….of views, news, & muse….

A bird’s eye view of Vancouver!

By now you’ve likely heard the news that it’s looking like a minority government for the UK, in a very similar situation to our recent British Columbia provincial election!

Let  there be muse:

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. ~Winston Churchill

Our political institutions work remarkably well. They are designed to clang against each other. The noise is democracy at work. ~Michael Novak

Democracy is like a raft: It won’t sink, but you will always have your feet wet. ~Russell B. Long

Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage. ~H.L. Mencken

Cheers to a Fine Friday & weekend that sings—electing for some fantastic days!

….of ‘loonie’, UK polls, & feasting….

….”The loonie at 30″….”With Britons heading to the polls, May’s big lead has largely vanished”…” ‘They can eat!’, Trudeau & Obama feast on seafood delights at Montreal restaurant”…

It’s hard to believe it already, but this month marks the 30th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint’s introduction of our one dollar coin affectionately known as the “loonie”.

Interesting to note that “according to the Bank of Canada inflation calculator, a loonie today buys about as much as 51 cents would have purchased in 1987. When it was introduced, a loonie bought a liter of milk, three boxes of Kraft Dinner and two liters of gasoline. At current rates of inflation, meanwhile, by 2030 a loonie will be no more valuable than a quarter was in 1987.”

It’s Election Day in the UK and it will be another one of those nail biter let’s wait and see what happens kinda days.  Will it be a smaller majority? A minority? Indeed the outcome is certainly uncertain.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the two politicians feasted on oysters, asparagus, halibut with morel mushrooms and lobster spaghetti, while surrounded by other diners who happened to have reservations.”

All in a day’s headlines that sing—-life goes on in endless song!

Cheers to a thoroughly tuneful Thursday!

…of nature, tulips & room with a view…

“All nature sings & ’round me rings the music of the spheres!”

…”We solve the great Canada 150 tulip caper: Why so-called ‘limited edition’ red-and-white bulbs bloomed orange”…”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the miscoloured tulips are indeed of different varieties that were accidentally packaged alongside Canada 150 tulips.There was a small percentage (around 1% of bulbs sold) that was packed incorrectly in the Netherlands.”

SOMETHING ABOUT.”a zero star hotel rated room with a view in Gonten, Switzerland!”

Cheers to a wide-eyed Wednesday that smiles—SENSATIONAL !!!




…of iris, ‘Mr/Madam Speaker’, & love….

Iris in Vancouver’s Stanley Park!

…”Expect the Speaker to be taking sides in the BC political fray”…”Terror in Britain: Love is not enough”….

SOMETHING ABOUT….”the rules of the house are clear that in the event of a tie, the speaker “shall give a casting vote” to break the deadlock. A sure way to politicize the office by forcing the speaker to regularly take sides in the partisan fray.”

And so it will go soon!

SOMETHING ABOUT….“run, hide, tell, like ‘duck & cover’ was taught to a previous generation of school children. ‘Love will conquer hate’. But is love enough?….Is something more required? Obviously yes, but just what might that be? A dilemma.”

“Listen to our cries for mercy, come to our relief,

My spirit grows faint within me, my heart within me is dismayed,

My spirit fails,

Preserve our lives, bring us out of trouble,

Lead us on level ground.”  a wee paraphrase prayer for our world

May it be so!





…..of ‘the trots’, ‘flatter & fatter’, & ‘truth & reconciliation’…

….”An MLA with diarrhea could topple the government: a playlist of just how crazy things could get in BC”…”TV’s in the bedroom linked to children becoming overweight”…”Ottawa spent $707,000 in legal fees fighting decision that protects Indigenous children”….

Yes indeed, the headline says it all about the precarious nature of a minority government situation is BC for the days ahead! Enough said.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“scientists say there is a clear link between having a TV in your bedroom as a young child and becoming overweight later in childhood.”

“Ironically, while our screens have become flatter, our children have become fatter,” say the study’s authors!

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled the government was discriminating against First Nations children by not giving them equitable health and social services payments. $707,000 for legal costs, including disbursements. That is nearly twice the $380,000 needed by Wapekeka First Nation for emergency mental health care after the northern Ontario community uncovered a suicide pact last year.”

So much for “truth & reconciliation”……let’s get with the program and make reconciliation truthful, compassionate, unwavering & pragmatic!

Cheers to a clearly 1st rate 1st Friday & weekend of June that quips/sings—no clouded thinking!


…of pre-’86 Vancouver, ‘Chateau Brexit’, & pilling…

…”Haunting images of pre-Expo 86 Vancouver, before the ‘Glass City’ and million-dollar tear downs”….”Chateau Brexit?: Average price of bottle of wine reaches record high”…”How to save your sweaters from pilling”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“Before Expo 86, forests of glass condos and the birth of the million dollar teardown, Vancouver was a mid-sized port city where coffee was served up in greasy diners and the word “microbrewery” didn’t exist. Photographer Greg Girard was there, capturing haunting images of a city just on the cusp of changing forever.”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the average price of a bottle of wine in the UK has hit a record high, all down to rising duty since the Brexit vote and the fall in sterling.”

SOMETHING ABOUT...”the razor method, the scissor method, and the pulling method and putting your hands to work.  Not to mention, if you’re serious about de-pilling, you could invest in a sweater comb. Yes, it’s a thing.”

Cheers to a ‘pill-free’, thrilling thriving Thursday that sings—picture perfect: whine-NOT!!


…of ‘rollover & quit’, nudes, & silence…

…”Christy Clark isn’t the type to just rollover & quit”…”Canada’s forgotten nudes”….”Where is everybody?: Scientists discuss the paradox of silence in a potentially noisy universe”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“plotting a comeback as leader of the opposition”….

Let’s watch democracy at play in its finest forms & not mock all that’s good about our system.  Egos can be humankind’s unkindest attribute. May they be kept in check!

SOMETHING ABOUT“prudishness wasn’t the only reason genre was lost in Group of Seven’s shadow.”

Apparently, a recent study ” focuses on the nudes painted by Canadians between 1913 and 1945, through two world wars and an era of “nation-building” when the country was still looking to define its own visual art movement. The nude was connected to social anxieties about gender, race and sexuality and about women getting the vote and moving up in the world.”

Instead, “the Group of Seven answered the defining call instead — with “empty landscapes, tamed, pristine and ready for the taking,” painted by masculine “frontiersmen” who braved the Canadian wilderness with sketch boxes on their backs in a way that was off-limits to “genteel women of the 1920s”

SOMETHING ABOUT.”if we really want to be attuned to alien life in the cosmos, it’s so likely to be in the form of machine intelligence that we ought to “be alert to apparent violations of physics.”

The mystery continues!


Cheers to a take time to listen to ‘the sound of silence’ kinda day!



…of ‘wild rides’, blankets & London…

….”Politics in British Columbia: A wild ride ahead”…”How the Hudson’s Bay blanket became a Canadian ’emblem'”…”House prices in London growing at their slowest rate in 5 years”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“an extraordinary political deal that will shakeup BC as the Green Party & NDP form an alliance that will cause an eviction from the premier’s office and end 16 years of Liberal rule.  But with just a one-seat margin of error, Horgan’s Green-backed government would be teetering on a razor’s edge. And the Liberals will be spoiling for revenge — probably under a new leader.”

And so it goes quips—let the games begin!

SOMETHING ABOUT“The point blanket’s name was inspired by the series of short dashes called “points” woven into the selvedge to indicate finished overall dimensions even when folded. The point system was used by traders to easily identify standard size – the largest is 8 point, or king sized – and was also used to indicate value. It was the bartering staple of North American trade between European colonials and indigenous peoples. According to point-blanket collector and historical expert Harold Lee Tichenor, author of The Blanket: An Illustrated History of the Hudson’s Bay Blanket, by 1700, blankets represented more than 60 per cent of all goods exchanged in the fur trade.The bold multi-stripe multicoloured graphic design dates back to 1798 and an order at Witney Mills, one of the original blanket suppliers in England.”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the supercharged London UK housing market is slowing down.  A decline in price growth year over year, from 13% to just 3.5%. A combination of Brexit uncertainty, stamp duty changes and a rule change to ensure foreign companies must register before buying property has taken the heat out of the market.”

Cheers to an ‘ever so’ ‘jolly good’ Tuesday Terrific that sings—will you take time for tea?!

Spot on!



…sun, delays & follow…

….”Ice cream shops, beaches packed as Metro Vancouver basks in sun”…”British Airways flights returning to normal after damaging IT collapse”…

Indeed  it’s been a good stretch of patio, beach, & out and about in the sunshine weather in Metro Vancouver this last week.  Fun to see the sunny dispositions on people as they lighten up from some of life’s burdens that seem heavier when the sky is dreary & routines mean trudging through rain and cold!

SOMETHING ABOUT….“power surges affecting messaging across all British AIrways systems.  The company was left counting the cost of the disruption, both in terms of a one-off impact to its profit and the longer term damage to its reputation.”

Fright not flight screamed no passenger delight!  Here’s hoping normality can resume quickly! Disruptions still continuing today at Heathrow by all reports….

Cheers to a marvelous Monday that sings–follow your instincts!

Intuition reigns supreme!