…of ‘rollover & quit’, nudes, & silence…

…”Christy Clark isn’t the type to just rollover & quit”…”Canada’s forgotten nudes”….”Where is everybody?: Scientists discuss the paradox of silence in a potentially noisy universe”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“plotting a comeback as leader of the opposition”….

Let’s watch democracy at play in its finest forms & not mock all that’s good about our system.  Egos can be humankind’s unkindest attribute. May they be kept in check!

SOMETHING ABOUT“prudishness wasn’t the only reason genre was lost in Group of Seven’s shadow.”

Apparently, a recent study ” focuses on the nudes painted by Canadians between 1913 and 1945, through two world wars and an era of “nation-building” when the country was still looking to define its own visual art movement. The nude was connected to social anxieties about gender, race and sexuality and about women getting the vote and moving up in the world.”

Instead, “the Group of Seven answered the defining call instead — with “empty landscapes, tamed, pristine and ready for the taking,” painted by masculine “frontiersmen” who braved the Canadian wilderness with sketch boxes on their backs in a way that was off-limits to “genteel women of the 1920s”

SOMETHING ABOUT.”if we really want to be attuned to alien life in the cosmos, it’s so likely to be in the form of machine intelligence that we ought to “be alert to apparent violations of physics.”

The mystery continues!


Cheers to a take time to listen to ‘the sound of silence’ kinda day!



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