….of ‘Tanabata’, Miss, Mrs., Ms., & wildflowers…

Indeed it’s already the 7th of July! ‘Tanabata’ Festival in Japan, “(eve of the 7th”).

Present-day Japanese folks generally celebrate this day by ‘writing wishes’……

Cheers to ‘all good wishes’ ……may it be the writing of the day!

I never quite knew it, but the recently deceased feminist Sheila Michaels who was responsible for the salutation ‘Ms.’ being brought into mainstream use “began her campaign in 1961, but it would be 10 years before “Ms” was adopted as the title of a feminist magazine, and 25 years before it appeared on the front page of the New York Times……a symbol signifying a woman’s right not to be defined by any relationships to men.”

Be it baking with flour,

Or scaling a tower,

Reveling in cool shower,

Or culinary devour,

May all that’s weird wacky & wonderful sing—you’re a ‘wild flower’ !!!

Cheers to a brilliant Friday & weekend!








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