….of ‘caretaker’, ‘going goat’, & 71….

….” ‘Caretaker cabinet’ will make some bonus bucks”….”The practice of printing the Queen’s speech on goatskin is delaying the opening of UK parliament”…”How will Trump celebrate his 71st birthday tomorrow?: Past bashes have included a spaceship and Pamela Anderson”….

SOMETHING ABOUT….”a ‘caretaker mode’ 21 cabinet ministers and 13 parliamentary secretaries.  All within our parliamentary rules to appoint a cabinet, recall the House, present a throne speech when you have the most votes and won the most seats.”

All expected to be voted down in a no-confidence vote next week…..

UK are you listenin’, watchin’ ?!

And so it goes….

SOMETHING ABOUT” ‘going goat’ to prepare a draft speech that’s ready for the Queen, is taking some time!  The practice of printing documents on vellum in the 21st century isn’t quite as batty as it sounds. Vellum is prized for its durability, and many historical documents have survived to the present day in large part because they were written on animal skin. Several 800-year-old copies of the Magna Carta and the 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls remain remarkably intact, while any paper copies would have long ago crumbled to dust.”

Interesting to note that “on the morning that Queen Elizabeth will give her speech, her personal bodyguard will first perform a ceremonial inspection of the cellars of Parliament — a nod to the foiled 1605 plot to blow up the chamber with gunpowder. The opening will also feature the ceremonial slamming of a door in someone’s face. It is tradition for a figure called the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod to fetch the members of the House of Commons in order to hear the Queen’s speech in the House of Lords. To symbolize their independence from the sovereign, however, it is equally tradition for MPs to slam the door in the man’s face. “

SOMETHING ABOUT……say no more! Yikes!

As Tuesday follows Monday,  cheers to a ‘prime’ & ‘presidential’ kinda day that sings—taking-care-of-business!










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