…of ‘loonie’, ‘Brexiteers’ & the ice cream sandwich…

…”Loonie strongest since September as Bank of Canada governor keeps rate hike thoughts alive”….”Is Brexit an error?: now even Vote Leave’s chief is having doubts”…”The joys of a classic ice cream sandwich”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…..”speculation continues that the central bank will raise interest rates as early as next week.”

Pay attention cheers quip—think like a banker, never lose interest!

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the tide is turning and many former Brexiteers are realizing that leaving the EU might not work out well for Britain.”

They say “summer is all about dashing through sprinklers, hiking into forests, and charging toward waves. Therefore the best summer foods — like fried chicken, hamburgers and corn on the cob — are all portable, hand-held and free from fuss. We want to munch while experiencing the joys of the season and for dessert, nothing fits the bill better than the classic ice cream sandwich.”

Also, “a high butterfat content and less air to ensure a harder freeze and a slower melt, as well as a luxurious mouth feel and heavenly texture.”

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen

Summer has set in with its usual severity. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Cheers to summer days that sing–fine indulgences!


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