….of ‘touchy subjects’, banknote blunders, & Brexit strew…

….”Governor General breaks royal protocol by touching Queen Elizabeth II”…”Jane Austen fans furious at bank note blunder”…”Brexit: Britons living in Europe could lose right to live in another EU country”…

Oh mon Dieu, it seems it’s an international news story that our own esteemed Governor General assists our 91 year old sovereign down some ‘slippy stairs’ and gets rebuke from the media for an ‘ever so’ slight guiding, caring hand on the elbow that’s a “major breach of protocol.”

Perspective please!  Long live our gracious Queen! 

Interesting to note too, that this visit to Canada House was the last public engagement on Prince Philip’s calendar prior to his ‘retirement’ at age 96! Well done Duke of Edinburgh. A great run!

Sacre bleu, it seems the Bank of England has made a major faux pas using a quote about reading by one of Jane Austen’s most reviled novel characters!….

When asked the comment the bank’s governor, Canadian Mark Carney responded saying “It’s two things; it captures much of her spirit, that is the quote, you can read it straight, there is no enjoyment like reading, and we agree with that. If you know her work, you can enjoy the irony of that, it draws out some of the aspects of her social satire, it works on many levels.”

SOMETHING ABOUT a  brewing stew ….“at the end of intense technical talks in Brussels, the threat of potential restrictions on UK citizens living in EU countries emerges”…

And so it goes…..

Fed up with never ending controversies?…..Cheers to a thrilling thriving Thursday that sings–motherly love!





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