…of Canada Day Holiday Monday…

Happy Canada Day Holiday Monday!


…of tea & ‘ever so’…

Apparently it is the United Kingdom’s National Cream Tea Day!

Does that not suggest a little bit of ‘ever so‘ decadent indulgence for a fine final Friday in June?!….

Jolly good‘.

Go for it!

Funny the expressions we use often or hear from time to time, without giving much thought to their common usage.

Awhile back I had a great first conversation with the husband, that i’d not yet met, of an American friend.

A few days later, when mentioning to her that I’d met him at a business function and we’d had a great ‘chin wag‘, she laughed out loud & saying she’d never heard that expression before!

Do you encounter expressions or words you’ve not heard before ‘sometimes?…..

Crikey‘ you must!…

Often they can be quite the chuckle, to my mind.

As the sun sets on June & soon will rise on July, cheers to summer days ahead of easy listening!

Express yourself with panache & hear those around you doing the same!

…of rain & SHINE!…

A mixed weather day in Vancouver they say, as the radio commentators expound upon rain on Sports Day for the last day of school before summer break for many BC elementary & secondary school students.

Do you have fond memories of running relays? long jump? high jump? rope skipping marathons? hot dogs in foil?…

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.St. Francis of Assisi

Summer: if you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed.Author unknown

Summer: You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream.Ima Cone

Cheers to a thriving Thursday that sings—- SHINE !!!

…of seven sleepers & 7…

A Wednesday guten morgen to you!

New to me, ’tis a feast day in the German speaking world to commemorate the legend of the seven sleepers & to take note of the atmospheric conditions today that are supposed to determine or predict the weather for the next seven werks of summer!

Now doesn’t that just sort of shriek—step aside Farmer’s Almanac!

By all reports Vancouver weather will be somewhat unstable for aujourd ‘hui.

Might that be a general descriptive for what Canada’s July/August weather shall be?!…

Heres hoping for the best!

Interesting, the significance of 7 in our daily lives….

7 days in a week;

7 wonders of the ancient world;

7 digits in a phone number (before the area code became a necessary inclusion);

7 colours of the rainbow;

Can you think of any others?….

If you’re Canadian or a connoisseur of art history you might know of the Group of Seven!

Bet you didn’t know a ladybug commonly has seven spots!

Now doesn’t that just sing–pet your dalmation!

Cheers to a hitch free, scratch free, Wednesday full of wonder that quips–no 7 year itch!

…of commonwealth & strawberries…

Interesting to note that this Commerce Court building in Toronto was the tallest in the Commonwealth when it was built in 1931.

A continuing fine component of Toronto’s everchanging skyline!

Vancouver’s own Marine Building has some prominence in its skyline too since circa 1929.

Have you had any of your local fresh strawberries yet this summer season?

As Wimbledon tennis time is upon us, throughout the Kingdom, strawberry indulgences are a tradition!

Whipping or clotted cream your preference?!…

Amazingly, at Canada House on Trafalgar Square, last summer I delighted in strawberries with sour cream & a dash of Canada’s finest maple syrup!

Superbly delicious & unique for moi.

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday that sings—summery! sensational!

…of lakeviews, coffee & yes…


If you’ve ever wandered across my beloved homeland that stretches from a west coast to an east, you’ll likely know something about Canada’s Lake Huron.

A place dear to my heart.

The views can be spectacular.

Summer memories for me, a lifetime treasure of times of family & friends togetherness.

There’s a most likely long forgotten Canadiana song that goes “My country is my cathedral, the northern sky its dome. They all call it Canada, but I call it home.”

We used to sing it in elementary school and I’ve never forgotten its text, especially so after later experiencing the grandeur & the awe induced by some of the world’s most holy houses of worship.

Someone else has thought this too, I see through the wonders of the twitterverse!

Where might you find something sacred to you this fine June Monday?

Wherever that might be, with a grateful heart may your song sing–Amen!

Mondays smile YES!

…of sunlight & all that jazz…

It’s the second longest day of summer today now & the daylight hours are getting shorter & shorter as the hottest weather months of the year in Metro Vancouver approacheth!

That’s music to many’s ears!

An astounding array of outdoor concerts will be taking place around town as part of Vancouver’s annual International Jazz Festival.

Do you have any favourite musicians or repertoire that might be on the roster?…

Consider checking out the rhythms!

Oftentimes there’s a magic to the mellowness of jazz.

As Friday runs up to a 1st rate first summer Saturday/Sunday 2018 take note!:

Sometimes no words sing—cue music!

It’s time.

…of solstice & summer…

June 21st!

There’s nothing quite like a June sunrise that can sing—SUMMER!!!

Another example of ‘all things bright & beautiful‘ that’s part of our intentional world order for ‘all creatures great & small‘.

As I write this, the radio airwaves are interestingly expounding upon what makes Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa the most famous painting in the world?

A most interesting cornucopia of art historians’ opinions, with no unanimous conclusions but a fascinating revelation that one day she will be knocked from her most famous perch by another classic artwork for our times….

My most vivid impression of seeing her at the Louvre on several occasions amidst the throngs vying for a fine view over the years, is to be always surprised that it’s such a small painting.

Small in size, huge in stature.

Cheers to a thriving Thursday that will reinforce all the promises and hopes of summer!

‘Songs’ of summer:

Sunshine! Rest! Relaxation! Travel!

Picnics! Barbecues! Swimming! Tennis! Golf! Sailing!

Togetherness! Smiles! Wonder!

May you find YOUR place in the chorus!!

Stand tall!

…of refugee & enough…

A controversial topic of late…

Where is the compassion of humankind?…

We can all do better somehow, is all I shall say for the moment.

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!,” my hope for all people!

Peace! Prosperity!


What does the word mean to you?…

Suitable, sufficient, adequate?….

Fed up, last straw, had it?….

Up to here & sick and tired of, seem to be the most common sentiments about much in our media on a daily basis.

And although often it’s much about things ‘presidential‘, it goes beyond that too.

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday that screams— latch on to something to be enthisiastic about!

Pursue it with all your might!

Bring to others & find in yourself—delight!

…of saunter & quick, hasty hurry…

It seems almost like yesterday, but a whole year has passed since World Sauntering Day is upon us once again!

A day to ‘remind people to slow down and enjoy life as opposed to rushing through it.’

Do you need to be reminded in your rushing about?….

A picture’s worth a 1,000 words!

Saunter on!

It’s been said we can be too quick to conclude or rush to judgement…

Too hasty to to take action without a well thought out plan…

Too in a hurry for all that instant gratification that our media increasingly promotes…

Me thinks we can all see ourselves at some point in these scenarios!

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday where you take some time to reflect on these things & just do something a little different with the pulse of your day!

Take time for a treat snack…

Turtles maybe?!….

Hurry-NEVER fine Tuesday!