…of drama, ‘Von Trumps’, & the sound of music…

…”British Columbia’s political drama has only just begun”…”Is this real life? Or is this a cabaret of the Von Trump family on tour?”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the final election results have been tabulated, and the BC Liberal party has only the slimmest of a minority government with 43 seats. NDP 41, Greens 3. In the entire province the Liberals just got 1,566 votes more than the NDP. Where does all this leave Clark? Swimming in those shark-infested waters. All she can hope to do now is persuade Weaver & the Greens to dive into the water and save her, before the sharks start chomping.”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“so, when – oh when – will they please burst into song? What will they sing?”


Cheers to a ‘dreams do come true’ kinda Thursday that SINGS!!!








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