…of hockey, distractions, & chicken salad…

….”Vancouver Canucks play Los Angeles Kings in first ever NHL game played in China”…”Distracted drivers talking on cellphones could face harsher penalties”…”We couldn’t stop eating this chicken salad”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“exhibition games in Shanghai and Beijing and expanding a fan base in a country that’s fresh territory for hockey.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“distracted drivers in Ontario, talking on their cellphones could face a 3 strikes and you’re out policy, with permanent licence revocation.”

It’s astounding to me that we see so many people still on their phones while driving in spite of them knowing the dangers to themselves and others!

SOMETHING ABOUT“a salad of shredded chicken tossed with a colourful slaw of red bell pepper, green cabbage and carrot together with an aromatic Asian-inspired dressing.”

Cheers to a flourishing and prosperous Thursday that smiles whatever-is-the-stick-handling of your day, make time for a delectable!







….of ‘downtown’, chicken salad & agendas….

Vancouver sings—‘downtown’ !!!

SOMETHING ABOUT….”serving in a buttered, toasted hot dog bun with basil dressing”…

Whatever might be on your agenda for a 1st rate first Monday of June, enjoy the ‘dance’ !!!