…of supermarkets, ‘swan songs’ & one…

…”FOOD: Rethinking the supermarket: Grocers look to adapt an old model for new consumers”…”Otis swans around on his own”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“Originally developed around the 1950s housewife, the traditional grocery store has gone largely unaltered even as customer demographics and tastes change” 

Interesting to note some demographic changes over the years: “Single people in B.C. are especially likely to skip breakfast; men are more likely to eat dinner at a restaurant than women; and people in the Atlantic region are more likely than anywhere else in the country to eat lunch at their desks.”

SOMETHING ABOUT” ‘Otis’ is a bachelor and he’s happy to stay that way “ ….Indeed, every year, the lone swan in Victoria Park Lake, Kitchener, Ontario is taken to nearby Stratford to spend the winter with 30 swans owned by the city that make their home there. ” “He has every opportunity to pair up with another swan. But every year, it seems not to happen. ” He seems to be perfectly content doing his thing by himself”  So parks staff have decided to respect his choice. They keep a regular eye on him, checking daily to make sure he appears healthy, and say they’ll take action if at some point if he expresses interest in any of his winter companions.”


Cheers to one wonderful thrilling thriving Thursday that sings—singularly solely 1st rate!



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