before the movies begin. It’s an entire experience people are after.” 

Bravo to “Everything old can be new again, especially if a community values it.”

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday that sings–treasure your community & all that it offers!

Have a fine summer day!












In the USA some parents of a teenaged son have forgiven their neighbour for mistakenly shooting him dead thinking he was an intruder crawling into a back window of their house that looks similar to his own after a night of drinking out with his friends…..

One can only think if guns were less prevalent, this type of tragedy might not happen so much. There seems to be a mentality in the USA that if one is in fear, then to fire shots is ok…..help us all!…. is all I can say to that!….

On a lighter note,  apparently some see-through pants has caused Vancouver’s popular Lululemon to be the butt of internet jokes….one can’t help but think the company will in fact benefit from all the exposure!……

Today’s officially the first day of Spring! In some parts of Canada, some might say oh really?!!…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!…

A Toronto newspaper interviewed one of its citizens, a sprightly woman named Rose, on the occasion of her 105th birthday!….

I’m glad to be 105, even though I’m a little achy and a little shaky, and I can’t hear too well. But you know what? I’m lucky,  she says….

Whatever’s on your roster for today, may feeling lucky see you through it & may there be something to do just for the sheer pleasure of it!…..