….of referendum, house prices & ‘brain freeze’…

Stanley Park sunflower.

….”A second Brexit referendum: It’s looking more likely by the day”…”Toronto home prices fall for third month in a row”…”Why we get brain freeze when eating ice cream and tips for avoiding it”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“The UK election changed everything and now deadlock in parliament looms.  The final deal may have to go back to the people.”

Seems reasonable to moi, that perhaps more serious consideration should be given to all the implications and whether or not just a 51% country wide direction to go a road less traveled and seemingly not well known about should be reconsidered.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“A 6% decline in house prices since June of this year with the trend seemingly continuing.”

As far as home affordability in Vancouver is concerned, disturbingly the upward trend in prices seems to be continuing unabated.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“The ice cream headache/brain freeze and when super cold ice cream hits the roof of your mouth, your body’s initial reaction is that the blood vessels there constrict.”

Apparently a quick subsiding of the pain/sensation can be achieved by putting your tongue against the roof of your mouth!

So there you have it!…..some of life’s profundities for the day!.

Make it a good Thursday!





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