…of hot air balloons, ‘no name’ & ‘in-the-know’…

Hot dry summer days holler hydrate as today’s google doodle celebrates hip-hop!

…”The important lessons: How women’s underwear inspired two brothers to create the first hot-air balloon”…”It sort of feels like a cult: Americans discover the Orwellian beauty of No Name brand”…” ‘Hold my avocado’: Can you pick the real millennial catchphrases? – quiz”….

Sometimes the headlines of the day kinda sorta maybe perhaps quip—read no further!….

SOMETHING ABOUT that last one—‘hold my avocado’ apparently “is a quick way to denote the contemporary millennial experience: seeking luxury wellness, but potentially derailed by sociopolitical developments.”

And so it goes….


Cheers to a decidedly fine Friday & weekend that sings—in the know!






…’and so it goes’ & ‘mmmm’…


…”YVR airport installs restroom for pets”…”Sweden bans M&Ms in chocolate trademark dispute”…

Yes, you read that right. The new “pet relief area features a puppy potty and a grass floor as well as features to allow easy access for people with disabilities.”

And so it goes, one might quip!

Apparently M&Ms in Sweden must not be sold with lower-case letters on the packaging!

Doesn’t that just sing—“mmmmm…”

Reminds me of that (not so politically correct) old dumb blonde joke that went something like this:

Q: Why did the dumb blonde get fired from the M & M factory?
A: She kept throwing out the W’s.!!!

Cheers to a thrilling thriving Thursday that smiles “and so it goes!” & resounds—mmmmmmmmmmarvellous !!!


…and so it goes & Rose…

According to some of the headline this morning:

“A decade after major North American power blackout, power grids more reliable, but still vulnerable”…

“The crew for singer Paul McCartney’s show in Regina put on vegetarian diet”…

“A BC proposed cable-ferry between Vancouver Island, Denman & Hornby Islands is drawing protests from islanders”…

“BC public school workers may go on strike in the fall along with Vancouver International Airport workers as early as Labour Day weekend”…

“BC’s Translink would benefit from retail revenue–more concessions?!”…

And so it goes….

A lighthearted article suggests that there are 7 things you can’t say in Canada…..

1.  Famed Canadian author Margaret Atwood writes some awful books.

2.  Recycling is a waste of time and money.

3.  Only private enterprise can save health care.

4.  David Suzuki is bad for the environment.

5.  A national day care program won’t do a thing to help poor kids.

6.  The Group of Seven are overexposed genre painters.

7.  The United States is the world’s greatest force for good.

And so it goes…

“Two elderly couples were walking down the street, the women a couple of metres ahead of the men. One man told the other that they’d had a wonderful meal the night before-great food, reasonably priced.

His friend asked for the name of the restaurant. “Well, I’ll need your help on this. Let’s see, there’s a flower that smells great and has thorns on the stem?”

“That would be a rose,” his friend responded.

“That’s it!” the man replied. Then he shouted to his wife: “Hey, Rose! What’s the name of the restaurant we ate at last night?”