..of St. Piran & pasty…

It’s St. Piran’s Day for the folks of Cornwall, UK!

Yes, Piran, the patron saint of tin miners.

To mark the occasion might you enjoy a Cornish pasty from one of your favourite deli/bakery type shops?….

Perhaps you didn’t know either that the popularity of clotted cream on scones got its start in the Cornwall region of the UK too!

St. Piran’S Oratory Gate.

Where else might I go with this blog topic?….

Rin Tin Tin?…

Tin Man?…

Your favourite biscuit tin?…

Cheers to a party & a pint, or a scone & tea as part of a memorable Monday that sings—“ever so, jolly good!”


…of tall/fall & spring forward…

Vancouver’s tallest building demolition, being the former Empire Landmark Hotel, a mere 43 year old structure, will begin floor by floor this month, in a process that’s expected to take a year.

Indeed, this should be something unusual & interesting to watch.

Two new condo towers will eventually be its replacement.

It’s that time of year again, with this being the final weekend of standard time in North America, before we spring forward onto daylight saving time on Sunday next (March 11).

Cheers to a fine Friday & weekend where absolutely nothing befalls you & brighter days & birds all atwitter echo a coming resplendent spring!


…of peace & calm…

March 1st!

A beautiful scene of peace & calm from the twitterverse today. Bled, Slovenia.

Still waters, a quiet peninsula or island’s seclusion, amidst a skyline of rolling hills & mountain majesty.

I have to admit I needed to look up on a map exactly where Slovenia is, to find it neighbours Italy, Hungary, Austria & Croatia.

Peace cannot be achieved by violence, it can only be attained by understanding. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lord, bid war’s trumpet cease;

Fold the whole earth in peace!

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Cheers to a thoroughly thriving Thursday that smiles– March 1st & sings– 1st rate!

…of infinity & timelessness…


A one of a kind news item on yesterday’s tv news referred to a seemingly spectacular art exhibition, known as Infinity Mirrors, at Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario by a renowned 80 something year old artist Yayoi Usama.

Always fascinated by polka dots & known for using mirrors in her art, attendees are ushered into viewing booths/closets individually for 23 seconds at a time to take in the experience of time & space with each piece of artwork!

A must see if in Toronto, me thinks!

May this fyi sing aye! aye! aye!

Amen to “infinitely more than we could ask or imagine!

Do you believe in a Creator of the universe?….dwelling forever beyond time & space?….in One who came to live among us and show us what this Creator is like?…

Do you believe in a Spirit sent from the Creator through One to be our guide and comforter?….

Yes to love, hope, compassion, joy, & faith and to forgiveness & everlasting, timeless life! –adapt. Frances Somerville

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday of questions & responses and an “all nature sings & ’round me rings, the music of the spheres” kinda day!

Our nation’s capital–Ottawa.

…of polar & opposites…

It’s International Polar Bear Day!

A time to raise consciousness about the plight of polar bears as climate change affects their habitat.

Have you ever seen one in the wild or just in a zoo?!?!

I have to admit it’s just been in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary for me. Not in their natural roaming & beauty in gloaming.

Cheers to all things bright & beautiful, all creatures great & small!

We all know life has its adversities, its contradictions, & can be quite paradoxical.

Day and night.

Fire and water.

Hot and cold.

Depression and manic.

North and south.

Can you think of some others?!?!

One might say that some of them are classic elements of every day life!

Cheers to a thriving terrific Tuesday rolling into Wednesday that can run the gamut from tame to wild!

Fine day everyone!

…of red & read…

It’s somewhat unclear, but it seems in either the USA or UK or perhaps France too, it’s National Wear Red Day, a day to raise awareness about heart health.

Wherever it may actually be, it’s always worthwhile to raise our consciousness as to how we might have heart healthier ways of being!

You can’t reason with your heart; It has its own laws and thumps about things that intellect scorns.Mark Twain

A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love.Mother Teresa

Is there anything you’ve read in the last while that’s touched your heart or stopped you in your tracks & made you think about something in new ways or through a different lens?

It seems as time marches on, much of what I’ve read these days, seems to impact or resonate more deeply than in decades past.

A good thing, I think, in an era where we can so easily be dismissive & only superficially engaged in so much that goes on around us.

A sense of disconnect, perhaps a more contemporary jargon for it.

This Lenten season for many, calls us to be more attentive, to listen to the still small voice within us all, to have a heart for life & humanity!!!

May it be so & never skip a beat!!

Happy thumping along Monday!


…of banana bread & “spinney”…

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of fresh baking banana bread!

Of all things, today is National Banana Bread Day in the USA!

Now doesn’t that just sing—appeal !!

Will you have a slice with your morning cuppa?!…

A ‘word of the day’……


a small stand of trees; a copse. A little wood – especially one planted to provide cover for game birds.

It’s a new word to me. Perhaps for you too!

Wherever your Friday & weekend adventuring takes you, may the path be clear & full of good cheer!

…of pinot noir & assumptions…

Did you know that Pinot Noir is the 3rd most grown red grape variety in British Columbia?

And that puts it in 5th place of all types of grapes cultivated in our province.

An interesting fact, I thought, that sings–salut!

Assumptions. Assumptions. Assumptions.

Mom used to often say “one should never assume.”

I think that’s good advice for a world that is so needy of open minds & open hearts for a better humanity.

How might we open our hearts for a more open minded today, tomorrow, & beyond?

Human nature, on some levels at least, can be about longing for belonging.

Have you noticed that to be so?…

This Thursday,

…..as Olympians continue with wins & losses, the UK & EU, and Canada, Mexico, & USA wrestle with trade issues, & high school kids scream for safety & better ways of being….

Let there be understanding!!!

Understand & be understood!

Cheers to a fine day!

Salut !

…of EU & ew…& entranced…

As Brexit talks continue, one can’t help but wonder if all the energy being spent on dismantling 40 years of a created burgeoning ‘single market’, is not one of the biggest blunders of the decade.

It’s all rather ew, as new implications & complexities move to the forefront it seems every day.

Politics is a tricky business, and far too often a better way needs to rise above strategies political for the betterment of all concerned!

So much for my wee rant, lest I sound like a cranky curmudgeon.

Have you been entranced with Olympics watching?

Skating, curling, bobsleigh, moguls….Canadians certainly seem to be captivated by the many mesmerizing performances of our Team Canada & others!

Cheers to a warming, watchful, worthwhile Wednesday that sings—whimsical !!

Wooden watches!

…of an ice dance & ending/beginning…

It’s congratulations/felicitations to Canada’s own Tessa Virtue & Scott Muir, who skated to a gold in the final episode of their 20 years of ice dancing together!

Bravo! Well done! May the next chapter in life be as equally dazzling & uplifting, although perhaps less strenuous!…

We’ve all heard the sentiment, that every ending can be a new beginning.

That when one door closes, so often, another door opens.

Life’s just like that!

Has that been your experience too?

It certainly can be a powerful fact for hopeful thoughts, in times of uncertainty or looking for/in new directions!

Cheers to a decidedly terrific February Tuesday where your compass sings— that way! my way! yes!