….of ‘brexit’, yogurts & salad, ‘rise & fall’…


…”BREXIT: Leaving EU so complex it could overwhelm politicians, warn senior academics”…”Vegetable yogurts & Hawaiian salads to be trend for 2017″…”Shrinking cities: the rise and fall of global populations”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…’ leaving the EU will test constitution and legal framework to their limits and ‘possibly beyond’ ‘

SOMETHING ABOUT‘Hawaiian salads, watermelon juice and  increasing frequency of instagram photos of food being 2017 food trends.’

SOMETHING ABOUT‘ Population is likely to decline in 17% of large cities in developed regions and 8% of cities across the world from 2015 to 2025, according to a McKinsey report .’

As Vancouverites get their feet wet with a second day in November, cheers everyone, for a day that sings–taste & see! and  rise up! in all of a Wednesday’s complexities!

Seize the day!



…to all appearances…

An interesting tale of “What I See In The Mirror–it’s frightening!’…a lighthearted look at aging and its signs sums up with a good thought of inside & out—“what about the inside of me, does that not perhaps matter more?!”……

Cheers to inner ears, inner voice & all life’s goodness that can come from paying attention to it!….

Apparently strong July sales statistics indicate that Vancouver’s real estate market is picking up again….

Apparently the next big international food trend will be Peruvian inspired mishmash…

Apparently of late, Whistler’s dining scene has been described by several as not-so-family friendly…

Apparently with no surprise,
To any happy flower,
The frost beheads it at its play,
In accidental power.
The blond assassin passes on.
The sun proceeds unmoved,
To measure off another day,
For an approving God.

Emily Dickinson
May beyond the “on the face of its” of your Wednesday be met with surprise & delight!…
Wednesday cheers!