…of ‘Handsome Her’, ‘expletives’ & trifecta…

…”New Melbourne, Australia cafe charges 18 percent ‘man tax’ and gives women seating priority”…”Shocking figures: US academics find ‘dramatic’ growth of swearing in books”…”Pork, peanuts & pesto: a healthful trifecta”…

Say what????, you say!…

Indeed, to raise awareness about and take a stand against the country’s significant gender wage gap, the Handsome Her eatery is doing just that.  No one is kicked out for refusing to pay & apparently many men have been paying the tax and throwing in a few extra dollars to support a good cause.  The proprietors indicate the tax collected will go to support an aboriginal women’s welfare charity.

According to recent research “textual analysis of more than 1 million books by scholars shows a startling proliferation of swearwords since the mid-1950s.”

The study goes on to say “American culture increasingly values individual self-expression and weaker social taboos, and these trends are manifested in the increasing use of swearwords.”

Hmmm…alrighty then is all I can say…I guess…kinda sorta maybe…hmmm…

SOMETHING ABOUT“grilled pork cutlets with cilantro peanut pesto. The herb sauce can be delicious drizzled on simply grilled fish, chicken and vegetables, eggs, potatoes or ripe summer tomatoes too.”

Sounds like great summer feasting to moi!

So much for a cornucopia of topics in the day’s headlines!

May your Wednesday be wickedly wonderful, void of ‘expletive deletives’ & sing–today wins the gold, silver, & bronze!





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