…of media, message & massage…

mmm…nice to see in today’s google doodle the ‘m & m’s’ of Canadian media being recognized today in Marshall McLuhan, famous for his coined phrase “the medium is the message!”

That phrase could really be new food for thought in these times of fake news, social media & all its modern day implications….

Reminds me of an old, lame, politically incorrect, somewhat sexist, yet in the grand scheme of things, hopefully harmless joke——

Q:  Why did the dumb-blonde get fired from the M & M factory?

A:  She kept throwing out the W’s.

Our world’s changed alot since 1979’s hit song “Message in a Bottle”….

….now, an SOS for our many nations, many people & our entire world, perhaps???….


One can’t help but read the news headlines & watch the television sound bites without thinking about tactfulness & diplomacy or the lack thereof.

On so many fronts, with road rage, political wrangling, summit speculations, & on and on and on, the message seems too often to be–where is justice, kindness & humility?

The best of the best of authors & speech writers are always trying to ‘massage’ their words to convey intended meanings with maximum impact.

What might we ourselves do on a daily basis to masterfully be the best in all we do?

In our busyness & exhaustion, it can so easily be something we don’t spend much time thinking about or considering changing some of our ways.

Cheers to a fine Friday & weekend that smiles—take some time for yourself & enjoy the ‘rub down’!!!







One thought on “…of media, message & massage…

  1. What a great song for today! I saw The Police in 1980 (my 1st live band concert) & just unearthed many of their albums from 20 years in storage (vinyl in good shape, amazingly.) Looking forward to giving them a spin again. Cheers! Virginia 😎

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