….of ferries, wildfires & ‘distracted walkers’…

….”BC ferries turmoil: when full means half-empty”…”Heatwave & wildfires smoke bring increased dangers to BC’s south coast”…”Smartphone zombies: are distracted walkers the menace they appear to be?”….

SOMETHING ABOUT…..The Gulf Islands routes and changes in equipment and schedules and vacationing travellers and locals experiencing chaos not being able to get reservations and ships sailing half-full, to leave more room for standby drivers.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“Fire danger ratings rising from high to extreme as scorching temperatures and warm smoky winds further dry out local forests.”

Air quality warnings & fire risk shriek—-caution and take care folks!

SOMETHING ABOUT“Everyone seems to have a story of being struck on a sidewalk by a cellphone walker, so engrossed in their electronics that they lose track of the real world.”

It seems distracted walker regulations may soon be coming to a community near you, following examples taken from places like Honolulu, Seoul, Toronto and beyond!

Cheers to a wild wacky wonderful Wednesday that sings–fully present & giving all in your midst your undivided attention!!!