….of unwind, tablets & greying…

….”Brexit: talks will not be quick or painless says EU chief negotiator”…”Science: exercise pill could deliver benefits of exercise in tablet form”…”The Greying of Canada”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“unwinding 45 years or so of a relationship cannot be unwound in 15 or 16 months.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“drugs could transform lives of those who are unable to exercise because of obesity or serious physical disability, mouse study suggests”

SOMETHING ABOUT“for the first time in history there are as many seniors as youths, a phenomenon that will affect everything from cost of benefits to age of retirement.”

Cheers to your first 2017 May Wednesday!

May it see you not too wound up!

May you exercise your discretion wisely!

May your young-at-heart attitudes & sunny disposition sing—nothing to dye for!

May the twinkle-in-your-eye as you contemplate life’s dare I?, might I?, indulgences quip/sing—

Mother, May I?….




…of ‘sensational’…


…”Do exercise DVDs really work?”…”HomeSweetHome: How to combat the ‘indoor pollution’ of scented candles”…”The next financial crash is coming: Which way will the world turn?”…

All in a day’s provocative headlines!

No easy or clear answers to the questions, it seems!

I’ve always wondered about some of the ‘air freshener’ & cleaning products that release strong scents into confined spaces.

Interesting that the article on this topic suggests that having a few house plants is a good idea to counteract some of the possibly negative and nasty of such chemicals!

Whatever’s on your agenda for a fine January Monday

….may you ‘exercise’ good judgment!

….end the day ‘smelling like a rose’!

….with the ups & downs & goes sideways of how your world turns, may you find yourself mostly with the ‘wind at your back’!

Sensational Monday all !!


….of ayre & air…


As today’s Google doodle celebrates Beethoven’s 245th year amidst the Festive Season frenzy and Star Wars hype, it’s seem a ‘Disney’ of money making opportunities keeps the world’s economies bustling with activity beyond the slowdowns in the oil patch.

…”Ten ways to skip your workout but still exercise during the holidays”…”Star Wars robots, new & old lead the toy parade”…”Selling bottled Lake Louise air started as a joke but ‘there’s actually a lot of demand'”…

Can you believe it folks?…An Edmonton company, VitalityAir has started selling various sized cans of pressurized Lake Louise and Banff sourced air. Apparently the stuff is tested by a local lab for maximum purity.

“A bottle containing 7.7 litres of Lake Louise air retails for $32 online, comes with an attached breathing mask and promises “upwards of 150 inhalations.
The label touts the air’s assistance in “exam prep,” “recovery” and “training,” although a disclaimer notes that Vitality Air is not meant for “curing, treating or preventing any diseases or disorders.”


So there you have it!

Just a few tidbits from today’s news to go with your Timbits!…

Whatever’s made it’s way onto your Festive Season agenda for the Thursday that’s a week before Christmas Eve, may there be much melody in it that sings–ayre on the side of caution and in all you do may it be a fresh ‘blast’ !!!

‘Sixth sense’ ‘Sixth symphony’ kinda day!

Sensational saunter!


…of ‘elect’, ‘exercise’, & sensational…


…”The economy doesn’t care who is in power & other things no one will say in Thursday’s debate”…”A good night’s sleep is yet another reward for exercising”…”Hot dry summer was just the ticket for some plants”…

Echinacea ‘Mac ’n'Cheese’, like all coneflowers, thrives in hot summers.p2p3

Whether or not you ‘elect’ to ‘exercise’ your right to a thriving Thursday, may your song
for the day sing—SENSATIONAL !!!

“To live content with small means;
to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion, to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich;
to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly, to listen to stars and birds,
to babes and sages, with open heart, to bear all cheerfully, to all bravely await occasions, hurry never.
In a word, to let the spiritual unbidden and unconscious grow up through the common.
This is to be my symphony.”

― William Henry Channing

…of earnest, fervent, convivial & glowing…

headsup Heads up!!–a new 12-sided one pound British coin will make its way to Brits’ pockets by 2017! “The current 1 pound coin design will be replaced with the most secure coin in the world”…”A public competition will decide the design for the ‘tails’ side, while the Queen’s effigy will continue to grace the flip side!”…

Cheers to some of the win/lose aspects of life that chuckle it’s a toss up!…

Speaking about toss ups, how about toss outs??…

Spring is just days away and so is that season dubbed ‘spring cleaning’.

Anticipating summer greens, are there things beyond your salad that you should toss?

De rains dat come again sing de-clutter!!…

The TED conference continues in Vancouver this week. By all accounts, tales of walks on a beach by Melinda & Bill Gates, were an inspiring time asking “does life have to be like this?”.

Cheers to take a walk on a beach and give some thought to what might you do & how might you go about it!?!….keywords: meaningful & important…

All things are possible.

Another tale of regular walks or a run shouts put down that crossword and get out and about to guard against dementia.
So says a recent UK research study.
Apparently our brains shrink at the rate of 1% year in adulthood, but those study participants who took a brisk 40 minute walk three times per week (aged 55-80) saw their brain hippocampus (memory hub) grow 2%…knocking off almost two years from its biological age.

Cheers to keeping it fresh & young!!…..springtime!

Alas, one might ask in a tapped out for topics Wednesday muse, is boxed water better than bottled?

Apparently a Michigan company ‘makes’ a “boxed (not bottled) water that’s arty, sustainable and completely curious”…”Nothing fancy, just purified municipal water.” (500ml box complete with pouring spout-$1.99)

Cheers to a super #WineWednesday #HumpDay of caring & inspiration that sings I pour out my heart in all things!…





…standing room only…

“Exercise during pregnancy boosts a newborn baby’s brain capacity for life!”….

Now isn’t that a headline that explains everything!…all those “earth to self” moments that shout, if only Mom had thought yoga pants can work for me!…….(long before Lululemon!)

Interesting word— “capacity”….

This past week I’ve heard of two friends and their struggles with travel delays because their flights were oversold..overcapacity….

Tales this season of the poppy that have been recounted by many of their capacity to endure unimaginable suffering and tragedies and to rise again in the name of freedoms & hope…..

Stories of climate change and severe weather, typhoons in the Philippines of unprecedented magnitude burdening so many with sadness & despair….

In the listening and hearing of so many narratives, thankfully, I’ve noticed something that can be an affirmation of humanity….a beacon of light in darkness….a direction for our compasses, our future…..and that is–where there’s need, there seems to be little hesitation for our world to rally to help one another!

Need can be so great sometimes it can be overwhelming but in the spirit of being there for one other when needed may the “room” that is those willing to help/assist/do what they can,  always continue to be “standing room only!”….

Human capacity…

Thanks be!..


“Vancouver airport–one of the unhappiest places on earth”….

A harsh headline to be sure, apparently it refers to the low morale of Canada Border Services employees.  Now doesn’t that just somehow say “Welcome to Canada!… don’t cross me…”

Crankiness aside, I think we can boast that YVR is one of the most pleasant modernized airports in our land and around the globe….

Happy crossing into Canada, wherever you may arrive!….

Another hair raising story suggests that men who experience premature balding before the age of 50 may have an increased risk of heart disease.  No need for panic though, most men will experience some hair loss before age 50 and should focus on diet and exercise. Indeed, once again ,it’s assuring that common sense prevails! 

Watch that waistline!

Whatever’s on your slate for this Friday and first weekend in April….may it be exacting & decisive, certain & clear, &  have nothing borderline about it!!

Have a great weekend!