…of ‘wild rides’, blankets & London…

….”Politics in British Columbia: A wild ride ahead”…”How the Hudson’s Bay blanket became a Canadian ’emblem'”…”House prices in London growing at their slowest rate in 5 years”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“an extraordinary political deal that will shakeup BC as the Green Party & NDP form an alliance that will cause an eviction from the premier’s office and end 16 years of Liberal rule.  But with just a one-seat margin of error, Horgan’s Green-backed government would be teetering on a razor’s edge. And the Liberals will be spoiling for revenge — probably under a new leader.”

And so it goes quips—let the games begin!

SOMETHING ABOUT“The point blanket’s name was inspired by the series of short dashes called “points” woven into the selvedge to indicate finished overall dimensions even when folded. The point system was used by traders to easily identify standard size – the largest is 8 point, or king sized – and was also used to indicate value. It was the bartering staple of North American trade between European colonials and indigenous peoples. According to point-blanket collector and historical expert Harold Lee Tichenor, author of The Blanket: An Illustrated History of the Hudson’s Bay Blanket, by 1700, blankets represented more than 60 per cent of all goods exchanged in the fur trade.The bold multi-stripe multicoloured graphic design dates back to 1798 and an order at Witney Mills, one of the original blanket suppliers in England.”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the supercharged London UK housing market is slowing down.  A decline in price growth year over year, from 13% to just 3.5%. A combination of Brexit uncertainty, stamp duty changes and a rule change to ensure foreign companies must register before buying property has taken the heat out of the market.”

Cheers to an ‘ever so’ ‘jolly good’ Tuesday Terrific that sings—will you take time for tea?!

Spot on!




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