…of ‘salty lagoons’ and Cobb salad & carpaccio…

…”A fresh idea to turn Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon salty again”…”When it’s too hot to cook, turn off the stove and serve up an easy meal”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“investigating the possibility of turning Lost Lagoon into the largest salt-water marsh habitat in the city & reconnecting it with Burrard inlet, as it was prior to 1917 and the building of the Lions Gate Bridge causeway”

Good to hear it’s not a “must do” but just something that’s being considered whilst a restoration of the intermittently functioning fountain is underway……

SOMETHING ABOUTCobb salad and bresaola carpaccio. That’s air-dried beef made from top round beef that’s salted and cured for a number of months, is thinly sliced for eating and is amazingly tender.”

Of course Cobb salad can be a favourite at the best of times, made with good-quality rotisserie chicken!

Indulge! Enjoy!

Miniature Golf

It was at a miniature golf course on a brutally hot day when one saw a lone father with his 3 kids.

“Who’s winning?” one asked cheerfully.

“I am” said one

“no, I am” said another.

“No,” the father said “their mother is!”

Cheers to a fully participatory summer winning spirit Wednesday that smiles—YES & sings—SO COOL!!!









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