…of ‘eTA conundrum’, wonderbra/pacemakers, & ‘nocturnal sun’…

…”Why are Europeans rapidly renouncing their Canadian immigrant status?…”From the pacemaker to the WonderBRA, great Canadian inventions changed the world”…”Scientists explain rare phenomenon of ‘nocturnal sun’ “….

SOMETHING ABOUT….“people from Germany, Britain, France and Australia who have permanent residence status in Canada are being hit by a new immigration department requirement instituted last year, called an electronic travel authorization or eTA. The trouble arises for these travellers when they arrive at an airport without their plastic permanent resident card — or don’t realize their permanent residence status has expired for certain reasons, including not spending enough time in Canada. They are thrust into a state of limbo. When such travellers try to get an eTA — and airport officials then discover they are permanent residents of Canada, but their documentation is inadequate — they are not granted an eTA to board a plane to Canada or, if they somehow make it to Canada, they are not allowed through immigration checkpoints. airport officials are telling them: “Either you voluntarily relinquish your (permanent residence) status right here and right now, and we let you in as a visitor, or we deny you entry and fly you back home.” The total volume of renunciations has jumped from just a handful a year to more than 30,000 in the past two-and-a-half years.”

Hmmm to the saga….so much for Mom always sayin’ —-never give up!

SOMETHING ABOUT….everything from “wonderbra and jockstraps, The Bloody Caesar cocktail, the maple syrup can, pacemakers, snowmobiles, Canadarm, & glow-in-the dark coins!”

Quite the collection —-eh?!

SOMETHING ABOUT.“Canadian scientists suggest that the ‘bright nights’ nocturnal sun are not due to the sun or meteors, but instead the result of converging “zonal waves” in Earth’s upper atmosphere. “

Apparently, “accounts of the phenomenon are sprinkled throughout history. In the first century BC, Pliny the Elder wrote of an event that gives “an appearance of day during the night”. Subsequent accounts were published in 1783 and 1908.  Today, in the age of artificial light, few have experienced such an event “

Cheers to a fine June Wednesday that radiates summer warmth & brilliance and may the ‘mother of invention’ in everyone sing—never give up!

Envision! Enliven!



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