…of sunglasses, political games, & ice cream/gelato”….

Bet you didn’t know it, but it’s National Sunglasses Day!

Will your out and about today be surrounded by ‘shady characters’ ?!…..

…”NDP-Greens close in on Christy Clark Liberals”….”What’s the difference between ice cream & gelato? A guide to frozen desserts”….

SOMETHING ABOUT….“playing procedural games and delaying a non-confidence vote that the Liberals will also surely lose. That will force Clark to resign. Then Judith Guichon, the lieutenant-governor, will likely call on the NDP’s  Horgan to form a government.”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“Gelato is more dense than ice cream.  It contains less fat, as it’s typically milk-based instead of cream-based.”

Cheers to an assuredly fine Tuesday that quips/sings–is that sherbet, sherbert or sorbet?!?!







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