….of ‘loonie’, UK polls, & feasting….

….”The loonie at 30″….”With Britons heading to the polls, May’s big lead has largely vanished”…” ‘They can eat!’, Trudeau & Obama feast on seafood delights at Montreal restaurant”…

It’s hard to believe it already, but this month marks the 30th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint’s introduction of our one dollar coin affectionately known as the “loonie”.

Interesting to note that “according¬†to the Bank of Canada inflation calculator, a loonie today buys about as much as 51 cents would have purchased in 1987. When it was introduced, a loonie bought a liter of milk, three boxes of Kraft Dinner and two liters of gasoline. At current rates of inflation, meanwhile, by 2030 a loonie will be no more valuable than a quarter was in 1987.”

It’s Election Day in the UK and it will be another one of those nail biter let’s wait and see what happens kinda days. ¬†Will it be a smaller majority? A minority? Indeed the outcome is certainly uncertain.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the two politicians feasted on oysters, asparagus, halibut with morel mushrooms and lobster spaghetti, while surrounded by other diners who happened to have reservations.”

All in a day’s headlines that sing—-life goes on in endless song!

Cheers to a thoroughly tuneful Thursday!