….of squirrels, u-turns, & ‘surgical robots’…

Alberta, Canadawhere rocky mountain spirits soar!

….”Squirrel starts fire spoiling 82,000 litres of milk”…”Is it legal to make a u-turn at an intersection in Ontario?”…”The fight over robots in the operating room”…

Well, well, headlines today that quip– ‘Skippy’ the squirrel could use a swat on his ‘derriere’.it may be legal, but is it safe?!….and….no! no!, no time for fighting, just get down to serious surgery with a professional vibe that has you all in stitches!

Whatever’s on the agenda for this the second August summer 2017 Thursday, make it an unspoiled adventure that sings it’s your turn & crescendos ‘success’ with robotic precision!

Fine Thursday!




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