…”artificial affluence”, ‘cold-brew coffee’, & icebergs…

….”Why a Bank of Canada rate hike today would be felt around the world”…”Cold-brew coffee is a super hot trend & you can make it yourself”…”Giant iceberg breaks off Antarctica”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“the first hike in 7 years would mean a lot more than just higher rates for Canadians; it could trigger a tightening cycle in central banks around the globe.”

Seems to me, “artificial affluence” on credit is an ongoing issue for corporations, governments and individuals worldwide, that needs some attention…..

SOMETHING ABOUT“the Cold-Brew Coffee Float brings together four ounces each of cold-brew coffee concentrate and club soda, with two scoops of ice cream and, if so desired, a coffee liqueur.”

Calories, calories, calories smiles—-maybe not!

SOMETHING ABOUT“an iceberg the size of Luxembourg has broken away from Antarctica, creating an extra hazard for ships around the continent as it breaks up.”

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday that quips—be it the credit that’s due, or the coffee that’s cold brew, may your summer Wednesday sing—attached! secure! holding it together!







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