…of pre-’86 Vancouver, ‘Chateau Brexit’, & pilling…

…”Haunting images of pre-Expo 86 Vancouver, before the ‘Glass City’ and million-dollar tear downs”….”Chateau Brexit?: Average price of bottle of wine reaches record high”…”How to save your sweaters from pilling”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“Before Expo 86, forests of glass condos and the birth of the million dollar teardown, Vancouver was a mid-sized port city where coffee was served up in greasy diners and the word “microbrewery” didn’t exist. Photographer Greg Girard was there, capturing haunting images of a city just on the cusp of changing forever.”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the average price of a bottle of wine in the UK has hit a record high, all down to rising duty since the Brexit vote and the fall in sterling.”

SOMETHING ABOUT...”the razor method, the scissor method, and the pulling method and putting your hands to work.  Not to mention, if you’re serious about de-pilling, you could invest in a sweater comb. Yes, it’s a thing.”

Cheers to a ‘pill-free’, thrilling thriving Thursday that sings—picture perfect: whine-NOT!!



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