…of microbiology, stethoscopes & this ‘n’ that…




As the ‘Father of Microbiology’,  Anton von Leeuwenhoek, gets some google recognition with today’s google doodle, one could quip—-“What did the male bacteria say to the female bacteria?  Who needs biology when we have chemistry!”


…”On the 200th anniversary of its invention, the stethoscope may be on its last lub-dub”…”BREXIT: Scotland, Wales & Ireland to get ‘direct line’ on strategy”…”Leading doctors list dozens of procedures that have no benefit”…”Vancouver eyes dikes, even a sea gate to handle rising ocean levels”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…being “squeezed out by upstart, miniaturized, palm-sized ultrasound devices that allow doctors to instantly visualize the heart’s structure and function.”

So go a bunch of the other day’s headlines that seem to indicate that communication, knowledge sharing, follow up and action are key if all that is to be, is to be efficient and effective!

Cheers to a fine Monday that never skips a beat!








…thorough & understandable…

So much in day to day life can be cursory and illogical.

At first glance, opinions are formed and decisions are made and in hindsight the all too typical “what was I thinking?, what were they thinking?” on further scrutiny.

Perhaps this is a standard accompaniment to  some of the pressures of our time—budgets, short staffing, reward systems, etc.  Technology may play a role too as it dictates to be quicker, more efficient and on to the next…..

As the metronome of life paces ever faster it can be difficult to keep up but more importantly we need to keep a keen eye on the benchmarks we consider acceptable and keep sliding standards in check.

A friend dealt with an auto mechanic yesterday and said they just wouldn’t pay attention to what was being told to them.

A teacher said she had dispensed with a lesson plan because she ran out of time and felt she’d left her students confused and muddled. 

Another friend visited a doctor and reported a consultation that was both thorough and understandable hinting that was not typical of many doctor visits.

Cheers to a day of what you do being all-encompassing and crystal clear.

Beyond your mouse, a day that clicks!