…of January Tuesdays…

Tues Jan 2nd

Well another year has dawned.

Festive season Is winding down.

Vancouverites ease back into routines as many return to work.

Orhers who have taken time off as they have children still out of school until the 8th, can still cling to a few more days of holiday adventure or relaxation.

Where do you find yourself this first of the year, January Tuesday?….

Will you take some time to contemplate the year ahead’s calendar?….

Have this year’s resolutions created any agenda?….

What will be different for you this year?….

Cheers to a fine January Tuesday of finesse that sings joyfully—much anew & a comfortable, more of the same too!

Feeling chirpy!


…of layovers & gander…

December 30th – the 6th day of Christmas!

Six geese a layin‘ ”

Those ‘taking flight’ this Christmastide know all about weather and power outtages and security issues that can cause layover delays at airports around our planet!

Here’s hoping you haven’t had to endure any during your festive season adventuring.

Six days of creation, they say, is what the six geese a laying represent in the so familiar twelve days of Christmas song.

It reminds me of an incident on the Grouse Mountain gondola many moons ago when the gondola packed to the rafters with exuberant & noisy tourists & skiers ascended up the mountainside with spectacular views in glorious sunshine on a fine wintry day.

A sudden hush, as the gondola swung over a cable tower & in the sudden silence, marvelling the splendid scenery, a woman exclaimed “and on the 7th day He rested!”

Here’s hoping there’s rest and relaxation in your fine final 2017 Saturday!

Wherever you find yourself today with things to do & perhaps see…..hesitate-NOT, and give it a gander!

Fine December Saturday!

…of freeze & friendship…

December 29th – the 5th day of Christmas!

….”five golden rings!”

Apparently the deep freeze that’s sweeping across the country has caused Ottawa’s Canada 150 wind up party on Parliament Hill today & many New Year’s Eve events to be cancelled.

Safety & comfort the primary concerns.

Stay warm! Stay safe!

Could there be five onion rings in your festive Friday?!?!….five pineapple rings on your pizza?….


‘Maidens’ hoping for jewellery today could find themselves otherwise engaged!

Now doesn’t that thought just sparkle?!…

Did you know that Christopher Columbus discovered the pineapple and it later became a global symbol for welcome, friendship & hospitality?!! 

I just learned this yesterday in the context that pineapple is a city symbol for Charleston, in the USA Carolinas.

Whatever’s on your fine festive final Friday of 2017 agenda may there be many smiles & much gratitude for friendship & may spirit & song warm your heart!

…of four calling birds…

December 28th – the 4th day of Christmas!

Will there be a friend, brother, uncle, father, grandfather,  ‘Matthew Mark Luke or John’ calling you today with festive season Christmastide good wishes?!?!…

The spirit of Christmas continues as New Year’s Eve approaches.

Will there be partridge or pears in your upcoming continuing feasting?…

Cheers to a thriving Thursday in song!

Stay warm!

Vancouver, Granville Street

…of hens & home…

December 27th – The Third Day of Christmas!

Will there be three French hens in your festive season Wednesday?

A trio of wild rice concoction stuffed Cornish rock hens will be dished up tonight chez moi as the Christmastide traditions continue.

Home is where the WiFi connects automatically. – internet meme

Cheers to a connected kinda day that sings—FESTIVE!!!

…of arrivals/departures & HomeSweetHome…

December 22nd

Friday before Christmas!

By all reports, yesterday was to be the busiest travel day of the year at Vancouver International Airport with an anticipated 83,000 travellers coming and going.

Might you have been one of them?….

If so, here’s hoping you had an on time departure or arrived feeling in tune with life and ready to seize the festive season in West coast style & hospitality!

How about Home Sweet Home?!…

If you’ve travelled to “home” there can be many permutations & combinations and contexts about how that might be….

If you’ve just ‘stayed home”, there’s much that can be beautiful about ‘keeping the home fires burning’, Yule logs and all.

Whatever the situation, hostess/host or guest, may there be wonder & joy & gratefulness in it, infused with love for life and for one another.

That’s the spirit!

Seatbacks in an upright position!  All aboard!

Be uplifted!

…of ’tis the season & to be…

December 21st- Winter Solstice

North Shore mountains, Vancouver.

Four days before Christmas and here we are with officially the first day of winter.

The old cliche that some find irritating sings— ‘Tis the season!

I think the irritation can come from the too often instructive expectation that shrieks “to be……” (jolly, festive, picture perfect etc etc)

The good news, beyond all societal & familial expectations around that is the reality that on so many levels, less is truly more!

And that sings, simply—-


In hope peace joy & love that are the ‘harbingers’ of the Christmas message, we need only be & be our best true selves to receive those graces in ever day living.

Life’s like that.

A gift.

Be present.

Cheers to an attentive, in tune with life kinda day!

…of wonder & wandering thoughts…

December 20th!

Fleas Navidad

I wonder as I wander, out under the sky“……is that a familiar Christmas carol lyric to you?

Its haunting contemplative melody has stayed with me since university years.

Do you take any time in these busy days before Christmas to just “sit! stay” with your thoughts & reflections about the year winding up and the days ahead?

Somehow that’s what this doggy nativity scene evokes in me.

In those thoughts may you find indeed that hope, peace, joy & love embrace your life in so many ways!

Vancouver snow, yesterday.

Vancouver’s snow yesterday certainly sparked a sense of festivity for many!

May your Wednesday kindle in you a kindred spirit with all who wander your shared day’s path.