…of ‘loonie’, ‘Brexiteers’ & the ice cream sandwich…

…”Loonie strongest since September as Bank of Canada governor keeps rate hike thoughts alive”….”Is Brexit an error?: now even Vote Leave’s chief is having doubts”…”The joys of a classic ice cream sandwich”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…..”speculation continues that the central bank will raise interest rates as early as next week.”

Pay attention cheers quip—think like a banker, never lose interest!

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the tide is turning and many former Brexiteers are realizing that leaving the EU might not work out well for Britain.”

They say “summer is all about dashing through sprinklers, hiking into forests, and charging toward waves. Therefore the best summer foods — like fried chicken, hamburgers and corn on the cob — are all portable, hand-held and free from fuss. We want to munch while experiencing the joys of the season and for dessert, nothing fits the bill better than the classic ice cream sandwich.”

Also, “a high butterfat content and less air to ensure a harder freeze and a slower melt, as well as a luxurious mouth feel and heavenly texture.”

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen

Summer has set in with its usual severity. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Cheers to summer days that sing–fine indulgences!


….of ‘Brexit’, ‘Allegra’ & strawberry tart…

….”London MPs have the power to change the course of Brexit”….”All female Vancouver orchestra in the news”….”How to bake the perfect strawberry tart”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“a hard Brexit would be disastrous for the capital’s economy. The city’s 73 MPs need to start making demands, for the sake of national prosperity.”

SOMETHING ABOUT…”as one of the first all female professional orchestras in the world, the ACO’s mandate is to empower women and those who identify as women through music, maintaining the role of the artist in society to bring to light issues that need to be addressed, while provoking creative thought and solutions, first within ourselves and then in the broader context of the community at large.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“pastry, filling, & fruit & the strawberry tart is the only thing better than a box of ripe berries and a bowl of cream!”

As Spring will soon officially morph into Summer, ‘action’ is in the headlines! To do! To inspire & be inspired! To enjoy!

Cheers to a thoroughly thrilling thriving Thursday that sings— I did!

The first requirement in taking a step in the right direction is to take a step in some direction. ~Robert Brault

Well done is better than well said. ~Benjamin Franklin

Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out. ~Italian Proverb

A nod,
a bow,
and a tip of the lid
to the person
who coulda
and shoulda
and did.
~Robert Brault, “A Poem Missing the Word Woulda,”

….of unwind, tablets & greying…

….”Brexit: talks will not be quick or painless says EU chief negotiator”…”Science: exercise pill could deliver benefits of exercise in tablet form”…”The Greying of Canada”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“unwinding 45 years or so of a relationship cannot be unwound in 15 or 16 months.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“drugs could transform lives of those who are unable to exercise because of obesity or serious physical disability, mouse study suggests”

SOMETHING ABOUT“for the first time in history there are as many seniors as youths, a phenomenon that will affect everything from cost of benefits to age of retirement.”

Cheers to your first 2017 May Wednesday!

May it see you not too wound up!

May you exercise your discretion wisely!

May your young-at-heart attitudes & sunny disposition sing—nothing to dye for!

May the twinkle-in-your-eye as you contemplate life’s dare I?, might I?, indulgences quip/sing—

Mother, May I?….



…of ‘Brexit Trump NATO’ & natto…


…”BREXIT: UK’s vision ‘intellectually impossible’, says Eurozone chief”…”Donald Trump: transition team in disarray after key adviser ‘purged'”…”Ex Nato leaders call for extraordinary meeting with Trump”…”NATTO: the fermented soy super-food”…

All in a day’s headlines that seem to suggest that the ‘plan’ to exit the EU for the UK is in fact, at best non-existent or folly; the presidential transition machinations at best, are fraught with controversy; the North Atlantic treaty legwork of many decades is at risk of a major dismantling if the way forward is not without caution.

So as Wednesday awakens to a new day, all eyes can turn to the germination & fermentation of that popular Japanese ‘super-food’ known as ‘natto’!!!!

Cheers to a picture perfect Wednesday that sings–A FINE REFLECTION on all that’s wild & wacky in our wonderful world!!!









…”The tyranny of Daylight Saving Time: 9 solid reasons to hate the time change on Sunday”…”UK government can’t trigger Brexit without Parliament approval, High Court rules; Pound soars”…”Two creative uses for leftover Halloween candy”…

As Sunday approaches the ” fall back ” with our clocks and watches and timepieces, the pundits are saying—“1) it’s probably not saving any energy 2) it makes us less productive 3) it makes us putz around on the internet 4) it depresses us 5) it kills us 6) it maims us 7) it may be the one thing where Saskatchewan is right and 9) most of the world doesn’t do it”
Likely there’s some statistical accuracy to all that, but it seems we continue to do it for over a 100 years now!

Apparently, the UK government says they will now appeal their country’s High Court ruling, but perhaps it begs the question—-in all the complexities going forward for an exit, admitting that to leave may possibly be the biggest blunder for the nation, should or could they not re-consider & even ask the citizenry to participate in that reconsideration somehow?!….

Leftover Halloween candy?!?!?!…..excuse me, isn’t that something like, leftover wine??!!!!……(it just doesn’t happen! 😉 )

Something about ‘halloween baklava’ or ‘exploding chocolate bark‘…..


Cheers to a fine Thursday full of finesse that sings—thanks be for the time that is now!; the times, they are a changin’ !

May it be sweet!












….of ‘brexit’, yogurts & salad, ‘rise & fall’…


…”BREXIT: Leaving EU so complex it could overwhelm politicians, warn senior academics”…”Vegetable yogurts & Hawaiian salads to be trend for 2017″…”Shrinking cities: the rise and fall of global populations”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…’ leaving the EU will test constitution and legal framework to their limits and ‘possibly beyond’ ‘

SOMETHING ABOUT‘Hawaiian salads, watermelon juice and  increasing frequency of instagram photos of food being 2017 food trends.’

SOMETHING ABOUT‘ Population is likely to decline in 17% of large cities in developed regions and 8% of cities across the world from 2015 to 2025, according to a McKinsey report .’

As Vancouverites get their feet wet with a second day in November, cheers everyone, for a day that sings–taste & see! and  rise up! in all of a Wednesday’s complexities!

Seize the day!


…of ‘due care & attention’, ‘house of plenty’, & ‘trade deals’…


…Two thirds of Canadians would welcome distracted walking laws”…”Vancouver’s Kissa Tanto named Canada’s best new restaurant by Enroute magazine”…”Canadian PM Trudeau cancels Brussels trip amid crisis talks to save trade deal”…

Indeed, if you’re like me, you’ve probably already noticed by now, that walking while distracted on a smartphone or texting can be perilous.  I once saw a woman walk right into a tree and suffer quite a bad injury.

Keyword: smart phone folks. Due care & attention as a pedestrian is as equally important as when driving a car or riding a bicycle.

Kudos & cheers to Vancouver’s ‘Kissa Tanto’, “tucked into the upper story of a delightfully faded building in Chinatown, Kissa Tanto invites you into the little jewel that is the House of Plenty”

Now doesn’t that just sound like an invitation that sings—-SUBARASHII !!!

Apparently it’s being said now that the 7-year struggle for Canada to sign an historic trade deal with the European Union is indeed pause for concern about the importance of  the UK signing a trade deal too, before it exits the EU.

Although, Trudeau and his entourage have for the moment, decided not to get on a plane for Brussels, pundits are saying the prospects remain good for a conciliatory negotiation.

May work continue that is fruitful! Win-win situations, the goal!

Cheers to a thoroughly thrilling, thriving Thursday that sings—a ‘done deal’ kinda day!

Achievable accomplishments!









…of microbiology, stethoscopes & this ‘n’ that…




As the ‘Father of Microbiology’,  Anton von Leeuwenhoek, gets some google recognition with today’s google doodle, one could quip—-“What did the male bacteria say to the female bacteria?  Who needs biology when we have chemistry!”


…”On the 200th anniversary of its invention, the stethoscope may be on its last lub-dub”…”BREXIT: Scotland, Wales & Ireland to get ‘direct line’ on strategy”…”Leading doctors list dozens of procedures that have no benefit”…”Vancouver eyes dikes, even a sea gate to handle rising ocean levels”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…being “squeezed out by upstart, miniaturized, palm-sized ultrasound devices that allow doctors to instantly visualize the heart’s structure and function.”

So go a bunch of the other day’s headlines that seem to indicate that communication, knowledge sharing, follow up and action are key if all that is to be, is to be efficient and effective!

Cheers to a fine Monday that never skips a beat!







…of ‘calm & trade’, ‘roll out’ & fair share…


…”Could Brexit benefit Canada? Keep calm and trade on”…”After some bumps and crashes, Vancouver rolls out bike-share system”…

Between the UK and their ‘Brexit’ situation & the United States and their election, Canada is looking like a much more stable and safe place to be, according to some of the politico pundits. “To be successful, Canada can play a constructive role in helping Britain and the EU through what will undoubtedly be a difficult transition. Ultimately, this is Canada’s time. Let’s keep calm and trade on,” they say.

Apparently it’s been 7 years since the city of Vancouver started working on a bike-share program.

Yesterday’s roll out of 260 bikes and 29 stations has put a plan in motion with a ‘soft launch’.

Plans include ramping things up to 1,500 bikes available at 150 ‘docks’ throughout the city.

Interesting to note that Vancouver joins 70 cities in North America offering similar programs.

Cheers to a thrilling Thursday that sees you thriving & singing to all—join the chorus that resounds–fair share!


….of wisdom & a sensational summer week…



…”BREXIT: UK economy must endure ‘short sharp shock’ after vote”…”Does it matter what the new Prime Minister wears?”…”After the Nice attack: If he’s a nobody, who do we blame?”…

All in the day’s headlines as the new Uk Prime Minister Theresa May will make her first foreign trip as Prime Minister this week to Berlin on Wednesday and Brussels & Paris, thereafter.

Cheers to a wise and wonderful Monday & a sensational summer week!