…..of ‘the trots’, ‘flatter & fatter’, & ‘truth & reconciliation’…

….”An MLA with diarrhea could topple the government: a playlist of just how crazy things could get in BC”…”TV’s in the bedroom linked to children becoming overweight”…”Ottawa spent $707,000 in legal fees fighting decision that protects Indigenous children”….

Yes indeed, the headline says it all about the precarious nature of a minority government situation is BC for the days ahead! Enough said.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“scientists say there is a clear link between having a TV in your bedroom as a young child and becoming overweight later in childhood.”

“Ironically, while our screens have become flatter, our children have become fatter,” say the study’s authors!

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled the government was discriminating against First Nations children by not giving them equitable health and social services payments. $707,000 for legal costs, including disbursements. That is nearly twice the $380,000 needed by Wapekeka First Nation for emergency mental health care after the northern Ontario community uncovered a suicide pact last year.”

So much for “truth & reconciliation”……let’s get with the program and make reconciliation truthful, compassionate, unwavering & pragmatic!

Cheers to a clearly 1st rate 1st Friday & weekend of June that quips/sings—no clouded thinking!



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