…of pound sterling, Toronto, & Jupiter…


…”UK pound slides to 31-year low after Brexit anxiety hits service sector”…”Welcome to the new Toronto: the most fascinatingly boring city in the world”…”Juno space probe orbits Jupiter”…

Under the realities of a shrinking British economy and the uncertainties surrounding government leadership and an organized exit from the EU, the British pound has fallen 12% since the Brexit vote.

Stability is something that’s likely to evade the British economy for many months to come.


So says, the UK Guardian headline!…Toronto, most boring city in the world. Yikes!

A city of others, they say.
A city of 51% foreign born with people from over 230 countries, making it by many assessments, the most diverse city in the world.
How much longer can a city so interesting insist on being so boring?, the article goes on to ask.



And as today’s google doodle alerts us to the orbit of the Juno space probe around Jupiter, a wee bit of nostalgia in song from an earlier time (1969):

Cheers to a fine Tuesday that sings of peace & love!!



…of wait & see, & how to make perfect Belgian waffles…


…”With Brexit too close to call, both camps appeal to national pride”…”Will a long loveless marriage end with Brexit?”…”Decision Day with EU referendum polls on knife edge”…

In case you didn’t know it or have not heard about it, TODAY’s the day that the UK votes to remaIN or Brexit.

Too close to call, the pundits say.

Thursday whispers–wait & see!

Apparently the Belgian waffle doesn’t hail from Brussels at all, but in fact, is a “pan European project with origins in Greece, and a Dutch name with its roots in the old French for honeycomb.”

As for the ‘perfect waffle’, it’s all about the ‘raising agent’, the liquid, the flour, fat, flavour, and the cooking!

“A good waffle must cook quickly”

So whatever be the decisions of the fourth Thursday of June for you, may there be little procrastination or ‘waffling’ in it!

Don your ‘flip flops’, get out in the sunshine, & in all the chutzpa & enthusiasm that remaINs in you always, may your day sing—YES! YES! YES!

‘Ever so’ ‘jolly good’,

…of stay/leave, peace hope compassion, & summer…


…”Could Britain really leave? Your guide to Brexit”…”Endless Prosecution of Vancouver rioters has cost taxpayers more than the actual mayhem”…”Summer officially arrives TODAY!”…

It’s interesting to note that “under Article 50 of the EU treaty, a member choosing to leave has two years to negotiate a new arrangement with the EU (the deadline can be extended with unanimous consent). Any new deal would have to be ratified by each EU member. During that period, Britain would remain a full EU member.”

So, in all the uncertainties it seems either way, yes or no to ‘Brexit’, many ‘we-just-don’t-know’ types of things will continue for challenging days ahead…


SOMETHING ABOUT…”It was June 15, 2011 when mayhem post-hockey game erupted in downtown Vancouver and $ 4.97M has been spent so far prosecuting $ 3.8M in assessed damages.”

Not to mention all the personal tolls on so many lives (young & not so young) and the knowledge that we live in a city nowadays that for so many reasons and on so many levels seems to be a powder keg of ‘just-under-the-surface’ tensions & possibilities for violence that could wreak havoc on daily living as we all want it to be.

Peace Vancouver! Hope Vancouver! Compassion!

As summer officially kicks off today, apparently “El Nino is passing the baton to El Nina. Above-normal temperatures are expected for most of this region with only coastal British Columbia expected to remain near normal. For the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, a stronger Pacific influence is expected to keep the heat in check, in contrast to the more persistent warmth of recent summers.”

And so it all goes for a fine 3rd Monday of June. likely the last one before school’s out for the summer!!!

Cheers to a hope filled,
peacefully vibrant day!!


…of Brexit, tea, & wind…


…”A Brexit survival guide: Freeze your cheese and holiday in Albania”…”Supermarket tea bags: The best and worst tasting breakfast blends”…”Global Wind Day: June 15th”…

All in a day’s headlines that sing of exit & tea & wind!…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”a land without Polish plumbers, the end of the Calais booze trip and no more need to learn tricky foreign languages in a post-EU Britain”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”Can super-market own-brews match top selling Tetley?”…

Not to mention Canada’s own favourite—Red Rose!…..”only in Canada?…Pity!”…


SOMETHING ABOUT…”a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world”…

A good day for a reminder to Vancouverites and tourists alike that when the sun shines, take the opportunity to visit our beloved Grouse Mountain & take in the spectacular views from the wind turbine atop that supplies power to the mountain facilities.
On a clear day you can see as far as some of Washington state‘s landmarks!

Now, how to tie this all together???!!!…

How about, cheers to a wonderful Wednesday that has you entranced, sings–spot on! & full of excitement and wonder that has you feelin’ ‘blown away‘ !!!



…of ‘Brexit’, Brazil, & ‘truancy(?)’…


…”IMF: Brexit would bring stock market crash and plunging house prices”…”BRAZIL: Impeached Rousseff successor reveals all male cabinet”…”Should parents take their children out of school for holidays?”…

All in a day’s headlines!

Do you think the benefits of families spending time together far outweighs any missed school time?…

Without hesitation, my answer would be yes!

It’s Friday the 13th!


Are you superstitious?

Cheers to a Fine Friday & weekend of ‘due care & attention’ that smiles– ‘taste & see’ & sings–‘SUPERLICIOUS’ !!!


…of she said, he said…


…”Palace complains to watchdog over Sun’s ‘Queen backs Brexit’ claims”…”Queen’s Brexit rant never happened”…”Bernie Sanders wins stunning upset over Hillary Clinton in Michigan”…

SOMETHING ABOUT “front-page story claimed the Queen had voiced strong Eurosceptic views during a lunch with former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, while Clegg denies it ever happened”…

Oddly enough the supposed lunch reportedly happened in 2011. How relevant would that be now anyway?….tabloid journalism at its most sensational…ugh!

SOMETHING ABOUT “I want to thank the people of Michigan who repudiated the polls which had us down 20-25 points and repudiated the pundits who said Bernie Sanders wasn’t going anywhere, Sanders said.”

One of the questions becomes is the Sander’s ‘people revolution’ strong?!…

Cheers to a wild & wacky Wednesday that smiles–speak up! & sings—just saying!!!


…of ‘brexit’, ‘neat & tidy’, & ‘the lions’…


…”Stakes high as David Cameron seeks new deal to keep Britain in the EU”…”Ad-free art on the underground/Dusseldorf’s ‘pure’ new metro line”…”Toronto Zoo announces names for its white lion cubs”…

All in a Friday’s headlines that smile–‘there is much hard work to do’, ‘uncluttered’, & ‘Gus, Hank, Oliver & Harrison”.

As another Fine Friday turns into a weekend of Sensational Saturday & Superlative Sunday, may the ups & downs of your days sing–escalate!; may the visuals be a feast for your eyes; & may wherever you find yourself roar–belonging!



…of road signs, new words & sunset on August…


…”Government task force set up to tackle ‘ghastly blight’ of road signs”…”Wine o’clock becomes a word in new Oxford dictionary’s latest update”…

something about “The aesthetics of roads have been neglected, and I do welcome any initiative to make things look better. But there’s no doubt users want clarity – and it is a problem when they get obscured and difficult to read. Some signage is safety or directions, some is advisory and some is advertising, and that clearly has be controlled. But it’s not a straightforward field to get the balance right.”

“Only in UK?” one might quip. “Pity”.

May #TGIF and tea be your intersection!


Yes, the appropriate time of day to start drinking wine is officially known as ‘wine o’clock’.

Interesting to note that ‘Brexit’ and ‘Grexit’ made the list too!

Cheers to the Union of European & British that sings–time for libations!


As the sun sets on August Fridays and weekends, cheers to a sensational summer time that soon sings sunrise on September!!!