….of alliances, ‘high up on a big hill’, & mountains…

Stanley Park—springtime!

….”NATO, G7 leaders to focus on terrorism this week”…”Sale will mean new future for 150-year old church high up on a big hill”…

Sadly, so much energy needs to be put to fighting the scourge that is ISIS, other organizations, and terrorism throughout our world.  Imagine if all that energy could be put towards loving kindness and economic prosperity for our world, positive, not negativity…..

May alliances be fruitful and have common sense.

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the asking price being $499k for the old St. Jame’s, with sensational stained glass windows, wooden pews, and a wonderful built-in pipe organ, and its grassy perch overlooking a post office-turned-fashion museum and a heritage-heavy town core.”

Vancouver’s just had an overnight of significant winds causing power outages in various neighbourhoods and cooling down temperatures from the mid-20C’s that we’ve recently been enjoying.  Sunny skies today but a cool 16C high predicted.  Back to summer-like temperatures again tomorrow!

Cheers2 a wonderful Wednesday that SINGS!!!!





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