…of ‘summer fruit’, luxury toothpicks & avocado art…

Summer summer summer and here we are already into the last week of July!

A picture’s worth a 1,000 words—-

SOMETHING ABOUT….“nectarine and raspberry goats’ curd tart, cherry fool with spelt and rye chocolate chip cookies, & apricot pudding the basil sugar”.

Will your summer days sing?—fancy that!!!!!

SOMETHING ABOUT…..luxury toothpicks are due for a comeback as a Toronto company is making it happen!….“toothpicks come in six flavours, including single malt and bourbon with a four bottle pack starting at $25 or 50 cents per toothpick.”

Amazing sometimes the things one sees in the ‘twitterverse’

Art, such a personal preference type of thing…..some might say this piece is the pits while others could rave—how tasteful!

Whatever be the elements of your second from last 2017 July Monday, may it SING sensational like a fine guacamole!









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