…..of ‘hmmm’, heat, & fog…

…”Liquor policy review: Vancouver council allows grocery stores to sell booze”….”Hottest day of the year forecast for Britain this weekend”…

…..hmmm…..time will tell, some of the implications of all this!….

It seems on top of the ‘political heat’ that’s facing the nation, Britain will also experience its hottest forecast weather for the year with temperatures to soar into the 30s C in the south and south east.   Pollen levels expected to sing—nothing to sneeze at too! Temperatures expected to remain high throughout next week!

Vancouver early morning sunshine can sometimes be overshadowed by fog that seems to roll in out of nowhere!

The sky is that beautiful old parchment in which the sun and the moon keep their diary. ~Alfred Kreymborg

Though outwardly a gloomy shroud,
The inner half of every cloud
Is bright and shining:
I therefore turn my clouds about
And always wear them inside out
To show the lining.
~Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler

Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine. ~Buddha

Cheers to a Fine Friday & weekend that sings—SHINE!!!




…of fog & the 9th day of Christmas…


Well, the New Year’s eve & New Year’s Day festivities have come and gone for another year!

Vancouver’s annual Polar Bear swim saw many brave the chilly waters of English Bay under beautiful sunshine & blue sky.

A stretch of cold & crisp wintry days with an abundance of snow on the mountains has our city experiencing a second day of an eerie, mysterious morning fog that envelops the towering condos of the downtown core.

A typical inversion, the meteorologists call it.


Festive Season! Christmastide! A new year! …All elements of a ‘time’ to be spirited! To celebrate life!

In our hopes for peace, joy, & love in our world, the 9 ladies dancing can be encouragement to ‘dance the dance of life’ together with compassion & mutual respect in all we do!

I think this smiles wonderfully, all the possibilities in it! :

And listen for the 9th day!:

Cheers to a 1st rate first Saturday of 2016 that sings—spirited !!!


…of promises, fog & walkies…


…”Promises promises promises–main Vancouver parties ramp up their civic election campaigns”…”Iconic Gastown Steamclock Taken Away For Repairs”…”Fog clouds keep lunar eclipse ‘blood moon’ hidden in Vancouver”…

That’s right, the tourist magnet that’s the Gastown steamclock has been temporarily taken away for repairs.

No crowds gathering to hear the Westminster chimes whistle for awhile and photos at the empty corner will be mostly selfies while it’s refurbished and made as good as new in hopefully a timely manner!

It seems ‘free’ beginner swimming lessons for kids and ‘free’ Sunday parking outside the downtown core are just some of the goodies proposed in the campaigning for power at City Hall where the main civic issue is turning out to be affordable housing in all its complexity.

Neighbourhoods and community–let’s keep Vancouver strong & vibrant in all its diversity!

The Vancouver Sun has dubbed the past few days as “Fog-tober” in our fair city!

Fantastic photos abound of “hauntingly beautiful” scenes around town!


As Thursday’s the prelude to tomorrow’s start of our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, remember the words of American writer Carl Sandberg:

“The fog comes/ on little cat feet./ It sits looking over/ harbor & city/ on silent haunches/ and then moves on.”

Cheers to a seize the day type of Thursday—

—whatever your hesitations—get on with it!!

And a Thursday chuckle—seems two best friends are readying to dress up as their Grandmas for Hallowe’en!!



…of entrepreneurs, hot cereal & would you?!…

An article headline entitled “The Skinny on Being a Young Female Entrepreneur” for some reason caught my eye this morning, with the thought (not sure why) that it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings……

Cheers to persistence and entrepreneurship!….

A flashback to childhood days comes from a headline that says “Start Your Day Off Right With Hot Cereal”…..”hard to beat a hot bowl of cereal to start a chilly day!”….

Cheers to oatmeal, “Red River”, cream of wheat!!…..cinnamon, ginger, walnuts, pecans….possibilities!…..

Vancouver’s been blanketed in fog to varying degrees for about a week now.  Some say it’s a fitting weather condition for the season of Hallowe’en while I am sure the operators of float plane services out of the Coal Harbour waterfront are saying it’s a curse on revenues. Too many days of “operations suspended for today.”   Unfortunately, weather forecasters say the fog isn’t going to be lifting anytime soon…..at the earliest, possibly over the weekend.

Cheers to extra care & caution during poor visibility!…..

A fun short article, captures a bit of westcoast spirit…..

Driftwood artist Max Newhouse says the raw material he gathers is “on its way to the grave” when he salvages it on the windswept beaches of British Columbia. The east coast of Vancouver Island is his favourite place to find the bent, twisted and weather-worn pieces of driftwood he makes into everything from tables and chairs to musical instruments. He’s currently building a harp from a block of yellow cedar he scavenged

“Yellow cedar is very precious, very hard to find,” he says. “But almost every piece of wood I lay my hands on I can use to make something.”

Mr. Newhouse, 66, began working with driftwood when he was 17 and it’s been “an obsession” ever since.

He has a recurring dream in which he’s dropped on a beach with a few rechargeable power tools. He walks along the shoreline gathering driftwood, creating pieces of art as he goes. Customers search him out, beach combing for his art, as it were.”

It’s midweek Wednesday….find your great obsession, your passion, your enthusiasm….would you?!…..


…swift, sunshine, smiles…

Apparently American tourist visits to Canada have fallen.  Our strong Canadian currency, new passport regulations, and headaches at the border are all challenges that it’s said won’t dissipate any time soon.  The good news is that travel to Canada from other countries is showing signs of picking up and interestingly enough Canadians took more trips abroad in November than since record keeping began in 1972.

Cheers to bon voyage and mobility!……the world is our oyster!

When’s the last time you visited a library or went for “aroma therapy” at a country bakeshop?  Those are a couple of interesting queries in the morning newspapers!…….of books & buns….

It appears Vancouverites wil spend another day in a fog!  Yesterday’s was all day lasting in the downtown core although news reports throughout the day were teasingly talking about the bright sunshine and blue skies that were tanatalizing skiers up Grouse, Cypress, & Seymour mountains!  Clearly, this can be quite the enticement for the ski hills!

Whatever it is that’s on your plate for today, if you are in and around Vancouver don’t forget about “Dine Out” and the great value opportunities that abound for a treat out for a bite.  If it’s office hours and paper work that will take up most of your day, hope you won’t be snowed under. 

Cheers to swift, sunshine & smiles!